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Open House Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Welcome Parents!
  • 2. Open House Goals:
    • Help you understand what your student is doing in each of our first grade subject areas.
    • To help you understand the goals and expectations for each student.
    • Share information and provide examples of the children’s work and progress.
    • See what a typical day is like for your child.
    • Have fun and explore what our room has to offer!
  • 3. Classroom Curriculum
    • Language Arts
    • Math
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • The Arts
  • 4. Language Arts/Reading
    • We will work on improving reading by doing the following things:
    • Working on sound-letter connections.
    • Identifying prefixes and suffixes.
    • Shifting emphasis in reading from mastery of letters and words to meaning of text.
    • Read simple books with predictable patterns.
    • New strategies for sounding out words will be introduced.
    • We will do a lot of reading practice in small groups to enable each individual child more quality time to read.
  • 5. Language Arts/Writing
    • Reading and writing will be closely related. We will implement the following tasks to improve your child’s writing ability:
    • Having the children keep journals of words they know, adding words as they learn them.
    • Children will write words often, being encouraged to view themselves as their own authors.
    • Children will be encouraged to write postal letters often; including letters to family, teachers and other students. They will also have a pen pal that they will correspond with.
  • 6. Math
    • Your child will be engaged in the following math curriculum this year:
    • Counting, addition and subtraction
    • Object Manipulation
    • Pattern Recognition
    • Understanding quantitative concepts
    • Understanding +,-,=,<,>
    • Estimation
    • Introduction to basic story problems
    • Distance Measurement
  • 7. Science
    • Our science curriculum will include, but not be limited to:
    • Focusing inquires through examination, observation and recognizing similarities and differences.
    • We will be applying the above principle to plants, animals, planets, weather, etc.
    • We will also be studying health and the human body.
  • 8. Social Studies
    • Our social studies curriculum will include, but not be limited to:
    • Learning about families and neighborhoods and how they work within the United States and globally.
    • Explore the economy; we will do this by discussing jobs, transportation, money, stores, income, spending etc.
    • Study different cultures.
    • Begin to learn concepts of city, state and nation.
    • Practice democratic process by making rules and decisions.
    • Learn the four main directions and apply them to a map.
    • Study history by primarily discussing how children lived in the past.
  • 9. The Arts/Art
    • We divide the arts into art time and music time. In art we will:
    • Create Original Collages
    • Explore Color Theory
    • Use Various Art Materials
    • Share Art Materials
  • 10. The Arts/Music
    • In music we will:
    • Sing simple melodies.
    • Play melodic and percussion instruments.
    • Practice producing a steady beat.
    • Learn about concert etiquette.
    • Explore moving to music through space and time.
  • 11. Computer Time!
    • We often supplement the curriculum with educational computer software. Here are the games the students voted as their favorites:
    • Kidz Club Story Time
    • Funschool Fishing for Numbers
    • 2+2
  • 12. If you want to try one of these fun computer games for yourself, head to the back of the room and play! When finished, vote for your favorite!
  • 13. What you can do at home to supplement the classroom curriculum :
    • Language Arts: Encourage reading and writing at home each evening with your child.
    • Math: Discuss math as applied to the world around you at home; measure household items with your child.
    • Science: Discuss the weather with your child each morning.
    • Social Studies: Encourage elders to tell stories about when they were young to promote history knowledge.
    • The Arts: Color, draw, and practice music at home. Encourage your child even if they are hesitant.
  • 14. Your child will be evaluated using the following guidelines:
    • If your child has mastered the curriculum he or she will be given a M signifying he or she consistently meets expectations.
    • If your child has somewhat of an understanding of the curriculum, he or she will be given a S signifying they sometimes meet expectations.
    • If further development is necessary, the student will receive a N signifying they need more time to develop.
  • 15. Classroom Rules
    • During our first days of school we worked together to establish the classroom rules. Here they are:
    • 1. Raise your hand if you would like to talk. Never talk when someone else is talking. Don't interrupt.
    • 2. Always be a good listener to the teacher and to the other students.
    • 3. Be respectful in the hallway--don't run or talk to loudly.
    • 4. Do not slam your locker door.
    • 5. Be nice to others. Treat others the way that you want to be treated! Remember the Golden Rule1…
    • Respect Others, Respect Yourself, Respect Our School!!
  • 16. Daily Schedule
    • 8:25am  Line up in courtyard
    • 8:30am   Announcements and Pledge 
    • 8:35am Spelling/Reading/Writing
    • 9:15am Science/Social Studies
    • 10:20am  Bathroom break
    • 10:30 Small Group Reading/The Arts 
    • 12:00 Lunch/Recess
    • 1:00pm  Line up in courtyard
    • 1:05pm Journals/Computer Time/Homework Correction
    • 1:15pm Math
    • 2:30pm Dismissal
  • 17. Fun up and coming events:
    • Skating Party: Friday, November 21. 5-7 pm.
    • Holiday Concert and Parade: Wednesday, December 17. Concert starts at 1 pm and the parade will follow.
  • 18. Ways for parents to be more involved :
    • Join the PTA. If interested contact Jan Myers at 555-3633.
    • Become a classroom parent. If interested there are handouts available by the door.
    • If you want to help with any upcoming events, there is also a sign-up sheet by the door.
  • 19. Thank you for coming!
    • Feel free to explore the room as long as you would like. If you have any questions, simply ask me and I will assist you.
    • Please visit our classroom website at
    • Thanks again!
    • Miss Glassmaker
    Thank You!