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Storyboard Real! Storyboard Real! Presentation Transcript

  • The characters.
  • Props/material used
    • Microphone
    • Crowd
    • Runway
    • Background music
    • 2 chairs
    • Make up
    • Glasses
    • School uniform
    • School bell
    • School gate
    • Bathroom (with mirror)
  • CA: mid shot S/SE: Background music playing to introduction. Crowd/audience of people watching and cheering. WH: Host is introducing fashion show and characters.
  • CA: frontal view S/SE: crowds cheers WH: Host introduces first character: The neat freak/nerd. Talks a little about her and questions her
  • CA: frontal view WH: Neat freak goes and takes her seat. Host introduces next character: The Rebel. Asks same questions as before. S/SE: crowds still cheering
  • CA: whole view WH: Messy student walks up to neat student and they both start to debate about who's uniform is better. Rebel wins because neat student gets too scared and wets her pants. S/SE: They both have a crowd supporting them behind.
  • CA: full body WH: Next the host decides to have a runway competition to make it fair for the neat student to have another chance. Rebel is about to win but trips and falls. Due to this neat student wins and is tie with rebel. S/SE: Crowd who supports rebel boo’s and crowd supporting nerd cheers.
  • CA: mid shot WH: The students are about to get into a fight because rebel cant hack the fact that she lost against a nerd. S/SE: gasps
  • CA: full view WH: They go to the host for a solution. Host decides not to get into it. S/SE: na
  • CA: mid shot WH: A person in the crowd screams out “why don’t you tell the teacher?” and that gives them an idea. S/SE: fake light bulb appears on top of/between heads
  • CA: full/frontal view WH: They go up to the teacher and ask which student should win and explain their story. S/SE: teacher
  • CA: full view WH: She decides the neat student should win since she looks more presentable for school than the rebel. S/SE: crowd cheers/boo’s depending who they go for.
  • CA: mid shot WH: Rebel is about to get angry but decides to be influenced by the neat student and goes to fix herself up. S/SE: bathroom/mirror
  • CA: long shot WH: After the bell rings the rebel rushes to find the neat student and congratulate her victory but she sees the neat student making all her clothes scruffy and messes up her hair etc. S/SE: school gates (outside school)
  • CA: mid shot WH: Rebel remains confused while neat student goes away S/SE: question marks placed on top of head to show confusion as well as facial expression.