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Federated Media- profile

  1. Conversational Marketing: An Introduction to Federated Media’s approach to Digital Marketing
  2. Audiences Gravitate toward Conversational Media • 50,000,000 Americans reading blogs Source: Pew Internet Study (Q2 2005) • MySpace #1 US web destination Source: Hitwise (July 2006) -- Yahoo says it’s only 52,000,0000 uniques • 38,000,000 viewers for #1 YouTube video Source: YouTube stats (Nov 2006) -- Top video this week: 1,780,000
  3. Conversational Sites Lead Growth
  4. Conversational Sites Explode Digg.com, an independent conversational Digg media site surpasses all other Tech News CNET brands in 6 Months. Wired PC Mag
  5. Traditional Sites Validate
  6. Conversational Sites Have More Loyalty and Influence Independent conversational site, BoingBoing.net readers are extremely loyal. In fact, 85% visit at least once a day. And, BoingBoing.net is one of the most influential blogs in the blogosphere. Note: Technorati determines trust and influence by the number of unique inbound links into the site.
  7. Fragmented Media Landscape Presents Challenges High fragmentation has presented challenges for the brand marketer including: Scale: Mature platforms exist today, the direct response ad networks: AdSense, AdBrite, BlogAds, Burst, Ad.com, Tacoda, Right Media, etc Quality: Finding the right contexts, audiences and conversations still requires human insight. Safety: Joining the conversation (and avoiding the mud-slinging!) has not been automated
  8. What Makes Federated Media Different?
  9. Federated Media’s Mission “ At FM, our mission is to support independent, community-driven websites and their audiences, by connecting them to marketers in an ongoing and robust conversation that feeds everyone involved. ”
  10. Federated Media is Author Driven The core driver of our business value is our relationship with site creators (we call them authors), and the value they create through their work. _________________ We cultivate those relationships by delivering revenue, of course, but also through publishing services like business development, technical support, and a membership approach. _________________ FM differentiates through a highly selective approach to publishing sites - we focus on quality and engagement and all advertising is approved ahead of time by authors.
  11. FM Sites Reach Millions! Federated Media reaches millions of unique readers every single day. In fact, FM sites generate more than 350 Million page views every single month. FM sites are categorized by Federation (topic area) including: Technology Video Momentum Sports Parenting Travel & Entertainment Business Automotive Graphic Arts Liesure & Media & Marketing
  12. Audiences by Federation
  13. Momentum Federation Momentum 200 Million+ Page Views per Month 98.5% Male 84.3% A18-39 60.3% $50,000+ HHI 98.1% Visit these sites multiple times per week Momentum Sites include: • Digg.com • BoingBoing.net • MetaFilter.com • Newsvine.com • Breitbart.com • YTMND.com • Newsvine.com • Wikia.com • Tailrank.com • Popurls.com • And more!
  14. Technology Federation Technology 100 Million+ Page Views per Month 84.1% Male 74.2% A18-39 45.2% $75,000+ HHI 90.8% Visit these sites multiple times per week! Tech Sites include: • Digg.com • BoingBoing.net • TechCrunch.com • Techdirt.com • GigaOM.com • GearLive.com • Gadgetopia.com • Makezine.com • Instructables.com • Read/WriteWeb.com • XYZ Computing • Wi-Fi Networking News • And more!
  15. Entertainment & Media Federation Entertainment & Media 30 Million+ Page Views per Month 75.9% Male 77.6% A18-39 60.5% $50,000+ HHI 94.1% Visit these sites multiple times per week Entertainment & Media Sites include: • Breitbart.com • Buzz Machine.com • Newsvine.com • Transbuddha.com • PVRBlog.com • LostRemote.com • DrinkoftheWeek.com • Metroblogging.com • And more!
  16. Sports Federation Sports 35 Million+ Page Views per Month 87.9% Male 72.7% A18-39 68.6% $50,000+ HHI 88.4% Visit these sites multiple times per week Sports Sites include: • Protrade.com • SBNation.com • Baseball-Reference.com • Pro-Football-Reference.com • Basketball-Reference.com • HockeyBuzz.com • And more!
  17. Automotive Federation Automotive 20 Million+ Page Views per Month 92.3% Male 51.1% A18-39 72.9% $75,000+ HHI 70.4% Read comments attached to blog posts Automotive Sites include: • Autospies.com • TopSpeed.com • LeftLaneNews.com • Boompa.com • TheTruthAboutCars.com • SeriousWheels.com • And more!
  18. Graphic Arts Federation Graphic Arts 7.5 Million+ Page Views per Month Graphic Arts Sites include: • Core77.com • CoroFlot.com • IllustrationFriday.com • Mocoloco.com • Mojizu.com • Treehugger.com • LaughingSquid.com • GapingVoid.com • ThomasHawk.com • CartoonBrew.com • Zoom-In.com • And more!
  19. Parenting Federation Parenting 7 Million+ Page Views per Month 92.7% Female 87.2% A18-39 67.3% $50,000+ HHI 87.1% Visit these sites multiple times per week Parenting Sites include: • Dooce.com • Celebrity-Babies.com • Amalah.com • Finslippy.com • Suburbanbliss.net • SweetJuniper.blogspot.com • LaidOffDad.com • DadGoneMad.com • ParentHacks.com • Sweetney.com • And more!
  20. Business & Marketing Federation Business & Marketing 5 Million+ Page Views per Month 62.7% Male 70.2% A18-39 70.4% $50,000+ HHI 73.3% Visit these sites multiple times per week Business & Marketing Sites include: • 43Folders.com • Dane Carlson’s http://business-opportunities.biz/ • AVC.blog.com • TheAlarmClock.com • DuctTapeMarketing.com • VentureBeat.com • SpringWise.com • SmallBizTrends.com • PSFK.com • And more!
  21. Video Federation Video 5 Million+ Views per Month Primary Audience: M18-39 Video Sites include: • Ask A Ninja • Diggnation • Rocketboom • Pixel Perfect • In Digital • NotMTV • GearLive.com • And more!
  22. Travel & Leisure Federation Travel & Leisure 5 Million+ Page Views per Month Travel & Leisure Sites include: • RealTravel.com • Metroblogging.com • CoasterBuzz.com • Hawaiirama.com • And more!
  23. Conversational Marketing in Practice: A few case studies of how marketers are working with FM to take advantage of conversational media.
  24. Lenovo: Vote, Black or Titanium Lenovo invited readers to vote on the model of the next Thinkpad laptop This participatory campaign garnered 200k votes in just 5 weeks.
  25. Absolut: Co-branded Ads Incorporate Each Site’s Content
  26. Dice’s Interactive Rant Banner • Dice’s banners invited readers to “rant” inside the banner • Time spent with ad unit was considered the “best ever” • Interaction rates on Federated Media sites were 2X traditional tech sites
  27. Microsoft: Author-Driven Ad Copy Microsoft …and Author ran two Author-copy copy types of performed ads. 60% Standard better. copy…
  28. Symantec’s Content Driven Ad Symantec ads featured an RSS feed of content updated daily. Unlike most ads, the Symantec creative did not experience ‘fatigue’. In fact, Symantec saw a 300% spike in response several weeks into the campaign RSS Ad Click Through % Typical Ads Time
  29. Case Study: Cisco’s Human Network How Cisco engaged with influential voices to create a campaign that went viral.
  30. The Human Network Defined “Author Driven Creative” FM Authors contributed their own definitions of “The Human Network” which were featured in the ad units.
  31. The Human Network Defined Readers participated by voting for the definition they liked best.
  32. Human Network Goes Viral
  33. IAB Ads Work Here Too!
  34. Distinguished Advertisers
  35. We want to work with you For Advertising Opportunities Please Contact: Bernie Albers, Vice President of Sales balbers@federatedmedia.net (415) 332-6955 x212