R&M Ppt (Fin)
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R&M Ppt (Fin)






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R&M Ppt (Fin) Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Chan Mei Wan, Melva 08579292D Chung Hau Lam, Rainbow 08559072D Choi Wai Ting, Kris 08564788D Yan Wing Ki, Jackie 08501570D Jellyfish @ Home Aquarium Retail Mix Strategy at Ocean Park
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • 4. Overview
  • 5. Our Business Idea
    • Home Jelly (A themed souvenir shop in Ocean Park)
    • Theme: Creating their home aquarium
    • Location: Around the Sea Jelly Spectacular
    • Merchandise Assortment:
    • Themed design water tank and related appliances
    • Captive-bred seahorses, corals and jellyfishes
    • Aquarium related book, magazines and video
    • Animated marine creatures products such as keychain
  • 6. Target Market & Business Mission
  • 7. Target Market
    • Primary market
    • Local Market
    • Family with children
    • Couples
    • Marine lovers
    • Secondary market
    • Mainland tourist
    • Family with children
    • Couples
  • 8. Target Market
    • Satisfy their need about
    • Increasing their understanding about marine life
    • Interacting with the marine creatures
    • Strong emotional tie
    • Encourage their buying and visiting
  • 9. Business Mission
    • Inspire visitors to the wonders of aquarium
    • Extend their memory about visiting Sea Jelly Spectacular and the Ocean Park
    • Differentiate our store from other souvenir shops and aquarium shops
    • Provide unique and exclusive merchandise with the competitive pricing
    • Personal selling
  • 10. Situation Audit Market Factor Competitor Factor Environmental Factor
  • 11. Market Factor
  • 12. Competitor Factors
  • 13. Environmental Factors
  • 14. Retail Mix Location Merchandise Assortments Customer Service Store Design & Layout Communication Mix Pricing Strategies
  • 15. Location
  • 16. Official Guide Tour of Ocean Park
    • Sea Jelly Spectacular (SJS)
    • A rather new attraction installed in 2006
    • An aquarium with more than 1,000 jellies
    • It is situated next to the Cable Car Station
  • 17. Why Ocean Park? Why SJS?
  • 18. Reasons for opening our store next to the Sea Jelly Spectacular (SJS) : SJS is a popular & unique attraction Our store is going to serve as a complement of SJS SJS is easily accessible located at aside of Cable Car Station SJS visitors are going to be attracted A large pool of potential customers can be attracted
  • 19. Customer Service
  • 20. Specialists’ Consultation Confident Benefits: Acquire further knowledge & Information about aquarium More confident & Interested in raising marine creature
  • 21. Workshops – Create Your Aqua World Extend your memory of Ocean Park
  • 22. Storage Service Provide Convenience
  • 23. Merchandise Assortments
  • 24. Key Categories Marine Creatures Aquarium-related Equipments Books, Magazines & Videos Non-living items as Souvenirs
  • 25. Key Categories
  • 26. Key Categories
  • 27. Our Assortments
  • 28. Store Layout/Design/Display Visual Merchandizing Atmospherics Spacing
  • 29. A. Visual Merchandising: Fixtures Wooden Racks & Slat-wall Displays
  • 30.  
  • 31. A. Visual Merchandising: Fixtures Books & Magazine Ranks
  • 32.  
  • 33. A. Visual Merchandising: Fixtures Aquarium Fixtures
  • 34. For Decoration Purpose
  • 35. For Demonstration Purpose
  • 36.  
  • 37.  
  • 38. A. Visual Merchandising: Presentation Techniques Idea-Orientated Presentation
  • 39. B. Atmospherics
    • Lighting
    • Create a harmonious atmosphere, i.e. ‘emotional attachment’
    • Highlight special items / displays, i.e. ‘popping the merchandises’
    • Colour
    • Outside store: Cool colour (dark blue) with streams of rainbow light
    • Inside store: Warm colour (light brown) with streams of rainbow light
    • Music
    • Music of ocean, i.e. sound of dripping water, sound of whales, etc.
  • 40. C. Spacing: Store Layout
    • Free-form layout / Boutique layout
  • 41. C. Spacing: Store Layout
  • 42. C. Spacing: Signage and Graphics Aqua’s Home Aqua’s Knowledge Aqua’s Appliances Aqua’s Fun
  • 43. C. Spacing: Allocation of Merchandise Categories Aqua’s Knowledge
  • 44. Communication Mix Public Relations Advertising Sales Promotion Direct Marketing
  • 45. A. Public Relations
  • 46. B. Advertising
  • 47. C. Sales Promotion No Frequent Sales Promotion
  • 48. D. Direct Marketing: Customer Retention Program
  • 49. Pricing Strategies
  • 50. Prices for Merchandise in Key Categories
  • 51.
  • 52. Leader Pricing
  • 53. Competitor Pricing
  • 54.
  • 55. Growth Opportunities Growth Opportunities Market Attractiveness Competitive Position Market Penetration Increase the size of the present store High High Increase the amount of merchandises in the stores High High Open additional kiosks with Ocean Park High High Market Expansion Open stores outside Ocean Park High Medium Retail Format Development Through electronic channel to order tanks & equipment High Medium Diversification Open café aquarium targeting middle-class Medium Medium Open home aquarium selling broader categories of fish, not only salt water fish High Low Manufacture and sell décor furniture Low High
  • 56. Conclusion
  • 57. Free-standing Stores Location Strategy Customer Service Merchandise Assortment Pricing Communication Mix Store Display And Design
  • 58. Location Pricing Communication Mix Store Design and Display Customer Service A Few Categories Private Labels Few Items in Each Category Assortment Strategy
  • 59. Location Communication Mix Store Design and Display Customer Service Merchandise Assortment Modest with sales Follow the leader Pricing Strategy
  • 60. Communication Mix Magazine, Internet Ads Special Event Store Design And Display Customer Service Location Merchandise Assortment Pricing
  • 61. Store Design and Display Free-form / Boutique Layout Customer Service Location Merchandise Assortments Pricing Communication Mix
  • 62. Customer Service Plenty Location Merchandise Assortment Pricing Communication Mix Store Design and Display
  • 63.
  • 64. The End Q&A