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How to write a cv for urban regional planner,urban management,housing with a brief about yourself

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Writing Resume

  1. 1. Writing Resume Name : VIJAY KUMAR DHAR Nationality : Indian Date of Birth : July 15, 1952 Marital Status : Married Profession : Housing Urban and Environment Planner Specialisation : Urban Planning & Development Urban Housing, Urban Environment Urban Management Current Position : HUDCO Chair Professor, at the National Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi Languages : English, Hindi, Kashmiri Contact Address (Residence) : AO-86, Kala Kunj, TCPO Officers Cooperative Group Housing Society Ltd., Shalimar Bagh, Delhi - 110 052 (INDIA) Phone - 91-11-27473641 (Office) : National Institute of Urban Affairs, 1st Floor, Core IV-B, India Habitat Centre(IHC), Lodhi Road, New delhi-110003 (INDIA) Phone : 91-11- 24617543 24643284 24617517 24617769 Fax- 91-11-24617513 E-mail: vkdhar@rediffmail.com
  2. 2. Educational Record: Degree/ course Institution/ place Year Main subject/ contents Academic Degree Post Graduate School of Planning & Architecture, 1976 Urban and Regional Diploma in Town Delhi Planning and Country Planning M.A. (Master of Centre for the Study of Regional 1974 Geography Arts) Development, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India B.Sc. Delhi University, Delhi 1971 Statistics Specialised Training Training Technical Support Services, Inc. 1995 Structuring, Financing Workshop (TSS) 1012, N. Street, NW, and Implementing (NIUA-USAID Washington D.C. 20001 - 4297 Public-Private Collaboration) Partnership for Urban Development, Shelter, Municipal Services and Environmental Infrastructure Staff Centre for International 1992 Alternative Development Development, Research Triangle Institutional Programme Institute, North Carolina, U.S.A. in Arrangements for (NIUA-USAID addition, visited different Institutions Delivery of Urban Collaboration) in U.S.A. including the University of Services California, Univ. of North Carolina, Florida Atlantic UNDP, The Urban Urban Resource Institute, Heritage Foundation, Management ICMR and UNICEF Urban Environment Training Work East-West Centre, Hawaii, U.S.A. 1993 Geographic analysis Shop and Nihon Institute of Population Demographic change Research, Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan Training Institute of Local Govt. Studies, 1991 Urban Management Workshop Birmingham, U.K. 2
  3. 3. Fellowship Received:  From the Government of India under Colombo Plan for four months course at Institute of Local Government Studies, Birmingham, U.K. (1991).  From the USA Government for 36 days at Centre for International Development Research Triangle Institute, North Carolina (USA), 1992.  From the U.S.A. Government for thirty five days at East West Centre, Hawaii, U.S.A. (1993).  From the U.S.A. Government for fifteen days at TSS, Washington D.C., U.S.A. (1995).  From the U.S.A. Government for ten days to attend the 90 th ICMA Conference at San Diego, U.S.A (2004) Membership/ Registration with International Network  Registered with Govt. of India, Deptt. of Personnel & Training for Foreign Assignment (UN Panel).  Registered with 'Consulting Engineer Services (India), for consultancy assignments in the field of urban planning and management.  Registered with `Lambda Alpha International', an Honarary Land Economic Society, New Delhi Professional Experience:  Coordinating and conducting research, training and consultancy activities in the field of urban housing, urban management, urban planning and urban environment. Designation Organisation From/To HUDCO Chair Professor National Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi April 04 till date Associate Professor (Housing Environment and Urban Planning) National Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi Feb'83 –Mar’04 Research Officer/ Town and Country National Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi Apr'80 - Jan'83 Planner Assistant Town Planner (Gazetted) Town and Country Planning Department, Jan'79 - Mar'80 Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, (Regional Planning Division), Meerut, U.P. Research Analyst National Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi Dec'77 - Dec'79 Geographer-cum-Cartographer Centre for Urban Studies, Indian Institute of Nov'76 - Nov'77 Public Administration, Indraprastha Estate, New Delhi 3
  4. 4. Major Research Studies (Completed/ on going): Title Sponsoring Agency Year of National International Completion Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Ministry of Urban On going Renewable Mission – Reform Agenda, Development PEARL National Strategy for Urban Poor Ministry of Urban On going UNDP Development Evaluation Studies of Environmental Delhi Govt. 2003 Improvement of Urban Slums (EIUS) & JJ Plan Schemes (Relocation Sites) Impact Assessment of Urban Land (Ceiling Ministry of Urban 2001 & Regulation Act, 1976 Development Reducing Poverty in Urban India – Asian Asian Development 2001 Development Bank Technical Assistance Bank No. 3480 – IND to Govt. of India Impact Assessment of Mega City Scheme Ministry of Urban Development 2000 Demand Scenario for Dheerpur Project of Delhi Development 1998 Delhi Development Authority Authority Urban Perspectives and Policy Planning 1998 Commission Financing, Pricing and Cost Recovery for HUDCO (Housing 1997 Land Development & Urban Development Corporation Evaluation of NCR scheme National Capital 1996 Region Planning Board (NCRPB), New Delhi Carrying Capacity of Doon Valley USAID 1995 Public Private Partnership in the delivery of Delhi Development 1994 serviced land in Delhi Authority, New Delhi (DDA) Saleability of Air-conditioned Circular Delhi Development 1993 Shopping complex at Laxmi Nagar District Authority, New Centre Delhi (DDA) a) Slum Upgradation Strategy - Case National Institute of USAID/ RTI 1992 Study Ekta Vihar, Delhi Urban Affairs, New Technical b) Alternative International arrangement Delhi Collaboration for delivery of urban services District Planning: Case Study, Raichur Ministry of Urban 1992 Development Settlement Status of Sites and Services Project World Bank 1992 Scheme at Mad Management ras Group, MMDA, Madras
  5. 5. Title Sponsoring Agency Year of National International Completion Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Ministry of Urban On going Renewable Mission – Reform Agenda, Development PEARL A Study of Slum and Squatter Settlements DDA, Delhi 1991 in old City of Delhi An Integrated Development of Small & Ministry of Urban 1991 Medium Towns- An Evaluation Study & Development, New Project Approach Delhi Provision of Urban Water Supply: Karnataka Urban World Bank 1990 Institutional Options Water Supply and Drainage Board (KUWSDB), Govt. of Karnataka, India Fast Growing and Slow Growing Towns in National 1988 India Commission on Urbanization, Govt. of India Role of Rural Growth Centres for the Ministry of Urban 1987 Planning of Human Settlements Development, Govt. of India Review Revision and Updating of Srinagar Govt. of Jammu & 1985 Master Plan Kashmir, INDIA Organisation for Urban Planning & Ministry of Urban 1986 Development in India - An Indo-British Development, Govt. Project of India Role of Local Authorities in the Planning 1983 Management of Town & Cities in India Commission, New Delhi Study of Master Plans of Town & Cities in ICSSR, India 1982 India Resource Mobilisation in Urban Areas and Eight the Finance 1983 the Level of Services Provides Commission, Govt. of India Financial Management Pattern of Urban Planning 1981 Local Bodies Commission, Govt. of India
  6. 6. Selected Mimeographs/Publications:  Design and Edited Quarterly Newsletter quot;Urban Financequot;, under FIRE(D) Programme. Mimeo  Study of Green Areas and Open in Delhi, National Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi.  An approach paper on quot;Development Plan of Delhi - 2021, National Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi.  An approach to Slum Development on the Pattern of Bombay model of Slum Development, National Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi.  Public-Private Partnership in the Delivery of Serviced land in Delhi, National Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi:  Saleability of Air-Conditioned Circular Shopping Complex at Laxmi Nagar District Centre, National Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi.  Slum Upgradation Strategy - Case Study Ekta Vihar, Delhi, Centre for International Development Studies, Research Triangle Institute (RTI), North Carolina, USA, and NIUA, New Delhi.  Settlement Status of Sites and Services Scheme at Madras, NIUA, New Delhi 1992.  Role of Small Towns in Sub-Regional Development, NIUA, New Delhi, 1991.  Provision of Urban Water Supply: Institutional Options, NIUA, New Delhi, 1990.  Reshaping Urban Future: Some Options, NIUA, New Delhi, 1988.  Role of Rural Growth Centres for the Planning of Human Settlements, NIUA, New Delhi, 1987.  Organisation for Urban Planning & Development in India - A Indo-British Project, NIUA, New Delhi, 1986.  Study of Master Plans of Towns & Cities in India, NIUA, New Delhi, 1982.
  7. 7. Research Papers/Articles/Technical Notes:  Integrated Development of Urban Informal Sector, Manpower Journal, XXXIV(1), April, 1998.  Water Delivery Policy, Prashasarnika, Vol. XXIV(1), 1997.  Public-Private Partnership in the Delivery of serviced land in Delhi; in NCHF monthly Bulletin, March, 1996.  Investing in Health; A book review in Urban India, a Journal of National Institute of Urban Affairs, 1994.  Access to Basic Services, in Urban Kerala, Vth Issue, Trivandrum, 1993.  Sustainability and Replicability of Sites and Services projects: The Indian Experience, in Prashasnika, a monthly Journal of HCM Institute of Public Administration, Jaipur, Volume XX, Number 1-2, January-Dec'1993.  Cooperative Housing Development in Asia, in Souvenir, 10th National Cooperative Housing Federation in India, 1992.  Water Supply Policy, in Financial Express, on 17th January, 1989.  The Case of State Level Agencies: Water Delivery, in Business Standard, on January 11, 1989.  Planning Legislation in India, in Civic Affairs, a monthly Journal of City Government of India, Vol. 36 Nol.4, Nov. 1988.  Rural Support Centres: Forgotten Identity, in Yojana, a Journal of the Planning Commission, Vol.32, No. 18, October 1-15, 1988.  Housing Boards: Operational Constraints, in Financial Express on 30th August 1988.  This Colossal Waste and Pollution of Water, in Yojana, a Journal of the Planning Commission, Vol.32, No.10, June 1-15, 1988.  District Planning and Spatial Perspectives: search for new Horizons, in Niyojan Vihar The Economic Times, August 26, 1989.  Regional Dimension of Urbanisation in India, in Social Change, Journal of Council of Social Development, Vol.17 No.4, Dec. 1987.  Housing the poor, in Mainstream in 18 August, 1987.  Planning for Human Settlements, in Design, October-December, 1987.
  8. 8.  Human Settlements and Regional Reorientation, in IASSI Quarterly Bulletin, a Journal of Indian Association of Social Science Institutions (IASSI) in Dec., 1987.  Strategies for Housing the Homeless, in Statesman, on 4th Feb, 1988.  Planning for the Poor-Issues & Options, in Mainstream, 7 July, 1987.  Urbanisation: The Regional Dimension, in Yojana, a journal of Planning Commission in 15-30 June, 1987.  Managing Urban Services, in Financial Express on 9th May, 1988.  Resource Mobilisation in Urban Areas, in Financial Express on 12th April, 1988.  Neglected Rural Growth Centres, in Financial Express, on 5th February, 1988.  Equity & Access to Basic Services, in Financial Express, on 22 Dec., 1987.  Housing for the poor- Accessibility and Affordability, in Financial Express, on 23rd September, 1987.  Urban Growth & City Planning, Vol. 1 No.2, Urban India, a quarterly Journal of National Institute of Urban Affairs.  Study of City Master Plans in Uttar Pradesh, in Urban Research, July-August, 1978.  Study of City Master Plans in (i) Tamil Nadu (ii) Karnataka and Orissa, in Urban Research, September, 1978, Nov'78 and Jan'79.  Study of City Master Plans in Kerala, in urban Research, April-May 1978.  City Master Plan - Maharashtra, in Urban Research, March 1978.  A Comparative study of performance of four State Housing Boards, in Urban Research, A monthly journal of National Institute of Urban Affairs, Oct'78.  Potentionality of Tourism in Jammu & Kashmir State, in the Statesman of 21st September, 1977.
  9. 9. International and National Seminars  Transformation of Government Built Dwellings as Housing Supply, 22-23 March, 1999 at IHC, New Delhi in collaboration with Centre for Research and Development Overseas (CARDO), University of New Castle upon Tyne and DFID (Co-ordinator).  Shelter Strategies for Low Income Housing in Pune, 13-14 November, 1995 organised by Regional Centre for Urban & Environmental Studies, Bombay (key speaker).  Integrated Development of Informal Sector in Delhi, 14-15 December, 1995 at Institute of Applied Manpower Research, New Delhi (key speaker).  Financing and Pricing of Urban Infrastructure, organised by HUDCO in collaboration with HSMI, DTUDP & IHS, New Delhi, 8-10 February, 1999 (key speaker).  Project Sustainability and Sustainable Government, ISEC, Bangalore, 18 April, 1998 (key speaker).  Privatisation of Municipal Services, at CRRID, Chandigarh, 14 May, 1998 (key speaker).  Privatisation of Municipal Services' at Amritsar, November 1998 (key speaker).  Shelter Issues, National Housing Policy and Role of Various Agencies; Organised by Regional Centre for Urban and Environmental Studies (RCUES), Bombay at Panaji, Goa on 29th and 30th Jan, 1996 (Key Speaker)  Housing the Urban Poor, Organised by RCEUS, Bombay at Pune, on 13th and 14th Jov. 1995 (Key speaker).  quot;Public-Private Partnership for delivery of Urban Servicesquot;, organised by RCEUS, Bombay, at Jaipur, 11-12 Oct, 1995 (Key Speaker)  Financial Institution's Reform Expansion (FIRE) Workshop organised by NIUA- USAID-CCI at Bangalore on 3rd and 4th Dec., 1995. (Participant).  Fourth National Workshop on State Financial Commission, organised by NIUA on 3-4 Nov. 1995 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi (Participant).  Sustainable Development in Human Settlement Sector, Organised by AIHDA at CIDCO Bhawan, Bombay on 17-18 Feb'94 (Key speaker).  24th International Seminar on Population, organised by East West Centre, Hawaii, USA, at Hawaii (USA) and Tokyo (Japan), 29 June - 6 August, 1993. (Participant)
  10. 10.  Training for Trainers Workshop on Sustainable Social Sector Programmes in India, organised by EDI, World Bank and HCM Rajasthan Institute of Public Administration in Collaboration with Deptt. of Personnel & Training, Govt. of India, at Jaipur from April 28-May 8, 1992 (Key speaker).  Presented a paper on Land Assembly and Development, at the International Seminar on Innovative Strategies on Land & Human Settlement, held at Bangkok, Thailand in January, 1986. (An edited book has been published with proceedings of the seminar ). (Key speaker).  Seminar on New Economic Policy and Housing, Organised by Ebert Stiftung (Foundation), Germany, and National Institute of Urban Affairs, at New Delhi, 15th Oct, 1993 (Coordinator).  An Indo-Chinese Seminar on Urban Issues, Land Policies and Housing Development in India, organised by NIUA and NIPFP at National institute of Urban Affairs, new Delhi, on 10th to 11th March 1993, (Co-ordinator).  Regional Seminar on Partnership in Municipal Infrastructure Services, organised by the National Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi, and Urban Management Programmes, Regional office for Asia and the Pacific, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) at New Delhi, India from 7-11, February, 1994 (Participant). International Visits for academic purposes: Newcastle upon Tyne, Manchester, Edinburgh (U.K.), Birmingham, London (U.K.), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Tokyo (Japan), Bangkok (Thailand), Florida, Berkeley, San Francisco, North Carolina, Washington, D.C., New York and San Diego (USA). Analysis of Experience In my twenty-five years of service, I have been exposed to varied experiences each of which helped me professionally as well as personally. The experience prepared me for undertaking policy oriented research dealing into the issues and problems of Urban Development, Urban Finance, Urban Planning and Management. I have had the opportunity to work in the professional field. I have worked as Assistant Town Planner in the State Government of Uttar Pradesh. An important aspect of this work was to prepare integrated urban development projects and interaction with urban local bodies in terms of planning & management of urban area. Forth last twenty years, I was involved in various development oriented urban research projects including Reducing Poverty in Urban India, Financial Institutional Reforms and Expression (FIRE), Urban Policy & Urban Development Strategy, Institutional Options
  11. 11. for Provision of Water Supply, Public – Private Partnership in the delving of urban services, Role of Local Authorities in the Management of Towns & Cities in India, Financing, Pricing and Cost Recovery for Land Development & Evaluation Studies of Integrated Development of Small & Medium Towns as well as Impact of Mega-City Schemes implemented by Urban Local Bodies in India. During this time, I also got an opportunity to visit Institute of Local Government Studies, Birmingham, U.K. and Development Planning Unit (DPU), London, (4 months Urban Management Course) and visit to Research Triangle Institute (RTI), North Carolina and such other Institutions in USA such as School of Urban Planning and Architecture, California University, East-West Population Centre, Hawaii, Urban Development Institute, Washington. There experiences further sharpened my skills and insights on the issues related to policy and strategies of management and urban development. I am basically a student of urban management & development statistical background and is well conversant with the applied statistical techniques and various packages (SPSS PC, Quartro-pro, Mapinfo, and Lotus etc.). I have been writing regularly in media and in other academic journals related to urban management and development and have been giving presentation in the national and international seminars to senior and medium level executives. The noteworthy institutions I have been associated with as a visiting faculty are HSMI (HUDCO), Regional Centre of Urban and Environmental Studies, (RCEUS), Bombay, National Institute of Health & Family Welfare, New Delhi, School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi, IGNOU, New Delhi IAMR, New Delhi, HCM Institute of Public Administration, Jaipur. I.I.T., Kharagpur, I.I.T., Roorkee. I have also acted as an external guide for 4 Ph.D students for the thesis on “Residents’ Satisfaction in Public Housing-A Study”, at IIT,Kharagpur and “Shelter Strategy for Homeless in a Mega City”, at IIT, Roorkee. I have also been an examiner for 5 M.TECH.students at Sardar Vallabhai Patel Institute of Technology (SVNIT), Surat (Gujarat) and IIT,Roorkee. I have been giving radio- talks on various problems in the field of urban management, planning and development.