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  • 1. Occupational Health & Safety Community Services and People
  • 2. Aspect’s OHS Program
    • Developing and implementing safe work practices and achieving safe work places
    • Promoting good health
    • Reducing number and severity of injuries
    • Managing injuries and return to work
    • Complying with legal responsibilities
  • 3. Four principles
    • Shared responsibility
    • Covers employees, contractors, volunteers, visitors
    • Focus on prevention - being proactive not reactive
    • Embedded in the way we do our business
  • 4. Your OHS induction
    • OHS induction when you start
    • Work through induction checklist with your manager to:
      • Understanding OHS in your work place
      • Emergency evacuation procedures and exits
      • First Aider and location of first aid kits
      • Reporting procedures for an injury or emergency
      • Non Violent Crisis Intervention [NVCI] training
      • Return to work procedure after an injury
  • 5. Your OHS responsibilities
    • Be mindful about OHS
    • Look out for yourself and others – staff, volunteers, contractors, visitors
    • Report near misses, incidents and accidents
    • Report unsafe issues – work practices, hazards, risks
    • Report injuries immediately
    • Contribute to OHS discussions
    • Suggest ways to reduce hazards and risks
    • Practice & discuss NCI techniques at group sessions
    • Be proactive
  • 6. Safety representatives
    • Represent your workplace raising safety issues
    • Assess hazards and risks
    • Assist staff prepare risk assessments at their site and on excursions
    • Delegate tasks out to staff members at your site
    • Raise OH&S issues at staff meetings
    • Participate in the Safety Representatives Meetings
  • 7. Consultancy roles in Aspect
    • Work in sites we can’t control
    • Check our policy on home visiting
    • Ensure your manager or administration assistant knows your timetable for home or other visits
    • Have a mobile phone with you
    • Safe driving - do not drive if you are tired, space your visits out to reach your destination safely
  • 8. Non Violent Crisis Intervention
    • Training in a systematic approach to manage challenging behaviour so staff and clients are less likely to be injured during an incident
    • Geared particularly to needs of staff in direct contact roles
    • Teaches how to respond effectively to warning signs of challenging behaviour and to deal with their own stress, anxieties, and emotions
    • Part of our positive approach to challenging behaviour
    • New staff to receive NVCI training within first six months of employment
  • 9. Manual Handling
    • Manual handling represents 30% of all workplace injuries – WorkCover Statistics 2008
    • Always bend your knees when picking items up
    • Do not lift if the item is too heavy for you – ask for help!
    • Listen to instructions and follow training steps in relation to handling clients
    • Place manageable loads into smaller baskets when making client visits or carrying equipment ie in and out of cars
  • 10. Emergency Evacuation/Lock Down Procedure
    • Formal emergency evacuation drills occur annually – with evacuation drills being carried out each term/quarterly
    • Make sure you know your closest exit
    • Make sure you know where to meet once you have exited the building
    • Never go back to your workplace until the Chief Warden gives you the all clear
    • Lock downs –
      • Remain in the classroom/building/office
      • Pull down blinds and lock the doors
      • Keep low and quiet
      • Follow instructions from the wardens
  • 11.
      • Your safety representatives
      • OHS Coordinator – Karen Williams –
      • 02 8977 8304
      • [email_address]
      • Ask if you need information
      • Talk if you are concerned
      • Act to prevent accidents and injuries
      • Work Safe - Stay Safe !!
    Know your OHS contacts