Personal Health History Project Ens


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Personal Health History Project Ens

  1. 1. ENS Power Point PortfolioBy: Nick SwaffordENS Online Period 4<br />
  2. 2. Personal Health History<br />How I got my name?<br />Meaning/Origin of my name?<br />Date and place of birth?<br />
  3. 3. Personal Health History<br />My parents named me Nicholas because it was a name that they both liked and agreed on.<br />My name is Greek and it means “People of Victory”.<br />I was born November 5th, 1994 at Mary Birch Hospital in San Diego, California.<br />
  4. 4. Family Tree<br />
  5. 5. Interview<br /> I interviewed my grandfather from my Mom’s side. His name is Richard Mills. He was born January 30, 1940 in Beverly Hills, California. As a kid, Papa explained that he was fairly healthy. He said he was constantly involved in sports involved and that sports kept him active and healthy.<br /> The following are the questions I asked him and his responses.<br />What was your first car and how old were you when you got it?<br /><ul><li>My first car was a 1953 Mercury and I was 17 when I first got it. It took me a little time to afford it. It cost $85-$90.</li></ul>Where did you grow up?<br /><ul><li>I grew up in Beverly Hills, California and I enjoyed every bit of it.</li></ul>Were you healthy as a kid?<br /><ul><li>Yes. I played sports every day so I think that is why I stayed healthy.</li></ul>What kind of foods did you eat?<br /><ul><li>I ate whatever was served to me whether I liked it or not. My family would have dinner at a certain time and whatever my mom made the family, we ate it.</li></ul>What was your favorite food as a kid?<br /><ul><li>My favorite food was roast beef with mash potatoes, green peas and apple pie. That is the perfect meal to me. My mom made the best apple pie. Back then people really didn’t think much about what they were eating.</li></li></ul><li>Interview<br />Were kids over weight when you grew up?<br /><ul><li>Some kids were overweight but not as much as now days. The biggest kid I knew was 6’2” and 240 pounds. But that was in high school.</li></ul>Did you think about eating healthy when you were little like people do today?<br /><ul><li>No, I never thought about it. My mom might have thought about it when she planned the meal . Back then, there were no freezers. Since we didn’t have a way to freeze our food everything was fresh and prepared the same day that you bought it. Also, there weren't as many fast food restaurants as we have now so that wasn’t an option. So we were eating healthy without even thinking about it.</li></ul>Did people go on diets when you were a kid?<br /><ul><li>Yes, but not like today when you see a weight loss advertisement everywhere you go. I was put on a diet when I was 11 by the doctor and I lost 15 pounds afterwards. People ate better than today so being over weight was not that common.</li></li></ul><li>Interview<br />What was a typical lunch for you while you were in school?<br /><ul><li>I always took my lunch to school everyday in a brown paper bag. I had three types of sandwiches that were packed for me. I either had PB&J, Tuna or Bologna and either anapple or an orange and if I was extremely fortunate, I would get a cookie.</li></ul>Did food have nutrition labels?<br /><ul><li>No, food did not have nutrition labels.</li></ul>Was there PE when you were in school?<br /><ul><li>Yes, there was a PE class but I did not have to take it because I played football in the fall and baseball in the spring. Because I was athletic, I did not have to attend PE class.</li></ul>Did you exercise daily or on your own time?<br /><ul><li>Yes, I exercised daily but not to lose weight. Since there were no TVs or computers, there was no such thing as a couch potato. Everyone had to do something to keep themselves occupied. Everyday I would get my friends together and play a baseball game in my front lawn after school. When I started to get older in high school, I exercised daily to get better at the sport I was playing at the time but none of the exercises were to make me lose weight or become skinnier. We just got out and played because there was nothing to do inside.</li></li></ul><li>Interview<br />Do you have any health issues now?<br /><ul><li>I have had a few but nothing serious. My blood pressure tends to be high so I take medicine for that. Other than that I am pretty healthy for a guy my age.</li></ul>Have you ever been injured while playing any sport<br /><ul><li>Oh most definitely. I have been cleated in the shin a number of times.</li></ul>Have you ever had any surgery?<br /><ul><li>Yes. Unfortunately. All my years behind the plate catching left my knees in pretty bad shape so I have had both of my knees replaced which wasn’t much fun.</li></li></ul><li>My Great Grandfather<br />When asking my grandma from my Mom’s side of the family about where our family came from, I found some interesting information about my great grandfather or my grandma’s father. My great grandfather's name was Theodore Jaehn. He was born November 4, 1903 in Germany. He came to America when he was 17 to both start a new life and to avoid the upcoming war in Germany. He came to Ellis Island by steamboat over the sea and didn’t know anyone in America or what he was going to do when he got here. After he came through Ellis Island, he went to Wisconsin because he heard he had a distant cousin there.Sixteen years after my Great Grandfather fled Germany, he became a citizen of the United States of America. He started his life from there. He met his wife and eventually started a family. He went on to become a very successful architect and designed may of the buildings in Downtown Los Angeles.<br />
  6. 6. My Great Grandfather<br />This is my Great Grandfather’s Certificate of Citizenship<br />
  7. 7. Family Health History<br /> After reviewing my family tree, I learned that both sides of my family have traits of cancer. My Grandma Wanda, my Dad’s mom, passed away from colon cancer at the age of 63 and my Lama, my Mom’s mother, is a survivor of breast cancer. She was diagnosed at the age of 50. Going further back, I learned that my Dad’s grandfather and my Mom’s grandmother also passed away from various forms of cancer. <br />
  8. 8. Fitness Data and Nutrition<br />Fitness Testing: Due to my back injury, I was unable to complete the fitness testing.<br />Studying per Night: Depending on homework assignments and tests during the week, I study between one and three hours per night. The total I studied during the five days was seven and a half hours.<br />Sleep per Night: During the school week, I get an average of nine hours of sleep per night. The total I slept over the five days was forty-seven hours.<br />TV Watching per Night: After I complete my homework, I watch an average of thirty minutes to an hour of sleep per night. The total I watched TV over the five days was four and a half hours.<br />
  9. 9. Fitness Data and Nutrition<br />Computer Use: Depending on homework, I am usually on the computer an hour a night. During the five days, because of the ENS project, I have been on more. The total time spent on the computer during the five days was twelve hours.<br />Phone Use: I am on my phone a lot however I am using it to text, go on the Internet to check Learning Point and to take notes. I rarely use my phone to call anyone. Over five days, I used my phone twelve and a half hours.<br />Totals: During the five days, I spent 76.5 hours either studying, sleeping, watching TV, using the computer or using my phone<br />
  10. 10. Social and Emotional Health<br />Hobbies, Talents and Sports:<br />I enjoy watching and playing sports. My favorite sport is baseball. I have been playing baseball since I was four years old. Currently I am playing for the Westview Freshman Baseball team. My favorite position to play is 3rd base. I am very talented at playing 3rd base. When I am not playing baseball, I am watching other sports on TV such as baseball, basketball, football and hockey.<br />Pets:<br />I have one cat. She is a three year old Siamese cat that we adopted as a kitten from Helen Woodward. Her name is Keela. <br />Travel: <br />Since I have been playing travel baseball since I was eight years old, I have had the chance to travel to many places for tournaments. In July 2004 I went o Orlando , Florida to play in a tournament at The Disney Wide World of Sports Complex. I went with my family and my baseball team. With my family and team I also have gone to Las Vegas every September for the past six years to play in the Triple Crown Fall Nationals. In August 2007 I went to Cooperstown New York to play in a tournament. During Spring Break 2009 I went on the 8th Grade Washington DC trip. We went to Washington, Philadelphia and New York. This was a trip of a lifetime. I went without parents and just friends from school. Of all the trips I have been on my favorite has been my trip to Cooperstown. It was a week of playing baseball, living in a dorm with some of my best friends and having a blast.<br />
  11. 11. Social and Emotional Health<br />Closest Friends:<br />I have a lot of friends but there are a few that I hang out with all of the time and that I consider close friends. They are: Drew Valentine, Matt & Lucas Saintarbor, Austin Fellows , Ryan Kincaid and Torrey Munoz.<br />Schools Attended:<br />Preschool – Early Explorations, Tierrasanta<br /> Kindergarten: Vista Grande Elementary, Tierrasanta<br /> First Grade – Fifth Grade: Deer Canyon Elementary<br /> Sixth Grade – Eight Grade – Mesa Verde Middle School<br /> Ninth Grade – Westview High School<br />Clubs I am in or interested in joining<br /> It’s not really a club but I am on the Westview Freshman baseball team. Besides that, I am not really interested in any other clubs.<br />
  12. 12. Social<br />Mental/Emotional<br />Physical<br />Health Triangle<br />
  13. 13. Health Triangle Explained<br />Right now, my triangle is balanced the way it is because I am recovering from a back injury. I broke my back in football and has changed the way that I am able to do things. Before breaking my back, I was always active playing baseball, riding bikes, skateboarding and hanging out with friends. After my injury, I was unable to do the things I used to do. My friends would ride bikes, go to the beach and have sleepovers and I couldn’t go. At first, my friends would call and invite me but I always had to say no so, they stopped calling. My social life dramatically slowed down. Not being around friends and being a normal teenager made me sad and frustrated. It also made me realize that I needed to do whatever it took to recover to get back to my normal life. It also made me realize who my true friends were. I wouldn’t wish this injury upon anyone but I have grown from the experience.<br />
  14. 14. Health Triangle Explained<br />Physical:<br /><ul><li>Back Injury
  15. 15. Unable to do physical activities
  16. 16. Cant participate
  17. 17. Gained 20 pounds</li></ul>Social:<br /><ul><li> I have lots of friends
  18. 18. Always have a good time
  19. 19. I am a good friend
  20. 20. Injury caused friends to stop calling</li></ul>Mental and Emotional:<br /><ul><li>I am frustrated
  21. 21. I am sad and angry at my situation
  22. 22. I am learning from this experience
  23. 23. I have become determined to get better</li></li></ul><li>Picture Timeline<br />Birth Picture<br />Nov. 5, 1994 <br />Mary Birch Hospital<br />1 Year Old<br />Oct. 1995<br />Mission Bay<br />6 Months Old<br />June 1995<br />In my backyard<br />3 Years Old<br />Nov. 1997<br />Mowing my backyard<br />4 Years Old<br />Dec. 1998<br />Pre-School Christmas Party<br />2 Years Old<br />April 1996<br />Easter at Grandparents<br />.<br />
  24. 24. Picture Timeline<br />7 Years Old<br />May 2002<br />Deer Canyon Sock Hop<br />6 Years Old<br />Dec. 2000<br />North County Fair<br />5 Years Old<br />July 2000<br />Cousin Allison’s Wedding<br />9 Years Old<br />July 2004<br />Mira Mesa All Star Team<br />10 Years Old<br />April 2005<br />Opening Day at Petco Park<br />8 Years Old<br />June 2003<br />Mrs. Harper’s End of the Year Party<br />.<br />
  25. 25. Picture Timeline<br />11 Years Old<br />June 2006<br />Deer Canyon Graduation<br />13 Years Old<br />August 2008<br />RPPW Marauder Football<br />12 Years Old<br />August 2007<br />Cooperstown Dreams Park, New York<br />15 Years Old<br />Nov. 2009<br />Westview Football<br />14 Years Old<br />November 2008<br />Scripps Ranch Falcons Baseball<br />
  26. 26. Personal Crest<br />Passing Mr. Strachan’s Class in 8th Grade<br />Hitting a homerun in Cooperstown, New York<br />Owning a Home<br />Study Better<br />Athletic, Smart, Funny, <br />Skydive<br />Nicholas Taylor Swafford<br />
  27. 27. Unique Self<br />I feel the song Lean On Me by Bill Withers represents me and what is going on in my life right now because at some point in everyone's life, we all need a friend to help us keep going.<br /> The first verse of the song is especially meaningful to me because it’s message is that no matter what is going on today, things will be different and hopefully better tomorrow. I can relate to this because some days I was in pain and left behind because of my back injury, but I knew there were better days ahead. This song shows that if you are positive, good things will come and even though friends might leave you out, they are always there for you in the end.<br /> This song has meant a lot to me this past difficult year.<br />
  28. 28. Unique Self<br />Lean On Me<br />Bill Withers<br />Sometimes in our lives we all have painWe all have sorrowBut if we are wiseWe know that there's always tomorrow<br /> Lean on me, when you're not strongAnd I'll be your friendI'll help you carry onFor it won't be long'Til I'm gonna needSomebody to lean on<br /> Please swallow your prideIf I have things you need to borrowFor no one can fill those of your needsThat you don't let show<br />Lean on me, when you're not strongAnd I'll be your friendI'll help you carry onFor it won't be long'Til I'm gonna needSomebody to lean on<br /> If there is a load you have to bearThat you can't carryI'm right up the roadI'll share your loadIf you just call me<br /> So just call on me brother, when you need a handWe all need somebody to lean onI just might have a problem that you'd understandWe all need somebody to lean on<br /> Lean on me when you're not strongAnd I'll be your friendI'll help you carry onFor it won't be longTill I'm gonna needSomebody to lean on<br /> Lean on me... <br />
  29. 29. Self Portrait<br />
  30. 30. Future Aspirations<br /> One person who has made a positive impact on my life is my 8th grade teacher Mr. Greg Strachan. Mr. Strachan taught me and others valuable lessons on how to get prepared for high school. He was very strict and very hard at times and some days I didn’t want to go to his class. He drilled us on reading, note taking, organization and studying skills. His class was one of a kind and I couldn’t wait to get out. It wasn’t until the first week of 9th grade I realized how fortunate I was to have him as my teacher. I was more prepared for high school than any of my other friends. Because of the things I learned from Mr. Strachan, 9th grade study habits have been no big deal.<br />
  31. 31. Future Aspirations<br />March 29, 2010<br />Mr. Greg Strachan<br />Mesa Verde Middle School<br />8375 Entreken Ave.<br />San Diego, CA 92129<br />Dear Mr. Strachan:<br /> I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that I had you for a teacher. When I was in your class I didn’t think I would make it through. I was completely lost. Through the middle of the year I began to understand that you meant business and that we needed to get our acts together because the next year would be the “big time”. I thought your class was so hard and the things we were learning were not that important. None of my other friends in other classes were doing what I was doing.<br /> Even though you told us many times you were preparing us for high school with the workload, note taking and organizational skills, I still did not believe it. It wasn’t until the first week of 9th grade that I got it and I understood what you meant. I actually told my mom that I was so glad I had you for a teacher. Those were words I thought I would never say. That first week we were asked to do just about everything you had told us about. My other friends were shell shocked by what was expected but I was not phased by it. It was like they picked up your class where you left off. I was ready and organized to take on my freshman year.<br /> Even though there were some rough times, looking back it was all worth it and I have you to thank.<br />Sincerely,<br />Nick Swafford<br />
  32. 32. Future Aspirations<br />Where do I see myself working, living and family life?<br />3 Years?<br />In three years, I see myself working at Vons over the Summer and Fall to get money for food, dates, and my car. I see myself still living with my parents because I will be a senior and starting to look into colleges.<br />5 Years?<br />In five years, I see myself at college at Cal State Fullerton playing baseball. I would probably be living in a dorm at CSF with a some guys who know and can relate to me on baseball. At college, I would try to start finding a career to make a living off of for later in my life. <br />10 Years?<br /> In ten years, I see myself working as a Rawlings Baseball Company Representative. I will have bought my own house and have gotten married, possibly even having a kid.<br />
  33. 33. Future Aspirations<br />If I could accomplish one thing in my life, it would be…<br /> To work hard, be driven and make it to the Major Leagues. I would love to be a third baseman for any team in the MLB.<br />
  34. 34. Bill Board<br />ANYONE CAN WEAR THEM,<br /> AND EVERYONE DOES.<br /> -SWAFFY JEANS<br />
  35. 35. Media Awareness<br /> In my opinion, the media decides what is cool and fashionable and what is not. Some people let the media take control of them. For example, a teenage girl is going to most likely want to purchase an item if it was advertised by their idol rather than an ordinary person advertising the item. A lot of skin cream commercials show young, skinny, beautiful actresses putting on the cream and having soft skin. Most likely some woman will purchase the item because she thinks she can look like the actress advertising the item. The media controls what people wear and do throughout their day and it is ruining some peoples lives.<br /> I can see how the media can affect some people but it doesn’t affect me. I wear what I want and what is comfortable for me. I play baseball because I enjoy it, not because the media says its cool. Lastly, I listen to the music I want to listen to because it either soothes me, or pumps me up.<br />
  36. 36. ENS PowerPoint<br />Thanks for watching!<br />