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The Splendid Island Of Moorea
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The Splendid Island Of Moorea

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  • 1. Created by: Kristin Nunkester Andy Lawrence Sarah Hunsinger
  • 2. Moorea _(Moh-oh-ray-ah)
  • 3. Basic Information
    • 27-30 degrees Celsius in the summer and 24-28 in the winter.
    • 14,550 people on the island.
    • Natural boundaries are the ocean and several mountains.
    • Located in the French Polynesian Islands. (By Tahiti)
    • 3 meters above sea level.
  • 4. Real Estate
    • Moorea Villa - 400 sq. meters with an attached bungalow of 100 sq. meters.
    • Twin Houses on the Lagoon – Located in Moorea’s Haapiti at PK 20.5 on 2000 sq. meters of land. It’s about 20 meters away from the lagoon.
  • 5. Schools and Education
    • UC Berkeley Field- a K-12 grade school program, ran by the University of California.
    • Opumohu
    • Agriculture High School
    • Northern University
    • Glendale Community College
    • St. Olaf College
  • 6. Health Facilities
    • Mama Hospital
    • Clinic Hospital
    • Clinic Paola Hospital
    • There are also many pharmacies in the Palette area and several more around the island.
  • 7. Industries and Businesses
    • Industries-
    • tourism-tours, spas, and cruises.
    • Businesses-
    • Hotels- Hotel Hibiscus, Club Bali Hali, the Moorea Pearl Resort and Spa, or at Pension Motu Iti.
    • Restaurants- Le Pecheur, Le Papayer, Caprice Des Iles, and Chez Jean.
    • Shopping-Caroles Boutique, Exotica, and Paki Paki.
  • 8. Transportation
    • Boats, canoes, trains, airplanes and helicopters, cars and buses.
  • 9. Attractions
    • Jet skiing, snorkeling, fly fishing, surfing.
    • Glass bottom boat tours, Motu picnics, Circle Island Tours, Sunset Cruises where the Mandara Spa and the Helene, and the Tiki Theatre Village.
  • 10. Culture
    • Weddings-Weddings in Moorea are Arranged on beach sides and the bride is covered with monoi oil and flowers. The groom is covered in tattoos made out of wash off paint. Both the bride and the groom wear traditional costumes.
    • International marathon- the international marathon is when on Valentines day 1000 runners run a certain distance, and they are greeted with Vahine dancers, Tahitian drums, and water stations offer pineapples, papayas, mangos, and coconuts.
  • 11. Sources
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