Participating in the Web of Data


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Web development as we do it right now is on the way out. The future of the web is what its founders have planned a long time ago: loosely joined pieces of information for you to pick and choose and put together in interfaces catered to your end users. In this session, see how to build a web portfolio that is always up-to-date, maintained by using the web rather than learning a bespoke interface and high in performance as the data is pulled and cached for you by a high traffic server farm rather than your server. If you wondered how you can leave your footprint on the web without spending thousands on advertising and development, here are some answers.

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Participating in the Web of Data

  1. 1.  the Web of Data Par$c ipa$ng in Chris$an Heilmann / @codepo8 Senior Developer Evangelist Yahoo Developer Network hCp:// hCp:// hCp://developer‐ Las Vegas, Nevada 17. March 2010
  2. 2. Pencil s down! hCp://
  3. 3. We lcome to the web
  4. 4. al web developer Profession
  5. 5. he Enter prise crew Joining t h5p://
  6. 6. ings went wrong This is  when th
  7. 7.  corporate world Jo ining the
  8. 8. eb 2.0 *h ighfive*   H ey ho, W
  9. 9. ent wrong again. .. .and it w
  10. 10. A nd now? The web as the plaUorm The Mobile Web Geoloca$on 
  11. 11. nges leave a track Market cha
  12. 12. s$ck to a path... Peop le like to 
  13. 13. iX down a gear... T ime to sh h5p://
  14. 14. on denom inator Finding t he comm h5p://
  15. 15. he world  of data Tapp ing into t h5p://
  16. 16. Why A PIs work Applica$on Programming Interface End Users Data Source Developers Other  Apps
  17. 17. Why A PIs work Applica$on Programming Interface End Users On‐demand delivery of the needed Data data in the right format. Source Developers Access of the data source only when needed ‐ otherwise caching works. Other  Apps
  18. 18. APIs made easy
  19. 19. APIs made easy select {what} from {where}  where {condi$ons}
  20. 20. YQL examples select * from  where text="donkey" and license=4
  21. 21. YQL examples select * from where  loca$on="seay" and type="sss" and  query="flower pot"
  22. 22. YQL examples select * from where  q="healthcare"
  23. 23. YQL examples select * from query.mul$ where queries in ( 'select * from$ where  query="healthcare"', 'select * from where  query="healthcare"', 'select * from where q="healthcare"' )
  24. 24. YQL examples select content from html where  url="hCp://" and  xpath="//h2/a"
  25. 25. YQL examples select * from google.translate where q  in ( select content from html where  url="hCp://" and  xpath="//h2/a" ) and target="fr"
  26. 26. YQL examples insert into  ($tle, descrip$on, blogurl, username,  password)  values ("Test Title", "This is a test  body", "hCp://", "yqltest", "password")
  27. 27. API for APIs hCp:// yql?        q={query}         &format=xml|json        &callback={callbackfunc$on}
  28. 28. APIs made easy hCp:// No $me wasted reading API docs Crea$ng complex queries with the  console. Filter data before use  Fast pipes. Caching + conver$ng  Server‐side JavaScript 
  29. 29. t as a tra ilblazer? Governmen
  30. 30. PIs out of thin air Conjuring A
  31. 31.  in a good format. Get  the data
  32. 32. t onto “the cloud” The n throw i
  33. 33.  a simple  format And pu blish it in
  34. 34. rn it into an API! Then tu select * from csv where url="hCp:// key=tpWDkIZMZleQaREf493v1Jw&output=csv" and  columns="Year,City,Sport,Discipline,Country,Event,  Gender,Type" and Year="1924"
  35. 35. et to we b service Spreadshe
  36. 36. Some more examples
  37. 37. hCp://
  38. 38. hCp://uk‐house‐
  39. 39. hCp://
  40. 40. In sum mary... We have the network and we have the technology. We have people who work effec$vely with the tools  they use.  We have a new genera$on coming who naturally use  the internet and are happy with our web interfaces. If we use our efforts 50/50 on new and building APIs  and converters to get the data of the old the web will  rock.
  41. 41. Homework
  42. 42. Lea rn more
  43. 43. T HANKS! Photos:,,,,, the internets.