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The Classification Of Living Organisms Ed205

The Classification Of Living Organisms Ed205



This is myInteractive Powerpoint for ED 205! It involves he classification of living organisms.

This is myInteractive Powerpoint for ED 205! It involves he classification of living organisms.



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    The Classification Of Living Organisms Ed205 The Classification Of Living Organisms Ed205 Presentation Transcript

    • The Classification of Living Organisms By Sarah Tusing And Megan Roberts
    • Table of Contents
      • Kingdom
      • Phylum
      • Class
        • Mammals
        • Reptiles
        • Amphibians
        • Pisces
        • Aves
      • Order
      • Family
      • Genus
      • Species
      • Vertebrates
      • Non-Vertebrates
      • The Classification Rap
      • Test yourself
      • Answers
      • Recap
    • Kingdom
      • Monera
      • Protista
      • Fungi
      • Plantea
      • Anamalia
      Jeopardy Crazy Facts
    • Phylum
      • Mollusca (octopus)
      • Annaleida (earthworm)
      • Arthopoda (cockroach)
      • Chordata (shark)
    • Class
      • Mammals
      • Reptiles
      • Amphibians
      • Pisces
      • Aves
    • Mammals
      • Characteristics of Mammals
        • Fur
        • Mammary glands
        • Feed its young
        • Temperature is constant
        • Mammals are endothermic (meaning they generate heat within their bodies and metabolically and special cooling mechanisms).
        • Breath by lungs
      The Mammal Game
    • Reptiles
      • Cold blooded
      • Vertebrate
      • Skin is covered in scales.
      • Lay eggs
      All you need to know about Reptiles.
    • Amphibians
      • Cold blooded
      • Vertebrate
      • Breathing by gills when young
      • Live on land or water
      • Smooth skinned
      Guess the Amphibian
    • Pisces
      • Breath by gills
      • Live in water
      • Cold blooded
      • They have fins
      • Eyes on the side of their head
      • Lay eggs
      Learn more about fish like these!
    • Aves
      • Lay eggs
      • Covered in feathers
      • They can fly
      • Beak
      • Vertebrates
      • Warm blooded
      • No teeth
      How well do you know birds?
    • Order
      • Carnivore-Meaning that these animals are only meat eaters. (Cheetah)
      • Omnivore-Meaning that theses animals eat both plants and meat. (Pigs)
      • Herbivore-Meaning that these animals eat only leaves and plants. (Rabbits)
    • Family Cat Bobcat Lion Tiger Although these are all different they belong in the same cat family.
    • Genus
      • A low level rank used in the classification of fossils and living organisms.
      • This is the second to last way to classify an organism.
      • Some groups names are homo, dahilia, and geranium.
      • To become a genus it has to fulfill three criteria.
        • Distinctness
        • Modifly
        • Monophyly
        • Reasonable Compactness
    • Species
      • An example of how humans are classified into species.
      • Kingdom- Anamalia
      • Phylum- Chordata
      • Class- Mammalia
      • Order- Primates
      • Family- Hominidae
      • Genus- Homo
      • Species- Sapiens
    • Vertebrates
      • All of these animals have a backbone.
      More Images and fun fact! Quiz your knowledge on Vertebrates.
    • Non-vertebrates
      • All of these animals do not have a backbone.
      Quiz yourself about invertebrates
    • The Classification Rap Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species Click here to hear the Classification Rap!
    • Test your self!?!
      • What is one characteristic of a mammal?
      • What is a vertebrate?
      • What is one animal that is a reptile?
      • Name one Kingdom?
      • What is the order of the classification system?
      • How do Pisces breath?
      Web Cam of animals
    • Answers
      • Has fur
      • Vertebrate means the animal has a backbone.
      • Snake
      • Kingdom Plantea
      • Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species
      • They breathe through gills.
    • Recap
      • There are many different types of animals in the world. That is why we need different ways to classify them and break each individual organism into several different categories.
      • The way to classify organisms is to make sure the include every organism on earth.
      Hangman your knowledge