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An overview of the RawSugar.com technology.

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Raw Sugar Presentation

  1. 1. RawSugar.com A new web based technology used to share and discover useful content in very different ways
  2. 2. It’s about ... Organizing & Accessing only the subset of Trusted Content
  3. 3. “Recovery”... is what we experience on existing search environments like Google
  4. 4. “Discovery” is what RawSugar offers - a better way to search for good information
  5. 5. RawSugar allows you to treat the ... Entire Web as your Personal Database
  6. 6. Access information from any web site Index any content - audio / video / blogs / web pages
  7. 7. Interpret and Index Content ... the way you see it
  8. 8. Form Affinity Groups & Build Watch Lists around topics of interest
  9. 9. RawSugar’s Key Differences 1. Capture your interpretations of why a content asset might be useful to you and your peers. 2. Share and discover the Intelligence that exists within your organization. 3. Organize only the subset of information that is trusted and useful. helps business teams become more nimble and effective
  10. 10. See how they use RawSugar
  11. 11. An Award Site using RawSugar
  12. 12. Searching for good content costs time & money. Save both with RawSugar
  13. 13. Time Spent Finding Good Content Reduces with RawSugar Time it Takes to Find Content Without RawSugar Find Content Faster When Using RawSugar Now 1st 3 months Onwards
  14. 14. Additional Benefits We're amazed at how well some of our postings show up in Google..... The listings are ranked high on the first few pages in a matter of days. We love it. Joy Ramos Davis Beyond 50 Radio http://www.Beyond50Radio.com
  15. 15. Marketing Applications with RawSugar • Give your customers useful information, from other websites on the Internet • Let customers and prospects participate by contributing content and on your web sites. • Access your customers “thinking” so you can improve on your product offering. • Build trust with your customers, by giving them good information.
  16. 16. Business Communications with RawSugar • Organize information around Business Initiatives. Irrespective of where the content exists ... inside or outside your company. • Capture the wisdom of your employees / audience so others can find it and use it. • Grab and Tag relevant content in language that support your business activity.
  17. 17. eLearning Applications with RawSugar • Instructors use RawSugar as a Teaching Aid; augmenting their course material with other web based content. • Instructors offer students one place to access structured and unstructured content • Students collaborate and share research and learning with each other. • Domain knowledge builds with time and is leveraged by all.
  18. 18. Product / Service Offering • Software as a service (Saas) You build your own index that can be customized and integrated with for a set-up and monthly service fee. • Tagging as a Service (TaaS) We offer you the service of tagging and indexing content that is relevant and useful to you and your audience. • User Generated Content Customized modules that allows you to capture and index the thinking and interests of your users.
  19. 19. For further information Rajesh Setty - 408-568-3249 mobile rajesh.setty@suggestica.com Paul D’Souza - 408-529-2385 mobile paul.dsouza@suggestica.com
  20. 20. Once you Buy RawSugar 1. GUI Design and Implementation 2.Website Development and Integration 3. Define your Content Generation strategy 4.Define your Audience Generation strategy 5.Your audience uses the site to Discover good content on an ongoing basis.
  21. 21. Content Generation Strategy 1. Identify interests, intentions, keywords 2.Identify the best sources of content 3. Recruit trustees and other publishers 4.Trustees and researchers link to content 5. Conduct ongoing campaigns to all users