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Midnight for charlie    bone
Midnight for charlie    bone
Midnight for charlie    bone
Midnight for charlie    bone
Midnight for charlie    bone
Midnight for charlie    bone
Midnight for charlie    bone
Midnight for charlie    bone
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Midnight for charlie bone


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Midnight for Charlie Bone By: Jenny Nimmo
  • 2. Summary
    • Young Charlie Bone, an endowed child, has just found out he can talk to photos. Charlie isn’t happy but his mean Yewbeam aunts are delighted and now they want to send him to Bloors Academy for gifted children. How will Charlie do when his powers are used to find out a mystery of a missing person?
  • 3. Main character: Charlie Bone
    • Charlie Bone: Trait 1: has powers to talk to photographs.
    • Trait 2: he has 2 grandmas that he lives with.
    • Trait 3: he is one of the 5 endowed children in his whole school.
  • 4. Settings
    • Time: Midnight and dawn.
    • Place: Bloor’s Academy and Charlie’s house.
  • 5. Plot
    • Beginning: Charlie finds out he can talk to photographs. He meets Mr. Ominous and the flames for the first time. Benjamin’s birthday is soon. Then he finds out he’s going to Bloors Academy for gifted children.
    • Middle: Charlie gets detention. He meets Dr. Bloor for the first time. Charlie finds out Gabriel stole his cape and charlies finds out Gabriel’s secret. Billy tells Charlie about Manfred's apartment burning. Olivia gets hurt!
  • 6.
    • End: Charlie goes home. Charlie visits Benjamin and Runner Bean. Charlie visits Miss Ingledews. Miss Ingledew sings for Charlie and Benjamin. Uncle Paton falls for Miss Ingledew. The cook lets Charlie, Olivia, and Trenton cut entire line. Charlie gets a toast from Miss Ingledew.
  • 7. Theme
    • Theme 1: with great powers come great responsibility.
    • Theme 2: use your powers wisely.
    • Theme 3: use your powers for good not evil.
  • 8. Explaining the theme
    • These themes tell me if I had his powers and went to this school then I would never use them for evil and I would use mine wisely and responsibly. I hope you would to just like the young endowed 10 year old , Bone.