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  • 1. Esafety quiz!!! by Sam Healey
  • 2.
    • Which one below would be the most suitable for a username in a chatroom?
    Your first name Your First name and surname A nickname sxcbabe 1 Your profile
  • 3. correct!!! next question>>>
  • 4. wrong!!! try again
  • 5.
    • What information is OK to give out on the internet.
    Your Age Where you live Your hobbies and interests Phone Number 2 Your Profile 2
  • 6. correct!!! next question>>>
  • 7. wrong!!! try again
  • 8.
    • Which of the following is ok to do with someone you’ve met online.
    P2P chat Give them your real name Meet up with them Giving them your phone number 3 Making friends
  • 9. correct!!! next question>>>
  • 10. wrong!!! try again
  • 11.
    • When would you trust a person who you have just met online?
    Always Most of the time Sometimes Never 4 Trusting People Online
  • 12. correct!!! next question>>>
  • 13. wrong!!! try again
  • 14.
    • What would you do if you were being cyberbullied
    Send messages back Tell someone Get upset Break contact 5 Cyberbullying
  • 15. correct!!! next question>>>
  • 16. wrong!!! try again
  • 17.
    • How would you respond to a nasty message.
    Send a nasty message back Ignore it Take it out on someone else Report it 6 Responding to nasty messages
  • 18. Well Done You have completed the Esafety quiz Play again? CHOOSE A QUESTION>>>
  • 19. wrong!!! try again
  • 20. 1 2 3 4 5 6 CHOOSE A QUESTION!!!