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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Power Point Portfolio/ Midterm
    Deniesse Vankat
    Online Health
  • 2. Personal Health History
    Deniesse Bravo Vankat
    My name was chosen by a raffle last minute, my Mom and Dad couldn’t decide so the nurse suggested a raffle.
    Denise is of the French origin, and it means to praise. However, my Mom wanted to make it unique so she came up with the odd spelling, Deniesse.
    Date and place of birth?
    I was born August 24, 1995 in San Diego, CA
  • 3. Family Health History
    Family Tree
  • 4. Family Health History
    Interview : Grandma Rosita Bravo
    What time do you wake up in the morning?
    7:00 AM
    What do you like to eat for breakfast?
    Oatmeal, toast with unsalted butter, and Orange Juice.
    What do you like to do in the morning?
    Watch the news and crochet.
    What do you like to eat for lunch?
    Grilled Salmon with asparagus and brown rice.
    What do you do in the afternoon?
    I like to take a nap.
    How often do you exercise a week?
    I try to exercise take a stroll every day.
    What is your favorite type of exercise?
    Water aerobics because it’s easy on my joints.
    Do you have trouble doing things because of any injuries?
    Yes, I have arthritis.
  • 5. Family Health History (cont.)
    Interview : Grandma Rosita Bravo
    Do you take daily vitamins?
    What is the number one thing you recommend to a growing teen?
    Drink plenty of milk, get lots of sleep, and take vitamins.
    What do you like to do in your spare time?
    Crochet with my girl friends
    What is your favorite fruit?
    What is your favorite vegetable?
    Do you like to cook?
    How often do you cook?
    Every meal
    What is your favorite dinner to cook?
    Brisket and mashed potatoes
  • 6. Family Health History (cont.)
    Interview : Grandma Rosita Bravo
    Are you on any type of medication?
    Medication for my Arthritis.
    What do you like to do after dinner?
    Clean the house.
    Are you on any type of diet?
    Sodium-free diet
    How often do you go to the doctor?
    Three times a month
     Do you like to watch television?
    Sure I do
    If so, what is your favorite show?
    The Golden Girls
    Do you like to read?
    How often do you spend time with friends?
    What time do you go to sleep at night?
    8:00 PM
  • 7. Coming to America!
    Mom’s Family: My mom’s side of the family didn’t make it to America only my mom did. Her family lives in the Philippines. My mom came to America 1994 by marrying my dad.
    Dad’s Family: My dad’s side of the family also didn’t make it to America, they live in the Czech Republic. My dad came to America after marrying my mom in 1994. Although, he now currently lives in the Philippines.
  • 8. Family Health HistoryFamily Health
    After studying my family tree and asking my parents. I thankfully found out there are no repeating health issues in my mom’s side or dad’s side of the family. Everyone has pretty healthy habits. Which is why most of my ancestors passed away from old age. So I’m going to hopefully continue on with these healthy habits and pass them down to the generations to come!
  • 9. Fitness Data and Nutrition
    Fitness Testing
    PASS/FAIL– Mile: PASS, Push ups: FAIL, Curl ups: PASS, Trunk Lift: PASS, Sit and Reach: PASS
    My Scores
    Gender: Female
    Mile: 8:30-11:00
    Pushups: 7-15
    Curl ups: 18-32
    Trunk lift: 9-12
    Sit and Reach: L: 10 R: 10
    Gender: Female
    Mile: 7:40
    Pushups: 0
    Curl ups: 75
    Trunk Lift: 12+
    Sit and Reach: L: 13R: 13
  • 10. FitnessData and Nutrition
    Monday: 1 hour
    Tuesday: 1 hour
    Wednesday: 30 minutes
    Thursday: 1 hour
    Friday : 1-2 hours
    Monday: 0 min.
    Tuesday: 0 min.
    Wednesday: 0 min.
    Thursday: 0 min.
    Friday : 1-2 hours
    Monday: 1 hour
    Tuesday: 1 hour
    Wednesday: 1 hour
    Thursday: 1 hour
    Friday : 0 min.
  • 11. FitnessData and Nutrition
    Monday: 7½ hours
    Tuesday: 8 hours
    Wednesday: 8½ hours
    Thursday:7 ½ hours
    Friday : 8 hours
    TOTAL: 39½ HOURS
    Monday: 3 hours
    Tuesday: 3½ hours
    Wednesday: 4 hours
    Thursday: 3-4 hours
    Friday: 0 min.
  • 12. Reflection
    I feel that my technology use throughout the week is balance compared to other teenagers. I don’t watch TV on school nights and I only use the computer for school reasons. I am also really proud of my studying. However, I feel I could do a better job managing my time in order to get more hours of sleep. Being an athlete and a good student, I need more sleep or else I’ll burn myself out.
  • 13. Social and Emotional Health
    I have a passion for swimming. I have been swimming for ten years now. The sport has become a lifestyle and I hope to get a scholarship into a good university because of swimming.
    Sadly, I currently own no pets. I have trouble taking care of pets, I couldn’t even take care of my poor fish. Just being me and my mom, we are way too busy to take care of anything else other than ourselves.
    Me and my mom haven’t traveled for pleasure lately. Whenever we are traveling it’s most likely for a competition nowadays. But my favorite trip was when I traveled with my team to a championship meet in Oregon last year. It was really different traveling without my Mom, I felt really independent and responsible. I liked that part. However, I got really sick and got the whole team sick too. We were a traveling infirmary .It was an epic trip that none of us will ever forget.
  • 14. Social and Emotional Health
    Closest Friends
    My closest friends would be my team. My team share the same ambitions as me, which is why we are so close. We are like a family. We work hard together, we go through all the hard times together. And we all really understand each others troubles because of how alike we are. It’s just a team bond.
    Schools Attended
    I attended North Park Preschool, McKinley Elementary, High Tech Middle School, and I transferred to Mesa Verde Middle School in the beginning of seventh grade. Now I attend the lovely Westview High school!
    I’m really interested in joining Bayanihan. I am Filipino, and all of my close friends are doing it. The only problem is I’m too busy swimming to be a big part in Bayanihan and I don’t want to join it and just drag along. I want to be a leader if I join something
  • 15. Health Triangle
  • 16. Health Triangle
    I gave myself a high score in physical because I am extremely active being a competitive swimmer. All the exercise and good eating habits has become a lifestyle for me. Although, I think I could still improve on some of my eating choices. In the social category I also gave myself a high score. I get along with people and make new friends very easily. I like to think of myself as a social butterfly. Mental and Emotional is my lowest score. I love school and learning. However I don’t feel good about myself all the time. I have a very low self esteem. I think I could work on becoming more proud of myself and who I am. I also tend to always feel bad for people and have a very hard time saying “no” and standing up for myself. Having that weakness with my self esteem really affects my social and physical lifestyle. Socially, I am always self conscious with other people and I can’t help but judge and compare myself to other people. Physically, I always doubt myself and have no confidence. Which is bad when racing, it can make you go slower.
  • 17. My greatest achievement would be getting to where I am now in swimming, I’ve worked hard for ten years and sacrificed a lot to succeed in this sport. I’ve improved so much and am on my way to my dreams. I have many more years of hard work to come.
    My happiest moment so far was winning Homecoming Princess
    My families greatest achievement was spending a week in Mexico with ONLY necessities
    I can have more confidence in myself, a higher self esteem, and manage my time better.
    Personal Crest
    Travel around the world with fortunes and with my soul mate (whomever that may be), doing every opportunity life throws at us.
    Ambitious, Funny, Nice
    Deniesse Bravo Vankat
  • 18. Future Aspirations
    My Mom
    My Mom is my inspiration. She has been through so many hardships in her life and got through them. Some I have even went through with her. My Mom has sacrificed so much for me and worked so hard so I can have a good life. She works hard to provide me with a good future. She taught me the true definition of hard work and determination.
  • 19. Future Aspirations
    Dear Mom,
    I just wanted to take the time to thank you for everything. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your hard work and determination. You inspire me to work just as hard as you. I know sometimes things between us get rough but I know it’s only because you care and love me. I’m sorry sometimes I don’t listen or I forget. I hope you know I am very thankful you are my mom and I love you. Thank you for everything you have done for me, sacrificed for me, and taught me. I love you.
    Your loving daughter,
  • 20. Future Aspirations
    In ______ years….
    In 3 years…
    I see myself working with my coach on scholarships to diff. colleges and going on recruiting trips. I also see my self going to Nationals.
    In 5 years…
    I see myself making NCAA’S for Stanford and living in a dorm, with great friends.
    In 10 years…
    I see myself stabilizing myself financially. Settling into my own condo, and finding a good career.
    If I can accomplish one thing in my life, it would be to be a successful woman, with a loving husband and family.
  • 21. Media Awareness
    The media has a huge impact on the choices we teenagers make. For me for example, I depend what clothes I buy on what is “in” right now. I’d make my choices on what to purchase on what I see in magazines and TV, and also on what other teens are wearing around me. The music I listen to depends on what artists are being blasted around me by media. It’s like the media is practically making these choices for me. However when it comes to activities, I like to do my own thing. For example, with swimming, not a lot of people do the sport and it isn’t as popular as something like cheerleading. Activities like swimming are really important to me and I don’t let media impact me on those things because that’s an important factor in my future success unlike how little choices like clothing and music isn’t.
  • 22. You’re
    Don’t let anything or anyone tell you otherwise.
  • 23. Unique Self
    Self Portrait ->
    Every day is so wonderful And suddenly, I saw debris Now and then, I get insecure From all the pain, I'm so ashamed I am beautiful no matter what they say Words can't bring me down I am beautiful in every single way Yes, words can't bring me down So don't you bring me down today To all your friends, you're delirious So consumed in all your doom Trying hard to fill the emptiness The piece is gone left the puzzle undone That's the way it is You are beautiful no matter what they say Words can't bring you down You are beautiful in every single way Yes, words can't bring you down Don't you bring me down today...
    No matter what we do (no matter what we do) No matter what they say (no matter what they say) When the sun is shining through Then the clouds won't stay And everywhere we go (everywhere we go) The sun won't always shine (sun won't always shine) But tomorrow will find a way All the other times 'cause we are beautiful no matter what they say Yes, words won't bring us down, oh no We are beautiful in every single way Yes, words can't bring us down Don't you bring me down today Don't you bring me down today
    Beautiful by Christina Aguilera represents the hardships I go through, and how I keep my head up high no matter what. It also represents how low of a self esteem I have, and it gives me motivation.
  • 24. Please don’t click mouse from here on
    Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show !
  • 25. Picture Timeline
    August 24 1995- Now
  • 26. My younger years…
  • 27. Five months old
    My cousin and I
    San Diego
    At home
  • 28. At home
    San Diego
    Food is my passion!
  • 29. At home
    San Diego
    Some say I looked like a boy…
  • 30. Home
    San Diego
    But as I got older I started looking more and more like a girl
  • 31. I took my first trip at one….
  • 32. To Canada
  • 33. Halloween was always my favorite day…
  • 34. Halloween 1998
  • 35. Halloween 1999
  • 36. Halloween 2000
    Trick or Treating
  • 37. I took my first trip to Disneyland when I was five….
  • 38.
  • 39. I won my first figure skating trophy at four…
  • 40. Christmas time
  • 41. Home
    Christmas 2000
    Unwrapping Gifts
  • 42. Christmas 2000
    La Jolla
    Playing with snow
  • 43. Christmas 2002
    Modeling near the tree
  • 44. While growing up I developed a love for swimming
  • 45. Palm Springs 1998
    Vacationing by the pool
  • 46. Summer 2009
    I got to meet and swim with Olympians in San Diego !
  • 47. Swimming with Olympian Misty Hyman!
    Summer 2009
    San Diego
  • 48. Junior Olympics 2008
    Racing 200 Butterfly
  • 49. Junior Olympics Summer 2009
    Hanging out with the team before races
  • 50. Swim Banquet
    Summer 2009
    Canyon Crest Academy
  • 51. High School brought many new experiences….
  • 52. Mira Mesa Bowling Alley
    September 2009
    Bowling with friends
  • 53. Homecoming 2009
    Before dance
  • 54. San Francisco
    March 2010
    Golden Gate Bridge
  • 55. The End