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Engineering The Future
Engineering The Future
Engineering The Future
Engineering The Future
Engineering The Future
Engineering The Future
Engineering The Future
Engineering The Future
Engineering The Future
Engineering The Future
Engineering The Future
Engineering The Future
Engineering The Future
Engineering The Future
Engineering The Future
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Engineering The Future


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VT EngE presentation on Cisco TelePresence

VT EngE presentation on Cisco TelePresence

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Mohamed Chouat Greg Cronheim Ryan Carwile
    • 2.
      • Cut down on travel by making remote meetings possible
      • Lifelike enough to work without taking away from meeting
      • Must work without significant delay over large geographies
      • Must be easy to use once implemented
        • Easy to schedule and start meetings
      • Affordable and worthwhile
        • Large cost offset by travel savings
    • 3.
      • “ Cisco has developed an innovative solution that creates an "in-person" meeting experience over the converged network. Cisco TelePresence delivers real-time, face-to-face interactions between people and places in their work and personal lives using advanced visual, audio, and collaboration technologies. These technologies transmit life-size, high-definition images and spatial discrete audio. Now it's easier than ever to discern facial expressions for those crucial business discussions and negotiations across the ‘virtual table’.”
        • - technology overview
    • 4. Video 1 Video 2 ( link ) ( link )
    • 5.
      • Three 65” plasma screens
      • Each screen at 720p or 1080p
      • High definition cameras
      • Zero noticeable delay over fiber optic network (worldwide)
      • Life-size images
      • Active screen-switching during multi-point meetings
    • 6.
      • High quality audio microphones placed strategically in room
      • Speakers play sound from where they come from
      • Anti-echo microphone technology
      • Sensitive microphones pick up all audible noise
    • 7.
      • Multimedia screen below TelePresence screens
      • Allows users on both ends to project from laptop onto screen
      • Multimedia presentations (slide shows, videos, etc.) made possible and simple
      • Strategic placement does not detract from meeting
      * (image 1)
    • 8.
      • Communications engineering allows speed-of-light data travel over fiber optic network
      • Bandwidth requirements (2-3mbps per screen) made possible by fiber optic cables
      • Control systems engineering allows quality of service, data routing/switching, and meeting scheduling/handling
      • Digital systems engineering helps design screens and digital signal processing
    • 9.
      • Work design engineers during design and production stage
      • Manufacturing engineering at lowest cost that companies can afford
      • Ergonomics and facility design engineering comes into play when designing all rooms to look and ‘feel’ the same
      • Quality control engineering with constant feedback, support, and further development
    • 10.
      • Combines knowledge between electrical and computer science engineering
      • Cisco’s routing and switching products support fiber optic network
      • Huge bandwidth requirements met by Cisco solutions
      • Secure networks allow uninterrupted, secure data transfer
      • Software allows automated meeting-scheduling
      • Works with IP Telephony to allow meeting scheduling/call-dialing via IP Phones
    • 11.
      • Environmental engineering helping with solution to cut down on carbon footprint with travel
        • Driving and flying are two largest sources of CO2 emissions
        • One flight California to New York (~5k miles) emits approx. a ton and a half of CO2 per person *
      • Ability to hold meetings remotely can greatly reduce the negative impacts of flight emissions
    • 12.
      • Convergence of voice, data, and video onto the same network is bringing about new technologies that completely change collaboration
      • Globalization increases the need for communication among colleagues and partners worldwide
        • Could mean more than two locations
        • Made possible by Cisco TelePresence multi-point capability
    • 13.
      • Corporate Level: Remote executive meetings
      • Human Resources: job interviews
      • Customer Service: troubleshooting of technically complex products and access to remote experts
      • Sales: presentations and demonstrations of products and services
      • Design: collaboration between teams with expert involvement as needed
      • Consulting: interaction between outside vendors and clients
      • Staff Meetings: regularly scheduled updates of projects between personnel at remote sites
    • 14.
      • In-home use
      • Hospital TelePresence
      • Holographic TelePresence
      • School applications
    • 15.
      • Cisco Telepresence Documentation –
      • National LamdaRail -
      • Musion Online -
      • Image 1, slide 7: