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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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  • 2. The Old Well
    • This is a photo of the old well on the campus on University of NC
  • 3. Carolina in a Brief
    • The first building and, indeed, the only building for two years, was a two-story brick structure that came to be called Old East. It is now a National Historic Landmark, the oldest state university building in America. Opened to students on January 15, 1795, The University of North Carolina received its first student, Hinton James of New Hanover County, on February 12. By March there were two professors and forty-one students present.
  • 4. Carolina in a Brief cont.
      • Young men from many states came to Chapel Hill for their education, particularly those from families who had recently left North Carolina to settle elsewhere in the South. The University of North Carolina provided governors not only for North Carolina but also for many other states; countless professions and occupations were represented, including cabinet members, clergymen, diplomats, engineers, geologists, judges, legislators, surveyors, teachers, and a president and a vice president of the United States among others.
  • 5. Medical
    • The Division of Health Affairs was formally organized in 1949, with schools of Dentistry and Nursing added to the schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Public Health. The University thereby became one of the few in the nation with schools in the five health professions. The opening of North Carolina Memorial Hospital in 1952 provided clinical facilities for the schools. Which is now Rex Hospital.
  • 6. Planetarium
    • The Morehead Planetarium and Building were completed in 1949 and is still there today as most of you know as we went in the third grade to study the planets and the stars.
  • 7. 1990-1995
    • The period between 1990 and 1995 included the completion of structures such as the Ambulatory Care Facility, Cone-Kenfield Tennis Center, Craige Parking Deck, Fordham Hall (Biology/Biotechnology), George Watts Hill Alumni Center, McGavran-Greenberg (Public Health and Environmental Sciences Center), Student Recreation Center, Thurston-Bowles Building, and William and Ida Friday Continuing Education Center.
  • 8. Sports
    • The Carmichael Auditorium was taken over by the Dean E. Smith Center. Which was in honor of Dean E. Smith who coached men’s basketball at UNC for many years and is still alive today. The Lady Tar Heels now call Carmichael their home.
    • All sports within the UNC systems generates millions of dollars for the university and the state of NC
  • 9. Sports Museum
    • The Carolina Basketball Museum is located on the first floor of the Ernie Williamson Athletics Center. The Williamson Center is adjacent to the Smith Center and Koury Natatorium on Skipper Bowles Drive.
  • 10. Carolina Today
    • Now in its third century, UNC belongs to the select group of American and Canadian campuses forming the Association of American Universities. UNC's academic offerings span more than 100 fields, including bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees as well as professional degrees in dentistry, medicine, pharmacy and law. Five health schools which, with UNC Hospitals, comprise one of the nation's most complete academic medical centers are integrated with liberal arts, basic sciences and high-tech academic programs .
  • 11. How UNC effects North Carolina
    • Economically in addition to in state students 1,000s of students from around the country and the world attend the UNC system spending and investing millions of dollars to the economy of North Carolina
    • Research- The UNC system benefits the entire population of North Carolina with its advanced research, technology and new procedures that the UNC systems develop.
  • 12. Famous people that have graduated from UNC and Given back
    • Billy Graham- Evangelists
    • Andrew Johnson- 17 th President
    • James K Polk- 11 th President
    • Andy Griffith- entertainment
    • Suzie M. Sharp- Famous Chief justice of the supreme court
    • Actors That Have Graduated From UNC
    • Ronnie Milsap
    • Randy Travis -country music
    • Barbara Howard - Entertainment Tonight
    • David Brinkley -TV reporter
    • Ava Gardner –actress
    • Eileen Fulton -actress on As the World Turns
    • Charles Kuralt -writer & TV reporter
  • 13. Photos