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  • 1. As the problem can be resolved with the help of the mythical Hercules (and of some political!) The climatic change
  • 2.
    • The desertification is the process of degradation of the ground caused by numerous factors, among which climatic variations and human activity. The desertification often has origin from the intensive exploitation of the population that inhabites the territory to cultivate it or from the industrial necessities.
  • 3. Effect shuts
    • If the percentage of carbonic anhydride in the atmosphere increases, the temperature extends to increase. Also a modest raising of temperature of our planet would be terrible. To limit the effect shuts the heads of the most important nations of the world have signed the Protocol of Kyoto. Some countries, such as the United States, have decided not to stick to the Protocol.
  • 4. The hole of the ozone
    • The ozone in the stratosphere constitutes a protective shield against the greatest part of the ultraviolet radiations coming from the sun, preventing to them to reach the terrestrial surface. In the last decades it has been possible to underline that in spring the layer of ozone in the zone above the Antarctica is decreased of around 40% causing, therefore, the so-called "hole" in the layer of ozone.
  • 5. The pollution
    • The climatic changes are caused by the urban pollution and of the industries. The numerous automobiles, the toxic refusals, the industrial cinders, the fittings of heating and the chemical products are the cause of this pollution.
  • 6. The solutions
    • For all these problems caused by climatic change there are the same solutions. Hercules should plant new trees, protect the Amazonian forest, create new laws for the safeguard of the environment or he should let stick all the nations of the world to the Protocol of Kyoto. It would be beautiful to replace the gasoline automobiles with those electric or hydrogen and to increase the diversified harvest and to eliminate the radioactive cinders. Can he do it? Can he help us?
  • 7. Realized by: Giulia and Monica