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Conflict Diamond Industry In Africa
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Conflict Diamond Industry In Africa



Published in Lifestyle , Business
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  • Forever. For love. For education. For development. For health care. For prosperity, For.... oh I give up.
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  • The path of a small proportion for diamonds, mainly out of Zimbabwe.
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  • Er, that isn't a sweatshop.
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  • What a load of bollocks! How can you show pictures of the best run mines in the world and say they promote civilian deaths?
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  • 1. DO NOW! On page 57…
    • Finish the following sentence with as many words/phrases as you can:
    • “Diamonds are…”
  • 2.  
  • 3.  
  • 4. The Diamond Industry in Africa pg 58
  • 5. What is a conflict diamond?
    • Conflict diamonds are diamonds which originate in conflict areas and are used to financially support violent rebel or governmental groups.
    • These groups use diamonds to purchase small arms , drugs, and other supplies, resulting in prolonged conflict and increased human rights abuses.
  • 6.
    • Watch the original “shadow” ad !
    • Watch a spoof !
  • 7. “ Bling ”, A Video
  • 8. What are the issues surrounding blood diamonds?
    • Blood diamonds fuel civil wars.
      • Diamonds fund armed conflict and rebellion in war torn areas of Africa by financing illegal activity, including sales of arms and drugs
      • Profits are used by rebels and warlords to continue instilling fear and violence across many areas in Africa
    • Blood diamonds fuel civilian death.
      • Rebel groups terrorize towns throughout the countryside. Often, rebels charge through towns, taking men as prisoners or forcing them to join their army, killing women and children on the spot, and burning homes and livestock.
  • 9. … issues surrounding blood diamonds
    • Blood diamonds fuel ecological degradation
      • Diamond mines are open pits where salts, heavy minerals, organisms, oil, and chemicals from mining equipment freely leach into ground-water, endangering people in nearby mining camps and villages, as well as downstream plants and animals.
  • 10. … issues surrounding blood diamonds
    • Blood diamonds fuel the use of children as soldiers.
      • Many diamond producing governments and rebel forces use children as soldiers, laborers in military camps, and sex slaves. Child soldiers are given drugs to overcome their fear and reluctance to participate in atrocities.
    • Blood diamonds fuel slavery.
      • Many are forced to live and work in the mines, and the rate of HIV/AIDS infection is very high
  • 11. … issues surrounding blood diamonds
    • Blood diamonds fuel sweatshops too!
      • More than one-half of the world's diamonds are processed in India where many of the cutters and polishers are bonded child laborers
  • 12. “We have what you want…”
  • 13. The Path of a Diamond 2. Diamonds are mined in either large open-pit mines, or sifted for in river beds. 4. Rough diamonds are sold to wholesale companies & shipped to factories in India, Israel, & Asia where they are cut/polished. 5. Diamonds are shipped to retailers and sold to consumers. Americans buy over HALF of the diamonds “produced” each year. 3. Diamonds enter the black market, and are sold by rebel groups to fund civil wars and violence. 1. A diamond is formed deep within the Earth’s crust from pure carbon, subjected to pressure and temperature.
  • 14. So to sum it all up… Why shouldn’t you buy a diamond that’s mined in Africa?
  • 15. Now go back to page 57…
    • Draw a line under your do-now.
    • Now finish the following sentence AGAIN with as many words/phrases as you can:
    • “Diamonds are…”
  • 16. Project: A Fake Advertisement
    • Create an advertisement about the diamond industry.
    • Use Photoshop, Microsoft Word, or Paint.
    • Make sure it has a message that explains the “other” side of the diamond industry.
  • 17. Examples
  • 18.  
  • 19. Student Examples
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