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Cool Roofs Presentation


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Published in: Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1.  
    • 2. Cool Roofs Program
      • A new project in our commitment to energy efficiency in Baltimore
      • Using a well-tested and innovative roofing process, we create roofs that:
        • improve buildings’ energy efficiency
        • reduce air conditioning demands
        • decrease the City’s heat island effect
        • seal & prevent leaks
        • are long lasting & easy to maintain
    • 3.  
    • 4. “ Cool Roofing translates into considerable energy savings, reduced air pollution and emissions, and increased durability” -U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    • 5. What is a Cool Roof?
      • An Energy Star-approved, white acrylic re-roof system, applied over your existing roof by Civic Works experts
    • 6. Why should I get one?
      • Reduced cooling costs = energy savings!
      • Contribute to lowering Baltimore’s heat island effect
      • Seal & prevent leaks - includes 10 year warranty
      • Long lasting
        • Easily maintained with a one layer recoat after 10-15 years
    • 7. How is it Installed?
      • ▪ Clear and clean the work area
    • 8. Installation
      • Apply RubberKote sealant to any areas of extra concern
      Pooling water Large cracks
    • 9. Installation
      • Embed reinforcing mesh fabric between two coats of PolaRoof AC acrylic, overlapping fabric seams three inches
    • 10. Installation
      • Repeat previous steps for all flashings
      • Apply a full coat of acrylic
      • Allow to dry completely
      • Apply final coat of acrylic and….
    • 11. … A Cool Roof!
    • 12. What is this PolaRoof AC stuff anyway?
      • Outstanding Features:
      • Reduces stress fatigue due to thermal cycling
      • Highest U.L. rating for fire protection at unlimited slope
      • EPA Energy Star rating reassures significant energy savings
      • Completely dry surface remains clean
      • Provides long lasting waterproofing protection
      • Environmentally friendly (contains no solvents)
    • 13. What is this PolaRoof AC stuff anyway?
      • Inhibits corrosion
      • Resists fungal attack
      • Can easily be recoated without use of primer
      • Remains flexible, tough, and weatherproof in all climates
      • Will not get brittle and crack with age
      • Protects against UV deterioration
    • 14. How does it work? The idea is simple: White roofs reflect sunlight and emit heat better than darker ones
      • On a hot, sunny, summer day, traditional roofing materials may reach 190° F
      • Cool Roofs only reach peak temperatures of 120° F
      U.S. EPA
    • 15. Before & After
    • 16. Cool Roofs…
      • Have high solar reflectance
        • -meaning they reflect a large portion of the sun’s energy
      • Have high thermal emittance
      • -meaning they release a large percentage of absorbed heat
      U.S. EPA
    • 17.
      • Cool Roof applications:
      • -reflect solar radiation
      • -reducing heat transfer to the interior of the building
      • -thus reducing energy demands and costs U.S. EPA
    • 18. Does it really help the environment?
      • “ Where Cool Roofs have been installed, the outside temperature in the immediate area is cooler than in areas a block away without the roofs.” -Audrey Chang, Cool Roof Rating Council
      • Eliminates tear-off & disposal of waste materials that occurs with traditional roof upgrade
      • “ Air conditioners use up to 1/6th of the electricity in the U.S. and on hot summer days consume 43% of the U.S. peak power load.” -Union of Concerned Scientists
    • 19. Cool roofs exhibit two other advantages over darker roofs:
      • Cool roofs last longer
        • Changing temperatures cause a dark roof to expand and contract
        • Since white roofs expand less in summer time, the roofing material is worn less
    • 20.
      • Cool Roofs are "maintainable"
        • A Cool Roof can be recoated with one white acrylic application (no need for the mesh or extra layers)
        • This eliminates tear off costs over the lifetime of a building
        • Only done every 5-10 years beyond initial warranty
    • 21. How much does it cost?
      • Just like almost all energy-efficiency upgrades, the up-front cost of a Cool Roof is slightly higher than a traditional roof
      ▪ But once you factor in maintenance costs over the life of each roof and energy cost-savings provided by a Cool Roof, it is clearly an economically wise investment
    • 22.
      • In lieu of a complete Cool Roof system, you can opt for 1 or 2 layers of the white acrylic
        • Similar cooling effects and energy cost savings
        • Increase in durability and longevity
        • The acrylic itself has a 10 year product warranty so this is still a good investment
        • Civic Works does not provide a 10 year warranty against leaks with this service
      What other options are there?
    • 23. What other options are there?
      • Colors
        • Same acrylic product and same installation, so warranty still applies
        • Colors other than white are not Energy Star rated
        • But another light color will still have a drastic effect
    • 24. Color Options…
    • 25. How do I get one?
      • Civic Works provides free price quotes
        • We measure your roof, take pictures and prepare a price
        • We can e-mail or fax the work proposal
        • We can answer any concerns you have or adjust the scope of work
        • If you accept, we will schedule a time to get started
    • 26. Sign Up Now
      • Provide us with the following:
        • Name
        • Phone Number
        • E-mail Address or Fax Number
        • Address of Roof
        • If you would like to be home when we come
      • Or you can contact John Mello at
        • 410-366-8533 x 223
        • [email_address]