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Louise Clewarth

  1. 1. The price of the magazine is quite big so everyone knows it is quite cheap.<br />This is the masthead, it is in bold big writing which makes it stand out. <br />The picture takes up the whole page which is eye catching. <br />The writing on the page is quite big so it stands out. The colour is quite eye catching as it is in pink.<br />It says the Jacovelli’s so the reader knows who the people on the cover are if they didn’t already know.<br />This attracts the eye as it tells the reader the main story in the magazine. <br />
  2. 2. This is the title to the page, it clearly shows who this double page spread is about. <br />The picture is big so the audience can clearly see what the spread is about.<br />This is a piece of text picked out so it stands out. <br />This shows who is in each picture.<br />This shows the audience the information of the concerts. <br />
  3. 3. This clearly shows this is the contents page as it says it in large writing.<br />The pictures along the side are bright and attract the reader to the page. <br />The picture in the middle is good as it looks like they are looking at the reader.<br />Using the masthead here is good as it tells the reader that this information is inside this magazine.<br />
  4. 4. Question 1<br />Front cover- The things I have done to make my magazine the same as a professional magazine is by having the title and font on each of the pages the same. My front cover is good as i have used the same kind of colours, which is differerent types of pinks. The font is all the same so the page looks neat and tidy.<br />Double page spread- for the double page spread i have used quite bright colours and pictures, the pictures i have used are bright and some are colourful. This makes the page stand out. The title is in the same writing as the front cover masthead. <br />Contents page- for the contents page i think the pictures i have used will catch the audiences eye as they are bright and colourful, and again the title is the same and the front cover masthead and the double page spread title. I think it is good using the same font, colours etc as it makes the magazine look professional and neat.<br />
  5. 5. Question 2<br />The media product represents teenagers and young adults. The pictures I have used represent the social groups of the audience and show the social lives of the people in the media. the Jacovelli’s I have put in my magazine can be seen as idols to the target audience by the clothes they are wearing and the way they are seen in the media. The audience can get the way they dress/styles off the celebrities put in magazines. The bright colours that some of the people modelling are wearing will catch the audiences eyes and make them want to read about it.<br />Question 3<br />They type of people that would distribute my product would be a magazine like ‘vibe’ as this is a r&b magazine, my magazine is similar to this one in a few ways, it has the same kind of artists in it e.g. Chris Brown.<br />
  6. 6. Question 4<br />To find out what my target audience want to see in a magazine I have done a questionnaire as research. My audiences favourite R&B artist is Beyonce so in my magazine I have mentioned her in my double page spread. The best live concert which the majority of my target audience have chosen is the Chris Brown concert. Chris Brown is very popular in the media so I have mentioned him on my contents page. The price they would pay for a music magazine is £2 so I have lowed the price of my magazine to £1.50 so its cheaper and so the audience buy the magazine. I then gave my audience a choice of 3 picture of magazines to choose out of, most of them chose the one with Kanye West on it the magazine was called Vibe. They had a choice out of Q with Madonna on the front and one with Katy Perry on the front called Blender, barely any of the people doing my questionnaire chose the other two and most went for the Kanye West one, this made me include him on my contents page. My next question was how often would you buy a music magazine and most said weekly which is probably what I would choose too, I think this would make me want to make a magazine weekly for the audience. I gave my audience four names which I made up my self and asked them which name appealed to them the most, most of them chose the name ‘diva’ other than the others which were ‘buzz’, ‘lights’ and ‘hustler’. I didn’t include this name in my magazine but it made me see the types of language the age range like. The next question I asked was what do they mostly read in a music magazine I gave them the choices news, gossip, info on artists and top stories. They chose top stories so I have chosen a few top stories out of the media now and put it in my magazine.<br />
  7. 7. Questionnaire. <br />
  8. 8. Question 5<br />My product is attractive to the eye as it is all they same type of colour, I think the writing I have used is good as it is all in the same font. This makes it neat and makes the audience want to read the magazine. The priciple of thirds has helped me to make my magazine. <br />Question 6<br />Throughout the process of constructing this product I have developed my technical skills on Photoshop as I had never really been on it until we started the ancillary project. I learnt how to get rid of red eye, to cover up blemishes on the face, cutting things out and how to brighten pictures etc. I have also learnt how to make a blog on blogger which has all my work on it.<br />
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  13. 13. Question 7<br />Looking back at the ancillary project I think I have improved on my skills and I think the product I have produced is a lot better as it seems more like a real magazine. The things I did wrong on my ancillary project are that it isn’t very colourful and it is a bit boring. The front cover i did was a bit plain but the pictures were okay. The contents page made me think about where i was going to put all the information in the table. Overall i think my ancillary project helped me with the real project as i learnt new things and learnt how to use types of things on Photoshop etc.<br />
  14. 14. Front cover of ancillary project. <br />Contents page of ancillary project<br />