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  • 1. By Edmund Lam 3 Places of Worship
  • 2. Esztergom Basilica The Esztergom Basilica is the largest Church structure in Hungary, the third largest in Europe and the fifth largest church in the world . Its inner area is 56,000 m². It is 118 m long and 49 m wide. Construction began in 1832 and completed in 1869.
  • 3. The Organ The organ has five manuals and by 2006 had 85 stops working out of the planned 146. The organ contains the largest organ pipes in Hungary, 10 m, about 35 feet long. The smallest pipe is 7 mm, ¼ inch. When complete, it will be the third largest organ in Europe, surpassing all organs in Hungary in both volume and variety of stops.
  • 4. King Stephen was born in Esztergom in the year 975. He was also crowned there in the year 1000 on Christmas Day. The Esztergom Basilica was built in the same place King Stephen was born and crowned.
  • 5. Chartres Cathedral Chartres is a small town in France that is near Paris. It had an important treasure. It was the tunic Mary was wearing when she gave birth to baby Jesus. Many people go on pilgrimage to see the tunic.
  • 6. In the year 1134, there was a big fire that destroyed the front of the roman cathedral. The Christians in Chartres decided to rebuild it in a new gothic style. The damage was fixed in 1220.
  • 7. The king of France in 1220, Louis IX, went to the opening ceremony in Chartres. After the ceremony, people did all types of things in the Cathedral. They held big fairs four times a year with people selling cloths and food. When the plague arrived, people used the cathedral as a hospital.
  • 8. Westminster Abbey Westminster Abbey is a church in London built by Edward the Confessor. He built it in a Romanesque style. After his defeat by William the Conqueror, William was crowned as King in Westminster abbey. After William the Conqueror was crowned, all the kings and queens in England were crowned in Westminster Abbey.
  • 9. In the year 1245, Henry the third pulled down the whole of the Westminster Abbey and replaced it with a gothic church, which is the one in present.
  • 10. This is the end of my presentation Thank you for watching!