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4th grade Project Lewis and Clark

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Lewis and clark

  1. 1. Lewis And Clark Room: 6
  2. 2. Lewis and Clark Timeline Events Years 1.They had to go upstream on the Missouri River 2.President Jefferson wanted them to make peace with Indian tribes. 3.President Jefferson also wanted them to explore the Louisiana Territory. 1.They met Sacagawea and she helped them in many ways 2.She taught them how to dig out roots. 3.She also got them horses to help them with the journey 1803 1804 1805 1. They finally found the Pacific Ocean and they had great joy! 2.It took them a lttle over two years. 3.They also found new creatures such as buffalo
  3. 3. Pictures of the Expedition
  4. 4. Lewis and Clark
  5. 5. 1803 1804 1805 1 May 21, they began the journey 2 They went upstream the Missouri River 3 They brought more than a dozen men. 1 It was like “Crops of Discovery”. 2 They want up the river with a 55 ft. long keelboat. 3 Clark was making maps. 1 Lewis would study rocks. 2 Members of the expedition were on the lookout for Indians. 3 By the end of July they traveled more than 600 miles. Lewis and Clark Timeline
  6. 6. Animals Plants Indians 1 Horned Toad 2 Eastern Woodrat 3 Channel Catfish 1 Lemon Scurfpea 2 Osage Orange Tree 3 Curlycup Gumweed 1 Oto Indians 2 Yankton Sioux Indians 3 Missouri Indians
  7. 7. Lewis and Clark Computer Lab
  8. 8. Lewis and CLARK Timeline 1803 1804 1805 1.President Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark to go on their expedition. 2.They gathered men to help them on their journey. 3.He wanted them to discover the new land. 1.Built fort Mandan to stay in for the winter 2. They met Sacagawea who helped them along the way 3.they met first Indian tripe 1.Discovered the Pacific Ocean 2.August 11 th they found the first Indian tribe since Mandan 3.Lewis and Clark made a camp for winter called fort Clatsop
  9. 9. Discoveries Plants Animals Tribes 1.American (pale) Goldfinch 2. Buffalo 3.American Raven 3. Prairie Dogs 4. Blue Catfish . 1.American Silver bear 2.Bear Grass 3.Big Sagebrush 4.Blue Flax 1.Shoshone Tribe 2.Skilloot Tribe 3. Tenino Tribe Lewis and Clark Timeline
  10. 10. Lewis and Clark Computer Lab
  11. 11. Lewis and Clark Timeline Animals 1. Buffalo 2. antelope 3.prairie dogs 1805 Indians 1.Shoesho-ne 2.Mandan 3.Alsea 1804 1806 plants 1.Bear grass 2.Bitterroot 3.Blue flax
  12. 12. Lewis and Clark Timeline Discovery Plants 1.Bear grass 2.Bitterroot 3.Blue flax 4.Bigleaf Maple Tribes 1.Crow 2.Oto 3.Alsea 4.Shoeshone Animals 1.buffalo 2.Antolope 3.Prairie dogs 4.Badger