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  • Display information: whiteboard, presentations, application sharing, web sites Promote interaction: polling options, whiteboard tools, breakout rooms Allow communication between instructor and participants and among participants: chat, VOI, breakout rooms
  • To download a video from YouTube: French Song Video - (YouTube query: Songs to Learn Language) Olympic Song in Chinese and English – You and Me
  • Other ideas… Spanish Top Ten Lists Spanish Cultural Notes French Cultural Sites Open Source/Licensed Photos  
  • Follow a language on Twitter. Receive daily tweets of the Word of the Day. Embed a widget onto your web site or blog. Choose from large or small sizes. Add a feed to My Yahoo or a gadget to igoogle. Subscribe to RSS. ( What’s RSS?) Bookmark and share the page.
  • Kids Songs around the World French German Spanish   Songs for Teaching French   German Spanish Chinese Songs   Music Downloads (Example: Cielito Lindo)
  • Kids Songs around the World French German Spanish   Songs for Teaching French   German Spanish Chinese Songs   Music Downloads (Example: Cielito Lindo)


  • 1. Effective “Ellumination” Kristine Diener January 14, 2010
  • 2. Features of Elluminate
    • The Elluminate classroom offers the ability to
    • Display information
    • Promote interaction
    • Allow communication between and among participants
    • The challenge is to use these features to engage learners and support learning
  • 3. Getting started
    • Find a comfortable place with no distractions.
    • Test your microphone and speakers.
      • Audio Wizard
    • Practice and Prepare
      • Elluminate Live! Online Orientation
  • 4.  
  • 5. Getting ready to Elluminate
    • Decide on session purpose/focus
      • Upcoming task relevant to all (Course project) OR
      • FAQ on an essential question or big idea for course OR
      • Review for assessments
  • 6. Getting ready to Elluminate
    • Issue the invitation - be specific!
      • This week in Elluminate…
      • Although it may be difficult to require participation in Elluminate sessions, there seems to be a correlation between participation in synchronous activities and successful course completion. (North, 2005)
  • 7. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare…
    • Create presentation slides and instructor notes. Don’t just expect interaction to happen, design it into your lesson plan.
    • Plan a way for students to complete an assignment or assessment while participating in the Elluminate session. This gives them an alternate way to show what they know!
  • 8. Session Outline
    • Bell Activity
    • Big Idea / Essential Question
      •   If you are meeting with students from multiple courses, stagger their start times so you can easily make discussion relevant
    • Build in an incentive - By attending this session you will earn/ start/ complete …
    • Q&A (student driven)
  • 9. Bell Activities: Why?
    • Purposeful social time
    • Advance organizer – link new learning to existing knowledge
    • Engage multiple intelligences
    • Create meaningful engagement in big idea
  • 10. Bell Activities: Complete a task, react to a quote, solve a problem
    • While you are waiting…
    • Try this pretest (Quiz tool)
    • Read the following passage (White board) or view website (web tour) and post your reaction, thoughts, connections… ( Chat and/or VoIP)
    • Consider the following problem… (White board)
  • 11. Bell Activity: Respond to this poll
    • I have not participated in a virtual classroom like Elluminate prior to today
    • I have been a participant in a virtual classroom prior to today
    • I have moderated a virtual classroom
    • I have no idea what you’re talking about
  • 12. Bell Activity: Webtour Multimedia as advance organizer
    • Show via multimedia library
    • Show via web tour
    • Show via application share To download a video from YouTube:
  • 13. Bell Activities – Web Tour: Access a widget
  • 14. Widget Sources
    • Word a Day Widget
    • Looking for Additional Widgets?
  • 15. Bell Activity: MI - Learning through Music
    • Imagine!
    • Imagine la mer en jaune !
    • Imagine le sable en vert !
    • Imagine un soleil rose
    • Dans un monde imaginaire !
    • Rouge, orange, bleu, marron, et rose,
    • Vert, violet, blanc et noir;
    • Imagine!
    • Imagine the sea in yellow !
    • Imagine the sand in green !
    • Imagine a pink sun
    • In an imaginary world !
    • Red, orange, blue, brown and pink,
    • Green, purple, white and black;
  • 16. Bell Activity: MI – Music Online Sources
    • Kids Songs around the World
    • French
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Songs for Teaching
    • French  
    • German
    • Spanish
  • 17. During the Session: Engaging the Students
    • Plan an interaction every 6 minutes
    • Start off with an ice breaker
    • Use a relevant graphic or diagram or news story as a discussion starter
    • Ask questions that require students to raise their hands, click an emoticon, respond with a check or X, type in the chat window, or even type or draw on the whiteboard
  • 18. During the Session: Routes to engagement
    • Maintain a lively pace
    • Visualize the content
    • Incorporate frequent interaction
    • Utilize breakout rooms
    • (Clark, 2005)
  • 19. During the Session: Addressing learning styles
    • Modality applies when
    • Content is complex
    • Understanding of visual is dependent on words
    • Learners are novice
    • Instructional pacing is necessary
    • Clark & Mayer (2007)
  • 20. During the Session: Tools to use
    • Polling
    • Chat
    • VoIP
    • Whiteboard
    • Web tours
    • Application Sharing
    • Break out rooms
    • Embedded media
  • 21. During the Session: Breakout Room Strategies
    • Break students into “job-alike” groups
    • By study groups OR
    • To jigsaw a topic OR
    • By progress (location in pace chart) OR
    • Randomly (use “move people automatically”)
  • 22. During the Session: Breakout Room Management
    • Have each group from a breakout exercise present the results of their work OR
    • Pop into the different breakout rooms to provide feedback
    • Strategy choice will depend on the purpose of breakout room and technique used
  • 23. During the Session: Check for Understanding ✔
    • Use instant polling, hand raising or emoticons to take a reading of your students
    • Use feedback to inform instruction
    • Publish the results to stimulate discussion.
    • Use application or desktop sharing to have participants demonstrate what you’ve been teaching.
  • 24. During the Session: Accommodate Learning Styles
    • Create a rich and engaging environment
    • Use the interactive whiteboard
      • indicate locations on a map
      • do a project
      • sing songs together using the microphone ‘
      • text answers to questions during a game
      • visit a web site ‘
      • read a scanned passage or book
  • 25. During the Session: Incorporate Media
    • Take a web tour
    • Put up an activity to check for understanding
    • Share a desktop application to demonstrate features of software
    • Do peer editing
    • Share exemplars, documents
  • 26. General Guidelines
    • Focus on learning objectives and be specific about anticipated outcomes.
    • Provide time boundaries.
    • Think about spelling and grammar
    • Create frequent interactions.
    • Break up speeches with exercises and engaging discussions.
  • 27. General Guidelines (con’t)
    • Don’t let the tools dictate the design.
    • Let participants reflect on peer responses.
    • Mix asynchronous and synchronous technologies to ensure participants complete all of the components
    • Make learning a process, not an event.
  • 28. The New Moderator
    • “ Here are some things to keep in mind if you are a new Elluminate Live! moderator.
    • Practice before you deliver your first session.
    • Don't try to do too much in your first few sessions.
      • Limit the Elluminate Live! features you use.
      • Limit the number of whiteboard tools you use.
    • Ask for co-moderator help if you feel you need it.
    • If at all possible, your first sessions should be limited to 15 or fewer participants.
    • Enjoy yourself!”
    • Presenting Online in Elluminate Live!
  • 29. A little humor ?
  • 30. Resources
    • General resource at
    • Elluminate Live! V9 Moderator Quick Reference Guide
    • Elluminate Live!™ V9 Moderator Training and Documentation
  • 31. References
    • Clark, R. C. (2005) Harnessing the virtual classroom. Training & Development , 59(11), 41-45 . Available online at
    • Clark, R. C. & Mayer, R.E. (2007) E-learning and the science of instruction – 2 nd ed. San Francisco, CA: Pfeiffer.
    • North, M.A. (2005) Assessing the value of a synchronous seminar component in online database classes. Issues in Information Systems, VI(1), 156-162. Available online at