WWII Powers


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World War II powerful countries and their leaders.

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  • What rubbish. Pure anti-Russian propaganda. Russia was NEVER an Axis power.
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WWII Powers

  1. 1. Allied/Axis Powers in WWII Brian Copenhaver
  2. 2. Click here for World War II Allied/Axis Conclusion and Sources Individual countries Click on America, Great Britain, Russia, Germany, Green- Allies before the attack on Pearl Harbor Japan, or Italy to Blue- Allies after the attack on Pearl Harbor get started Black- Axis Powers Red- Russia started Axis and switched to Allied Gray- Neutral or not involved countries
  3. 3. America • America entered World War II after the attacks on Pearl Harbor December 7,1941. • America was one of the main factors in an Allied victory. • The war helped America grow as a country and establish itself as a dominant world power. For all slides: click pictures to advance
  4. 4. Great Britain • Great Britain was also a main factor in helping win the war in Europe. • British troops teamed with America soldiers in the famous attacks on the beaches of Normandy, France. • British troops also helped in Africa fighting of German forces. For all slides: click pictures to advance
  5. 5. Soviet Union • The Soviet Union, now Russia, started as an Axis power but later switched to an Ally after Hitler broke a pact and invaded the country. • The Soviet Union was also considered a dominant country after the war. • The Soviets all but ended the war when taking the city of Berlin and the most important building for the Nazis, the Reichstag. For all slides: click pictures to advance
  6. 6. Germany • The Nazis of Germany were well known in the war for their leader Adolf Hitler and his killing of the Jewish people. • The Nazis started the war by invading Poland on September 1, 1939 with Slovakia, another Axis country. • The main reason Germany lost the war was because of their lack of oil and failure to defeat the Soviets. For all slides: click pictures to advance
  7. 7. Japan • Along with Pearl Harbor, the Japanese attacked Southeast Asian and Central Pacific areas like Thailand and Malaya. • Japan had invaded China before the official beginning of World War II helping them expand before the war. • Japan lost the war after two atomic bombs were dropped on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the Americans ending the war. For all slides: click pictures to advance
  8. 8. Italy • Italy declared war on France and the United Kingdom after the German invasion on France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. • Italian forces were driven back from Africa with their navy suffering significant defeats. • Italy was the first main Axis country defeated when Allied forces pushed through and Italian leader Benito Mussolini was killed. For all slides: click pictures to advance
  9. 9. Franklin D. Roosevelt • Roosevelt was elected to office four times. • Roosevelt did not want to enter the war saying, “I’ve seen war, and I hate war.” • Roosevelt was the main reason America was a power in the war. • Roosevelt died in office April 12, 1944 shortly before the war ended.
  10. 10. Winston Churchill • Churchill was the leader of British forces. • Churchill was almost killed by a car during the war which may have changed the entire outcome. • He was a soldier in the first World War and helped implement the use of tear gas. • Churchill died January 24, 1965.
  11. 11. Josef Stalin • Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Union. • Stalin was widely known for being the leader of the Communist Party. • Stalin signed a non- aggression pact with Hitler as an Axis power until Hitler broke it. • Died March 5, 1953
  12. 12. Adolf Hitler • Hitler was the leader of Nazi Germany. • Hitler was a painter before becoming the leader of the Third Reich. • Hitler was known for the countless murders of Jews, Communists, homosexuals, the handicapped, gypsies, among others. • Hitler committed suicide before he was captured by Soviet soldiers April 30, 1945.
  13. 13. Hirohito • Hirohito was the Emperor of Japan. • After the war, Hirohito helped with the reorganization of the Japanese state. • Hirohito allowed the invasion of China before the war began. • He lived through the war and died January 7, 1989.
  14. 14. Benito Mussolini • Mussolini was the leader of Italy. • Mussolini was one of the founders of the Fascist government. • He was imprisoned during the war and later rescued by German forces. • Mussolini was executed while trying to flee to Switzerland and was hung upside in Milan for all to see his defeat.
  15. 15. America Question Who took over after the death of Roosevelt in office before the war was over? Back to Map
  16. 16. Great Britain Question What sign did Winston Churchill give the crowd in London after the Allied victory? Hint: Peace Back to Map
  17. 17. Soviet Union Question What was one nickname of the Soviet army? Hint: Do you know your colors? Back to Map
  18. 18. German Question What were the features of the “perfect person” Hitler envisioned? Hint: A lot of guys like this type of girl Back to Map
  19. 19. Japan Question Why did the Japanese flag look the way it did before it was changed after the war? Hint: It sets in the west Back to Map
  20. 20. Italy Question What area did Italy occupy the most of? Back to Map Hint: It has a horn
  21. 21. Conclusion I really liked this project. It took a while to do, but I like the end result. I’m glad I made it based on my major because it gave me a taste of what it would be like to use something like this in the classroom. I went with a history theme because it is my major. I tried to implement as much history related material as possible in the presentation, while putting some educational things in as well. I want to be a history teacher so the educational aspect and the history aspect went well with each other. The three ah-ha moments I had started with the Power Point itself. I have done many Power Points throughout my years of school, but I never had to do a non-linear one. I know the program well, but I had to watch a video on how to make this kind of slide show. My first ah-ha moment was learning how to make this non-linear. My second would be all of the pictures I found for the Power Point because I didn’t know most of the countries presented had different flags back then. My last ah-ha moment would be some of the general information that I found out about the countries I presented. I feel great about everything in the Power Point and I think it came out great. Back to Map
  22. 22. Bibliography • http://www.google.com/ • http://www.wikipedia.org/ • http://images.google.com/images • http://www.worldwar-2.net/ • http://www.archives.gov/research/ww2/phot os/ • http://www.world-war-2.info/ Back to Map