Integra Theatre Management Software SystemDecember 2008


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Omniterm is a provider of automated ticketing and concession Point-of-Sale solutions for the theatre industry.

Our software suite includes box office ticketing, concessions, kiosks, back office management, loyalty, internet ticketing, gift card and digital signage.

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Integra Theatre Management Software SystemDecember 2008

  1. 1. Theatre Management Software
  2. 2. Crowd Control Faster customer throughput = happier customers + better revenue. Keep the crowds moving with OMNITERM POS solutions.
  3. 3. Company Profile OMNITERM DATA TECHNOLOGY LTD. is a privately owned company that has been providing innovative point-of-sale solutions to the entertainment industry since 1978. OMNITERM delivers powerful Box Office and Concession POS Solutions, including ABO-Kiosks, Internet Ticketing Interfaces, Gift Cards, Loyalty Programs, IP Debit/Credit Banking Interfaces, Showtime Display Systems and comprehensive Back Office Management.
  4. 4. OMNITERM Integra TMS OMNITERM Theatre Management System sets a high standard for theatre automation of ticketing & concession sales. The on-screen monitoring and reporting options functions in real-time, providing up to the minute statistics on sales employee productivity, occupancy levels and more. Our success has been the result of providing our customers with innovative solutions that are easy to learn and use while incorporating the latest advancements in technology.
  5. 5. OMNITERM Integra Overview Key Features v Intuitive interface. Easy to learn & use v Real-Time system monitoring v Access data remotely v Detailed management of inventory and POS entries v Drag ‘N Drop functionality v Audit trail of all employee activities and transactions
  6. 6. Integra System Modules v Theatre Manager v Ticketing Manager Ø Configures Venue operations Ø Configure performances v Concession Manager v Automation Server Ø Configures concession options/ Ø Task scheduler manages inventory v ShowTime Monitor v Report Client Ø Displays performance Ø Generates all system reports information v Payment Server v OMNI Punch Clock Manager Ø Provides processing interfaces Ø Monitors employee activity v POS v Kiosk Ø Selling terminal Ø Selling terminal
  7. 7. Theatre Manager Used to Configure Theatre Operations v Employee set up; personal details, job functions and shifts v Specify extremely granular access privileges per employee, per application v Reconcile daily cash automatically, track coupons, vouchers, passes and different payment types v Audit trail for every transactions; lifts, loans, refunds, disbursements and adjustments v Setup discounts and coupons
  8. 8. Theatre Manager Security options enforced by Date, Shift, Employee and Terminal
  9. 9. Ticketing Manager Used to Configure Performances v Configure Film Performances, Set Ticket Prices and Set-up Auditoriums v Interface with 3rd Party Internet Ticketing Providers and Manage Customer Loyalty program. v Efficiency Highlights ØAutomatically download film information ØVisually create your schedule by dragging and dropping films onto the theatre timeline
  10. 10. Ticketing Layout Scheduling Film Layout — OMNITERM Ticketing Manager is used to configure film performances and ticket pricing, set up auditoriums, 3rd party internet ticketing providers and manages your Customer Loyalty program. — It helps provide your management team with Scheduling Calendar control of your venue information. Seating Configuration Reserve
  11. 11. Concession Manager Used to Configure Concession Options and Manage Inventory v Complete control over setup of look and feel of concession screens v Employee prompted up-selling v Manage suppliers v Generates purchase orders v Manages stock transfers from central warehouse or between theatres
  12. 12. Concession Manager Inventory Management
  13. 13. Concession Manager Highly Customizable Screen Display Layouts
  14. 14. Concession Manager Attach Product Image to Display Buttons
  15. 15. Point of Sale Terminal Selling Terminals v Industrial All-in-One POS hardware available in 12” and 15” touch displays v Die-cast aluminum housings and spill resistant enclosures v Various secondary display options available
  16. 16. Point of Sale Terminal Upsize and Swap Capability on Combos, with Employee Prompts
  17. 17. Point of Sale Terminal Payment Options, Split Tender by any Combination of Debit, Credit, Gift Card, Coupon, Cash, etc.
  18. 18. Gift Card Program OMNITERM Gift Card module is fully integrated solution that can monitor the number of cards issued, redemption and card balances. The supporting infrastructure is provided by either First Data International or Secure Payment Systems, both global leaders in electronic commerce and payment services
  19. 19. Point of Sale Screenshot Redeem and Reload Gift Cards at any Terminal
  20. 20. Self-Serve Kiosk Self- Eliminate Bottlenecks at the Box Office v Sell both tickets and concessions items 24/7/365 v Self-Serve option decreases lines during busy periods v Redeem or recharge gift cards v Ability to sell 24/7/365 v Various kiosk styles available
  21. 21. Digital Signage – ShowTime Monitor Displays Performance Status Information v System connects directly to the Manager's System continually providing updated show time information. v Segment and group films, show times by auditorium and simulcast to multiple screens. v Output file compatible with most major brands of digital display panels.
  22. 22. Digital Signage – Auditorium Sign Design, Create and Entertain Customers v Displays real-time film and auditorium information from the POS system v Screen layout is easily configurable with our Sign Panel Editor. v Portrait or Landscape mode
  23. 23. Digital Signage – Secondary display Influence Customer Behaviour at the Point of Purchase. v 12” or 15” Industrial LCD displays connected to the POS terminal v System can promote food items, specials, trailers and suppliers(added revenue) v Allows customer to verify order before leaving the line.
  24. 24. Digital Signage – Menu Boards Replace Static and Backlit Signs v 32” or 40” Industrial LCD displays used behind the concession counter v System can promote food items and suppliers(added revenue) v Entertain customers while in line. Decrease perceived wait times. v Easily change menu items without the need to reprint static posters.
  25. 25. Payment Server Communication Engine Between the Theatre and Banking Institution v High speed credit and debit processing (2-3 seconds approval) v Direct transactions to processors without 3rd party add-ons: ØMoneris, Paymentech (Debit/Credit) ØFirst Data, First Horizon, Beanstream (Credit) v Secure Communications over Internet (SSL)
  26. 26. About Chase Paymentech Chase Paymentech, is a global leader in payment processing. The company's proprietary platforms provide access to a wide variety of payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards and prepaid stored value cards. On the Internet or at the point of sale, Chase Paymentech's unique combination of outstanding service, innovative solutions and financial strength offers solid benefits to companies both large and small. More information can be found at
  27. 27. Payment Card Data Security Visa's CISP (Cardholder Information Security Program) and MasterCard's SDP (Site Data Protection) programs are security initiatives that require merchants to safeguard credit card processing data. Visa and MasterCard, along with the other card brands, have adopted common industry security requirements referred to as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Customers and businesses using electronic forms of payment expect their cardholder data to be stored securely and privately. Chase Paymentech helps educate its merchants on the basics of data security and the mandatory industry requirements around the protection of data throughout the payment transaction process.
  28. 28. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) The PCI DSS are Summarized Below v Build and Maintain a Secure Network Ø Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect data Ø Do not use vendor-supplied defaults for system passwords and other security parameters v Protect Cardholder Data Ø Protect stored data Ø Encrypt transmission of cardholders data sensitive information across public networks v Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program Ø Use and regularly update anti-virus software Ø Develop and maintain secure systems and applications
  29. 29. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) v Implement Strong Access Control Measures Ø Restrict access to data by business need-to-know Ø Assign a unique ID to each person with computer access Ø Restrict physical access to cardholder data v Regularly Monitor and Test Networks Ø Track and monitor all access to network resources and cardholder data Ø Regularly test security systems and processes v Maintain an Information Security Policy Ø Maintain a policy that addresses information security
  30. 30. Report Client Generates All System Reports Ø Standards based, Crystal Reports Ø Standards based, XML/HTML Reports Ø Export to Excel, Flat Text file or PDF and email Ø Schedule and Auto Run selected reports Ø Predefined reports Ø Custom reports
  31. 31. Report Client - Samples
  32. 32. Punch Clock Manager Employee Timekeeping v Track sign “in & out” times with pin, card swipes or biometrics v Output to accounting/payroll systems
  33. 33. Installation of the System With almost 30 years experience installing POS systems in over 10 countries worldwide, Omniterm has developed a technical support team that is scalable to meet the demands of any project or timeline. Omniterm has developed a reputation for delivering exceptional service and support on-time and on-budget.
  34. 34. System Support v 24/7/365 Toll Free Help Desk Support Ø Omniterm will provide Help Desk support to assist Customers with both hardware and software issues and to answer questions related to Omniterm system applications. v Global On-Site Tech Support Ø Getronics/CompuCom is a leading international provider of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services and solutions. Partnering with Getronics, Omniterm has been able to offer on-site technical support to all of North America. v Hardware Preventative Maintenance Programs Ø Scheduled on-site service visits by expert technicians who specialize in performing extensive preventative maintenance on system equipment.
  35. 35. Cinema Beloeil: Main Concession area Empire Theatre: Main concession area Warren: Main concession area 5 Drive–In: Main concession area
  36. 36. Thank you For more information please contact us at Omniterm copyright © 2008 All rights reserved