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My Poetry Presentation

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  • 1. My Poetry Presentation
    By: Ms. Fowler
  • 2. Table of Contents
    Acrostic Slide 3
    Cinquain Slide 4
    Color Poem Slide 5
    Haiku Slide 6
    Bio Poem Slide 7
    Limerick Slide 8
    Free Verse Slide 9
    5 Senses Slide 10
    Quatrain Slide 11
    About the Author Slide 12
  • 3. Acrostic
    I love you!
    Always knows how to cheer me up!
  • 4. Cinquain
    Caring, Happy
    Gives, Laughs, Loves
    Always looks on the bright side
  • 5. Color Poem
    Pink is girlie
    Pink is fun
    Pink is imaginative
    Pink tastes like cotton candy
    Pink smells like bubble gum
    Pink sounds like a harp
    Pink feels like velvet
    Pink looks like a tropical oasis
    Pink makes me feel like a princess
    Pink is stunning
  • 6. Haiku
    Children Playing
    Children laugh so hard,
    As they tumble and fall
    Children have a ball.
  • 7. Bio Poem
    Silly, Caring, Honest
    Sibling of Kyle
    Lover of dogs, people and the environment
    Who fears alligators and snakes
    Who needs to be loved and feel safe
    Who feels happy, excited, and
    Who would like to see Hawaii and snow
    Resident of Apopka, FL
  • 8. Limerick
    There once was a teacher named Mrs. Dazy,
    Whose hair was so crazy,
    She tried to fix it,
    But all she could do was have a fit,
    So she decided to be lazy.
  • 9. Free Verse
    How I wish I could fly,
    With wings as colorful as the sunrise
    Once a egg
    Now a fluttering sight.
  • 10. 5 Senses
    Movie Theatre
    Sweet candy and cold sodas
    Tons of people sitting watching a large screen
    Laugh so hard it hurts
    Loud booms from the speakers
    Buttery popcorn
  • 11. Quatrain
    The waves crash,
    I began to dash,
    I don’t think I’ll ever learn,
    I will always leave with a sunburn.
  • 12. About the Author
    Heather Ashley Fowler was born on June 27, 1984, in Somers Point, N.J. Soon she moved to Longwood, Fl where she spent next 23 years of her life. She currently lives in Apopka, Fl with her two giant dogs! She just loves her fourth grader students! She is currently getting her masters in Educational Technology to help her student build their 21st skills. In her spare time she likes to travel, spend time outdoors, go on long with her dogs, and spend time with the ones she loves.