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BDI 1/13/10 Social Integration Conference - NHL Case Study
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BDI 1/13/10 Social Integration Conference - NHL Case Study

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Case Study: #NHL Tweetup

Case Study: #NHL Tweetup

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  • 1. Integrating Social: How the #NHLTweetup Added a New Marketing Dimension to the Stanley Cup Playoffs asdfasdf --> <<-- asdfasdfsdf --> <-- ga tags end here Page 1
  • 2. The Stanley Cup Playoffs = Best Hockey of the Season • The “hardest trophy to win” in team sports • The best 16 teams • The best players in the world • Unrivaled intensity Page 2
  • 3. But NHL fans don’t always activate nationally • NHL fans skew more tribal • High incidents of displaced fans • Local vs. National TV Page 3
  • 4. Our marketing inspires them to think bigger Page 4
  • 5. But it takes more than marketing • Launched thePORTAL microsite − Playoff Obsession Raised To Another Level • Conducted traditional media launch • Tasked with making it “larger than life” Page 5
  • 6. The power of social: few can sound like many Page 6
  • 7. The importance of social inducement Page 7
  • 8. Social doesn’t have to mean no media allowed “One of the best Tweetups ever … I was pleasantly surprised to see so many REAL hockey fans in attendance, not just the social media/tech crowd jumping on a Tweetup to promote and network … I never would have had a chance to bond with the aforementioned group if the NHL hadn't seen value in gathering its Twitter-using fans together in one spot to have longer than 140-character conversations.” – Kelly Samardak, MediaPost Page 8
  • 9. And the media can help tell other parts of the story Cover Story: Brands Take Social Media Into Real Life “The menu of McDonald's and Bud Light wasn't exactly haute cuisine. It was enough, however, to satisfy the 150 hockey fans who got together last week in New York as part of a series of parties organized online by the National Hockey League to celebrate the start of the playoff season. The NHL held what is probably the most extensive "Tweetup" to date, using the service to hold parties in 23 U.S. and Canadian cities. They ran the gamut of large and small, with some like the one in Regina, Saskatchewan, drawing 350 attendees and others, like the one in Edmonton, Alberta, attracting just 10. The NHL and other brands are taking a page from political groups that use social-networking tools to help their constituencies organize themselves.” – Brian Morrissey, AdWeek Page 9
  • 10. And provide a longer shelf life for the story NHL Hosts Tweetups for Hockey Fans League Has Been One of Sports' Most Aggressive Users of Twitter and Other Digital Media “Continuing its aggressive use of Twitter, the National Hockey League is hosting 21 „tweetups‟ -- real-world get-togethers of Twitter users -- to mark the start of its playoffs tomorrow … “The NHL has generally been among the most aggressive sports leagues in terms of its digital offerings and efforts, including an online subscription service that offers live broadcasts of every NHL game. The league said its fan base tends to be younger and more digitally inclined than those of the other big leagues and, as such, more likely to be dialed in to Twitter and other social media.” – Jeremy Mullman Page 10
  • 11. Some other results from #NHLTweetup Page 11