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Location Shots

  1. 1. Location shots for the character that plays the role of the businessman
  2. 2. The following images are example shots I have taken of possible roads and locations that one of our main characters could take. Not all the shots are taken from the same location and I felt it would be better to gather shots of different areas and roads and interlink them together to create our own route. I have explained in slide 17 that we will endeavour to minimise the differences between locations so that a clear, continuous and progressive opening title sequence can be created. It may be so that we do not use any of these shots in the main opening scene however we have considered many locations and thought it was best to gather the information anyway for further development of ideas.
  3. 3. We had the idea that our character should begin his journey at a modern location. This is a shot showing the area in which the character will be seen leaving. However this shot may not necessarily be part of the opening scene it self but it helps us create an image of the type of setting we want.
  4. 4. Again this shot establishes the location but may not be in the film itself.
  5. 5. As the location of the shots was set near a canal, I thought we could use these pictures for the opening shot as in the thirller film I have seen.
  6. 6. This is a shot of a business block where the character will be seen leaving. Although the whole building is not clear, it is more important that the shot clearly establishes a comparison between the locations of the two characters. Thereafter I have taken shot of two different locations or pathways that will lead to the tunnel.
  7. 7. Shot of the door or exist of the building from a different angle. Door/Exist
  8. 8. This shots shows the steps going down to the next shot which is the first route.
  9. 9. First route, this continues from the shot of the door/exist.
  10. 10. This is the second route. We believe it is important to have a medium long shot or a long shot of the character waking down a road. We also thought it would be important that the shot should be in a sophisticated area to emphasis the environment and scenery. The styling of the building, roads and lighting emphasises the type of location. It is set in the modern part of London, e.g. the city.
  11. 11. This is a great shot of a beautiful but chilling road, that leads to some stairs. In between the two trees is a set of stairs that leads to another long road. This shot with the following shots of the steps can be used instead of the earlier long shot of the road.
  12. 12. Stairs that lead to another open pathway or road. The lighting is great and gives a shadow effect on the steps. The walls are smoked which look really good and relates to the gloomy theme of our production.
  13. 13. Shot 1 shows the shot of the stairs in the opposite direction e.g. Standing at the bottom looking up. Shot 2 shows the leading up to the stairs. Shot 1 Shot 2
  14. 14. This shot has been deliberately taken to have part of the wall block the shot. This effect allows the audience to realise there is somebody hiding and following our character.
  15. 15. This shot shows the stairs and the route on which the character can take. Again lighting is clearly visible and can help us immensely when coming to record.
  16. 16. Again this is a similar shot to the earlier one shown of somebody being followed. The road is more accurately shown in the next slide.
  17. 17. I thought this shot was excellent as it depicts the bright lights of the city however the emptiness of the road gives a sense of vulnerability to the character. The shot that follows this is taken at a different location. I believe the shots do not have to be taken in one specific place however I have put great care into bridging the gap between the two location so that they seem as if they were as part of one route.
  18. 18. Alternative shot, third route.
  19. 19. Shot of the tunnel. This the exist of the tunnel, on looking the direction from which the businessman will be coming from.
  20. 20. Shot of inside the tunnel. Although not very clear, there is lighting available. Note this pictures was taken when it was quiet dark outside.
  21. 21. This shot shows the entrance of the tunnel.
  22. 22. Long shot of the direction of which the character will be coming from. There is bridge overhead and we may use it to film. It was not convenient to go up to the foot walk. If this is the case, we will upload the shots on the blog at a later stage.