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Social Studies I Seach
Social Studies I Seach
Social Studies I Seach
Social Studies I Seach
Social Studies I Seach
Social Studies I Seach
Social Studies I Seach
Social Studies I Seach
Social Studies I Seach
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Social Studies I Seach


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Published in: Travel, Spiritual
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  • 1. I-Search: Apartheid By: Shannon Minnis
  • 2. Why is apartheid important to African history?
  • 3. Why did I choose Apartheid as my topic?
    • I chose the Apartheid as my topic; because I was interested in learning more about what happen. Also I wanted to know why there was an Apartheid in the first place.
  • 4. What did I already knew about Apartheid?
    • I knew that apartheid was….
    • when South Africa had rules against blacks.
    • that blacks got no citizen ship what so ever.
    • when blacks and whites were “separated”; they did not get to go to school together or even live near each other
  • 5. What is Apartheid?
    • Apartheid is a set of laws that split the South Africa population based on their race. It was when whites were treated better than blacks. I think it was totally unfair that blacks were treated badly. In my opinion South Africa is a much better place today.
  • 6. What happened during the Apartheid?
    • During the Apartheid blacks were not allowed to pretty much go any where near the whites; they were not allowed to go to school with them, live near them, use the same bathroom as them. Then other countries and the South African people (even whites) got tried of having the blacks disrespected by South Africa, thing started to be boycotted and other countries were not buying thing from South Africa. Then on top of that South Africa was band from the Olympics because of the Apartheid. Finally in 1990 F.W. de Klerk ended the Apartheid because the economy was so bad. Then a few years later Nelson Mandela was elected the first black president in South Africa!
  • 7. Thing I thought were interesting about South Africa’s Apartheid!
    • More than 80% of South Africa was land set aside for just whites.
    • Their were four different group according to your race; Pakistanis, Indian, Blacks, and White.
    • An Apartheid was first introduced to South Africa by the National Party as part of their campaign.
    • Apartheid comes from the word apartness or separtness.
  • 8. Thing I still wonder about Apartheid?!
    • Why was there Apartheid in the first place?
    • What president stated the apartheid?
  • 9. Work Cited