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Planning The Contents Of My Digipak Booklet
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Planning The Contents Of My Digipak Booklet


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  • 1. Planning the Content of my Digipak Booklet As I have found in my research, it is essential to include information and images of the band in the digipak booklet so that the audience can build a relationship with the band. Below are my plans for the content of my digipak booklet: First I tried continuing the ‘scrunched paper’ theme, however I rejected this design because it’s dull and the text is difficult to read. Here the font is much clearer but the design is still too dull.
  • 2. Here the design is more interesting, however the image is not good enough and I will need to find a better one. These panels would be used for biographical information of the band. The design has been influenced by Franz Ferdinand’s album cover for ‘You Can Have It So Much Better’ (2005). Franz Ferdinand – ‘You Can Have It So Much Better’ (2005)
  • 3. I have added biographical information of the band and some review quotes. I like the design of this panel because it’s attention grabbing and the text is easy to read. However, the image is still bad and I must find a new one. This panel would be the second side of the first page of the booklet.
  • 4. This is a much better quality picture and I am now satisfied with this design.
  • 5. These pages would be the second page of the booklet and would be arranged next to each other as it is seen above. On the panel on the left, there is a track listing with the name of the writer of the song given in brackets (as it was done in the Pink Floyd digipak), while the names and roles of the band members are given in the bottom right-hand corner (as it was done in the Keane digipak).
  • 6. This is a slight variation of the above design, as I have edited the image on the right panel. The image is a black and white still from my music video, but here I have edited the colours slightly in order to enhance the golden glow of the sun, making the image much stronger and much more symbolic than the plain black and white image in the previous design.
  • 7. This is a double-page spread which would be featured as the middle spread of the digipak – Keane also used a double-page spread of an image as the middle page of their digipak. The images here are black and white stills from my music video, which I think look very effective. Middle page spread from Keane’s digipak
  • 8. This is a variation on the previous design. I am pleased with the text of “Nobody’s Home”, as I feel that the switch from black to white text works well and shows a contrast. However, I don’t think that the coloured filters on the images enhance them compared to the previous black and white images.
  • 9. This is another variation. This time I have tried an overlay with the two images, which has the joint bonus of allowing space for the lyrics of the song on the right and of very effectively continuing the theme from my music video. I am very pleased with this design, as I think the composition of the lyrics and the text at the top is very effective. A possible weakness, however, is that it is quite difficult to see the overlay of the two images; Lucy is especially difficult to see.
  • 10. These are some full colour variations which I think are very effective. The text is in slightly different positions in the two variations, and I much prefer the above version because it’s a more effective composition.
  • 11. These are some black and white variations. I have used colour (the red in the above version and the full colour of the characters in the below version) to create a link and connote a relationship between the two characters. I feel this works well and continues the theme of my music video, however I prefer the full colour version in the slide above.
  • 12. These are designs for further panels in my digipak booklet. The design on the left features the lyrics of the song, whilst the design on the right features black and white stills from my music video. I think the design featuring the lyrics looks very effective, however a possible flaw is that the lyrics may be a little hard to read. The design on the right is effective because it features close-up images of the artist, thus creating more of a relationship between him and the audience. .
  • 13. These are variations on the design for the panel featuring lyrics of the song. These, however, do not feature the lyrics of the song and would instead be used as a further panel featuring images of the artist (as done so in all digipaks I have researched) if I opt to use the middle-page spread which features the lyrics. I think that the design on the left is more effective than that on the right.
  • 14. These are further variations on the same panel. I feel the one on the left works well, however I am not satisfied with the design o the right.
  • 15. These are full colour designs for panels in the digipak. I think they are very effective, particularly the design on the right as it features several close-ups of the artist.