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  • Thank you ________________ It is a pleasure to be with you today to talk about catalyzing entrepreneurial capitalism. It is a delight to talk with people like yourselves who understand the critical role of entrepreneurship in growing an economy based on innovation. We are in the era of entrepreneurial capitalism, and your roles have never been more important. I want to talk with you about the critical role universities play in entrepreneurial capitalism and what the Kauffman Foundation is doing to encourage universities to become more entrepreneurial First, I want to tell you a little about the Kauffman Foundation: As most of you know we are in the third year of leadership from our President, Carl Schramm. Carl is a high-level thinker. Trained as an economist and lawyer, he has experience in industry, as a professor, as a program director for a major foundation, and as an entrepreneur. He has helped the Kauffman Foundation refocus and sharpen its work on K-12 education in Kansas City and global entrepreneurship. Our charter still restricts Kauffman dollars to US organizations, but our programmatic influence is global. Carl brought in Bob Litan from the Brookings Institute, formerly of the Justice Department, to lead our research and policy group. Lesa Mitchell heads our work around understanding technology transfer as an important means to advance innovation. I lead our entrepreneurship programming. Paul Magelli is a scholar in residence and has been invaluable in helping us design our work with colleges and universities.


  • 1. Good Practices NCGE/UKSEC International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference September 11-13, 2006 Achieving Entrepreneurial Outcomes: Educator Challenges and Opportunities Paul Magelli Senior Scholar in Residence
  • 2. Purpose of Session State of U.S. Entrepreneurship Education Good Practices
    • One size does not fit all – must fit mission and culture
    • By institutional type, academic unit and discipline
  • 3. By Institutional Classification
    • AAU (North Carolina, Illinois, Rochester, Carnegie Mellon, Georgetown, Arizona State, Syracuse)
      • Insert ASU URL
    • Land Grant (Wisconsin, Purdue)
    • Regional (Western Carolina, Southern Missouri
    • Private (Brown, Dennison, Kenyon, Oberlin)
    • Community College (Johnson County, Springfield Technical)
  • 4. Entrepreneurship in Disciplines
    • Nursing (U of Rochester, Arizona State U)
    • Music (Rochester, Oberlin)
    • Pharmacy (Mercer, Drake)
    • Arts and Technology (Austin, North Carolina, Pepperdine)
    • Journalism and Social Work
  • 5. In the Liberal Arts and Sciences
    • Wake Forest University
    • Milliken University
    • St. Olaf College
    • The Fashion Institute of Technology
  • 6. Entrepreneurship in General Education
    • North Carolina
    • Rochester
    • Babson
    • Cornell
    • Indiana
  • 7. Entrepreneurship in Technology Management
    • MIT
    • Stanford
    • Georgia Tech
    • Case Western
    • Minnesota Carlson School
  • 8. The Minor in Entrepreneurship
    • Iowa State
    • North Carolina
    • Wake Forest
  • 9. The Baccalaureate in Entrepreneurship
    • Babson
    • George Mason University
    • California State University at Fresno
    • DePaul University
    • Washington and Jefferson
  • 10. Entrepreneurship in MBA Programs
    • Northwestern Kellogg
    • Purdue
    • Indiana
    • MIT
  • 11. Entrepreneurship at the Doctoral Level
    • Syracuse
    • Colorado Boulder
    • Indiana
    • Virginia Darden School
  • 12. Entrepreneurship Internships
    • Minnesota Carlson School
    • Ohio State Fischer
    • Illinois
    • Kellogg
    • New York Fashion Institute
    • Stanford
  • 13. Business Plan Competitions
    • Moot Corp U of Texas
    • Oregon
    • Wharton School
    • MIT
    • Harvard
  • 14. Comprehensive Program in Entrepreneurship
    • Northeastern University
    • Syracuse
    • Babson
    • Northwestern – Kellogg School
    • Cornell