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The Official Publication of UPVCC Mass Communication Freshies '07

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  • Would you know the contact details of Ms Lato? She's a good speaker for youth development and organizational management. Heard she's heading ten outstanding students of the philippines central visayas. anyone know her number from your group?
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Bamkwan 1st Issue

  1. 1. BEHIND THE FAÇADE OF A UNIFORM by: Albe Victoria B. Alimurung Picture this: A bunch of girls in white body complement- ing collar blouses, black neck- ties, semi-pleated checkered fuchsia pink-dark purple colored miniskirts, black knee high socks and black shoes. What do you see? Do you picture students from an international school? Gee, these students aren’t from any international school, they’re from University of the Philip- pines Cebu College; and yes, you read it right. These Japanese chic- inspired uniforms were designed by Ms. Mikki Roque for the freshies of UP Mass Communi- cations or better called as the BAMKWAN. February 20, 2007 became a head-turning event for BAMKWAN as they wore their batch uniforms for the sole pur- FROM SCRATCH… TO SOMETHING pose of endorsing the Mass- Comm Days. by: Banawe Corvera 12 poses are as Masscomm Freshies. From the mere func- A program of gender-confused males, ki- tions of informing, persuading and entertaining, the real kay-infested females... or so they think. This is INSIDE THIS ISSUE… thing didn't end there. BAMKWAN has come to know for after all the Mass Communication field, where themselves that the influence they hold can make or glitz and glam is termed to be quot;in.quot; But it's not News p2-4 even break them. all play, because while having the makings of Common misconceptions lead people to think of the next-big-thing, Mass Communication stu- Chikiting Patrol Masscomm students immediately ending up as showbiz dents also are pillars of democracy and public Masscomm Days personalities, TV staffs, news anchors and such. This enlightenment. No wait, before this gets seri- Masscomm Exhibit rings true to chances when asked about course prefer- ous, a little F.Y.I., quot;If you're in for some contro- NSTP’s Culminating ence, the mere mention of Masscomm would afford an- versy, get a grip of Bamkwan.quot; Green Day swers like quot;The next Korina Sanchez!quot; or quot;So you wanna BAMKWAN, (made-up street slang for BAMC-1) be a Maria Ressa?quot; Well, the highlights of media are Masscomm Newsbits playfully named to suit each student’s diversity, is UP fab, enticing per se. In the big picture, being in the field Visit to Freeman Cebu's Masscomm Freshies. Equipped with little quot;know- rewards BAMKWAN with a great privilege. But this big President Roman in UPVCC howsquot; as they entered their college home, these 31 stu- picture is of no use without the foundation of the littlest dents of all females but one started nearly from scratch. details, the most important of which is responsibility. Feature p8-11 Early on during the first semester, they were still just This is the trait expected of BAMKWAN to impart in quot;unripe fruits of laborquot;. Behind the efforts for socializa- the society. With those who are eyeing the media, what Tulo-tulo Sa Marso tion were struggles of homesickness, culture shock and should matter is bringing out each function in service of On UP SC Elections fitting in. These factors may have caused some to either: the people... a balance between survival (profit) and Evert B.Lato (1) take academic life loosely up until the end of the day seeking for the truth (service). It is now in these stu- where Ayala 101's awaits them or (2) fight it off the dents' minds that people ought to have what they want Crazy Day soonest possible and just level with UP's standard of and what they deserve to know, in as much fairness as An Alien? competitiveness. possible. Skills are there to be nourished, but the great- Dionne Monsanto est achievement lies in using these skills for the benefit The class eventually broke out into clusters of quot;who 20yr-old Freshman of those who deserve it. belonged with whom.quot; Forcibly? That's not really the entire case. After all, it kept the students comfortable Yes, there are more faults to realize and more pas- Opinion p5-7 with their own skins. Each group represented what these sion to give. Young as they are, BAMKWAN has yet to students were at ease with, what things they shared in evolve into well-equipped and well-rounded beings. common, what aspects they wanted to interact with and Three more years may seem long, but at the near end of Entertainment such. Of course, differences were present and carried the semesters, or day perhaps, teachings will add up to p12 on every waking day, but then again, it developed some- a better knowledge. thing beyond imperfections, and that is acceptance. Media are free, and what is left of its diversity will be But at the course of every week, unlikeness may not a survival of the fittest. Step by step, these young minds have mattered more than what these students' true pur- will start from quot;something.quot; 1
  2. 2. OPENING MASS COMM DAYS WITH A BANG BAMKWAN, by: Dulce Brenda Salera successful UP MassComm alumni, shared their thorough explanation of the Hello! The opening program of the annual theme correspondingly. It is but MassComm days last February 21, 2007 at awkward to say COMM-UP President, Andrea the NSMD lobby signaled the start of the that hello when in fact, this is the very Pineda, explained the activities for the 3- glorious days for the UP Mass Communi- time to bid goodbye. This academic day event before Dionne Monsanto, cators with the theme, “ MassComm year has just ended and all of us have COMM-UP Treasurer, presented the been eagerly set to kiss UP goodbye. Graduate: Asa ka padung?”. nominees for this year’s Gawad Papuri Goodbye to all fears. Goodbye to all Prepared and hosted by this year’s Awards. red marks. Goodbye to Math indeed. BAMKWAN, Prof. J. Karl P. Roque, the Hu- Goodbye to all, temporarily. BAMKWAN also colored the pro- manities Division Chairperson, properly gram as Frances Claire Peñalosa and Perhaps, that introductory opened the program with his opening re- hello is just an advance greeting for selected self- confessed superior danc- marks. the next school year where we’ll be no ers of BAMKWAN offered an unexpected Then, after Mr. Ian Manticajon gave an longer dub ourselves as BAMKWAN; song and dance number respectively. we’ll already be BAMKWAN II. introduction of the guest speakers, Ms. Di- The program ended as Sir Marx anne Arnie Nicolas, Ms. May Macapobre and But before we’ll finally get in Iturralde gave his closing remarks along Ms. Narsheen Artiaga, who are considered as touch with that being BAMKWAN the with the signal of the exhibit’s opening. second, let’s look back to the good recollections we shared as fresh B A M K W A N s . L e t’ s r e ca l l t h e BAMKWAN’s eternal Hakuna Matatas BAMKWAN SETS UP MASS COMM EXHIBIT and bring to mind the green events by: Ana Coritha Desamparado we’ve experienced. Friends, here’s our first hum- In accordance with the theme, Mass- retro style as a means of reminiscing the ble blot, BAMKWAN. Look back, recall Comm Graduate: Asa ka Padung?, the annual past events of UP MassComm Students. and bring to mind our happy begin- MassComm days’ exhibit, organized by the nings. Go! Everyone was invited to visit the BAMKWAN, displayed the MassComm’s fea- exhibit for the entire duration of the Mass- ture in the news room, TV lab and radio lab Comm Days. last February 21-23, 2007. Gladly breathing, The newsroom featured all the news arti- This activity gave way for the dis- SJanengasca cles published by the BAMC students, the TV lab covery of BAMKWAN’s strength in their Sarah Jane A. Nengasca showcased the glad pictures of the masscomm first task for MassComm days, as well as league and photos of the BAMC2 students in their weaknesses. Associate Editor, BAMKWAN there photography class and lastly, colored circles of different sizes filled the radio lab, showing the CHIKITING PATROL OFF TO KAMPUTHAW by: January A. Leron With their Community Extension Program named Chikiting Patrol, the BAMC-1 block immersed to the community for their Na- tional Service Training Program last February 11, 2007 in Purok 8, Brgy. Kamputhaw, Cebu City. The first year Mass Comm students, headed by their block leader Grace Guiang, had the orientation program for the kids who will take part in the “Chikiting Patrol” service at San Isidro Labrador Chapel, Gymnasium. This service program formed by the block aims the chil- dren ages 4-8 years old to (1) at least learn the basic concept of Math, English, Arts and Crafts, and Health, (2) to develop their EQ as a sup- plement to their IQ development through teachings of good manners and right conduct and (3) to inculcate the concept of learning while hav- ing fun. Fifty children went to the said program. A cheering contest par- ticipated by the kids and the Bamkwan was done and other games such as open the basket, dance and singing showdown were also pre- kids. It seemed that the whole block turned into young boy and girls pared for them. The winners were given prizes and everybody was again. served with snacks. The program was made enjoyable so that the chil- Frances Claire Peñaloza, one of the Bamkwan said that she dren will be more interested in participating the succeeding sessions. preferred this kind of NSTP––going out to the community rather than This first exposure of the freshmen was really one of kind. Aside staying and sitting inside the coss nference hall and had some forum from bringing laughter to those young people, they too enjoyed playing, to listen to. According to her, interacting with children is a lot of fun to running all over, dancing and singing at the top of their voices with the do. 2
  3. 3. A GREENY GREEN DAY by: Candeze Mongaya BAMKWAN had definitely started a new fad! A fad that had wittingly moved the UP premises up and down. A fad that had turned everything into green. It’s the “Greenday”, where BAMC1 students would wear their green Go Geng shirts or any green shirts on every eleventh day of the month. According to Dulce Brenda Salera, co-founder of the Greenday, this whim had started on the 11th day of September when they’d noticed that most people in the campus were in green shirts. “They were practi- cally everywhere! In the Humanities division, library, canteen and even in the comfort rooms, everyone’s on green!,” she said. The other pioneering ‘peeps’ of Greenday are Grace Guiang, Haneka Lava, Sarah Jane Nengasca and Arianne Jenille Manzo. ABS-CBN Acting UP Studes, PRES. ROMAN VISITS UP CEBU Workshop Mis-communicated? FOR CENTENNIAL PROJECTS by: Carmina Agnes Racaza by: Kris Jean Zamora by: Nesreen C. AbdulRauf Enhancing the other side Last February 23, famous of these journalist aspirants, showbiz personalities flaunted their Despite of the Tuition and Other Fees some of the BAMKWAN mem- way through the UP Conference Hall Increases promoted by UP President Emer- for the 2nd Mis-Communication Pag- linda Roman that led to a number of protests bers participated the ABS-CBN eant made possible by the Communi- in the whole University of the Philippines Acting Workshop last February cators of UP (CommUP). The imper- system, she visited UP in the Visayas Cebu 23, 2007. sonation pageant was participated by College for the launching of the UP Cebu Grace Guiang, Ana UP students coming from the different Centennial Projects on February 19, 2007. Coritha Desamparado, Carmina programs. Competing with 7 other Agnes Racaza and Sarah Jane funny-lovely candidates, Ralph Jason Nengasca were among those Dr. Madrileña de la Cerna gave an over- Caballes of BSCS-2 a.k.a. Anton Diva Bamkwan members who joined. view with the audio visual presentation of the bagged the title of Mis- projects. Activities started with the ground The said workshop which Communication 2007. Our very own breaking ceremony at the infront of the oblation was under the Direk Jeny, was Rachelle Mae Sarmiento a.k.a. Mike at 10:45 a.m. It followed by an Inauguration of all about concept of acting, in- Enriquez and Ana Coritha Desam- the UP Press Bookstore Cebu, ribbon cutting parado a.k.a. Kris Aquino placed 2nd volving voice enrichment. and launching of the Coffee-Table Book entitled and 3rd respectively. The workshop was then “Jose Joya Awards 1977-2006: the Permanent Organized by Chassy Cortes of colored with those activities like Collection” compiled by Professor Dennis Mon- BAMC 3, Mis-Communication was voice drama and instant visuali- tera in the Ground Floor of Arts and Sciences held in line with the annual Mass zation. Building. Communication Days of UP Cebu last February 20 – 23, 2007. UP Cebu Information Technology Incuba- tion and Train- ing Facility in BAMKWAN SLIDES GAWAD PAPURI AWARD the third floor, left wing of AS building was by: Candeze Mongaya also opened. awards namely: Butterfly Effect by The program Crishelyn Abayon, Fahionista As part of the MassComm was completed Award by Mikki Roque, Sleeping day’s celebration, the Masscomm with a lunch Beauty Award by Rachel Mae Sar- crowd had its annual Gawad with the media, miento, Close-Up Smile by Ana Papuri Award last February 23, faculty, alumni Coritha Desamparado, and Gawad 2007 along with the Mis- and other se- Pluma by Sarah Jane Nengasca. communication pageant. lected guests at Other awards are the Media the same build- Personality Award won by Dionne ing. Surprisingly, the BAMKWAN Monsanto and the Abra Cadabra seized most of the Award by Andrea Pineda. 3
  4. 4. NSTP 06-07 OVER: A SUCCESS FOR BAMKWAN by: Lorna Jabuen “At last!”, Ms. Beryl Anne Ann deadlines, adjustments, makeup classes, so to about compliance. Manching, First Year Representative, said in speak. “Naa sad mi daghan nahibaw-an ui!” her opening remarks during the NSTP Culmi- When asked about the most difficult part (Of course, we also learned many things), nating Activity last March 25, at the UPVCC of the course, Grace Guiang, the block leader Frances Claire Peñalosa said. “One of which conference hall. kay , we learned how to fully realize the true said, “Of all the things about that (NSTP), the After one year of compliance, another thorniest for the block is the unfixed schedule. It’s meaning of service, no matter how small but batch of freshmen (06’-07’) successfully finished very irritating when Ms. Portia or the SA’s sud- still, can make a smile.” the NSTP program, despite the challenges that denly announce some changes about the sched- BAMKWAN, with their duty as mass they have faced. ule of activities.” communicators, aimed high for the betterment For BAMKWAN (BAMC1), majority of them Within the NSTP sessions, despite of the and enhancement of the community through chose CWTS which was designed for them to be pressures that almost dragged the entire Block to NSTP. sensitive to the social issues and conditions in the either INC or 5.0, there still reigned the achieve- In an interview, Sarah J.A. Nengasca, community. ments that were more than enough as require- a subgroup leader said that, “Along with our ments to pass. Despite of some setbacks that took place responsibilities of informing, persuading and entertaining the community, bilib kaayo ko sa in the previous sessions, BAMKWAN, with their “Being rewarded with the smiles from the BAMKWAN kay napadangat gyud nato ang continuing struggles, made it to the end of the aca- lips of the kids, is considered the most wonderful demic year. prize ever achieved by the block”, Albe Victoria sakto nga pagpanerbisyo sa katilingban”. Alimurung, a subgroup leader, said. From the start until the end of the second semester, BAMKWAN like any other program also For them (MassComm people), who underwent challenging pressures like exacting were said to be sociable, NSTP is not just all BAMKWAN VISITS THE FREEMAN by: Kris Jean Zamora To have an idea tained the questions raised, especially those which regards the about the news process, news process. Bamkwan had their media For the news process, she said that they have assigned tour at The Freeman beat reporters all over the city of Cebu, Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu publication last March 23, covering city hall, capitol and police stations and only get an aver- 2 0 0 7 . age of 25 news stories from the gathered news. When asked why they kept a copy of the different newspa- The media tour was pers both on local and national newspapers, she said that they for the Journ101 class to be have to compare their stories to that of the other newspapers. able to see a typical sce- nario of a newsroom and “Newspapers mainly have the same new stories but they analyze the concepts of are only written on different angles” she said. news process discussed in the class. The printing process ………………………………………... Bamkwan was also briefly oriented on the printing process Accompanied by Mr. the paper underwent for it to be published. It was said that after Ian Manticajon, Journ101 lay-outing, the paper will turn into its negative called the “stripper” instructor, Bamkwan met and will be put on the machine for printing. Mr. Jerry Tundag, Free- Attended by Miss Quennie, who then acted as their tour man's Editor-in-chief and guide, showed the printing machines which the whole printing proc- the paper's News Editor ess will take place. Mrs. Quennie Bronce, who gave them a glimpse of the Miss Quennie said that the technology for the printing is paper's history and enter- also significant inorder “to keep up with the competition”. MassCommazing Race: Run for Fun by: Carmina Agnes Racaza Completing piggy’s body first were the juniors. 2nd and 3rd respectively Who says running is for health purposes only? Our very own journal- were the sophomore teams A and B, and then followed by BAMKWAN. Since ists say otherwise. The Communicators of UP (CommUP) held their Mass- not one senior was up for the challenge, the sophomores had to form two Commazing Race last February 21 as part of the annual Mass Communication groups instead. Days; this year with the theme: “Mass Comm graduate, asa ka padung?” “It doesn’t matter if BAMKWAN placed last, what mattered is that we had a Indeed, the Mass Communicators knew where they were headed for. In a mint of fun and experience” says Bamkwan contestant, Candeze Mongaya. race to complete piggy’s jigsaw-puzzled body, each year level was represented by Indeed, the race was a run for fun. 5 students who were assigned to decode the challenging clues and accomplish the daring tasks which involved a lot of fun running even outside the campus. 4
  5. 5. First Step en route for the Fourth Estate by Sarah Jane A. Nengasca First time experiences went off in a dash as we’ve paced hard to take especially if enough understanding of matters is deficient. through the threshold of UP- MassComm program. That very first Logic suggests that nothing that is neither ‘first’ nor starting is easy; time to come across with the MassComm and media people nonetheless logic too suggests that no beginning is that hard to realize. heaved up our modest esteem as we’re given that frequent chance Proving the contrary of the proverb to be possible is indeed possible. Our first step shall start at our very selves. We shall recognize where to talk with them. That recent partaking in the MassComm days’ celebration brilliantly strained us, as necessary roles and tasks and what kind of site we are heading to. We shall be prepared to have were handed over to us for the first instance. And in that, the ex- that actual sight to perceive the truth, that rational mind to assess con- hibit making which we’ve tirelessly chipped in, there was the mark fusing matters and that impartial hand to write down what’s factual. Then from there, we can thus say that our our very first solidarity. first step is to the truth just as we know Here was also our that the journalism’s first obligation is first experience to be deeply to the truth too. introduced to the certainty behind Mass Communication. Linking to that proverb above, We’re brought in to the know- is being true, which we consider as our first step, really hard? Is it always the how of the Fourth Estate, along with Journalism for the hardest? Tellingly, based on our ex- first time. In due course, we periences before, our answer would be gained windfall facts about a bold yes. Simple as it may seem and the present status of this es- effortless as it may be spoken, the tablished estate. It is just but truth is really hard to bring into play. strange to notice that as we But looking optimistically, we’re just keep on taking our first step beginners and have not yet faced that toward this Fourth Estate, journalistic jeopardy with the truth. The certain concerns which are to truth may, at times, be our own foe and be pondered upon, draw us certainly, many have already been de- feated by the confusion with the truth. back. Hence we are challenged to pass the Journalist killings un- ‘test of truth’. The truth, shall ceasingly snowed under this by: Rachel Mae Sarmiento we say then, is fragile and we estate. Philippines, which dub are therefore called to handle it with itself on having the freest me- great prudence and common sense. dia in Southeast Asia, has turned out to be one of the world's most With this first big load we’re starting to carry, let us make obvi- dangerous places for journalists. The Philippines’ number of kill- ous that though we’re just new, we can live up to the definition of the ings in the line of duty was among the highest. Political harassment word ‘new’-- something that is the result of or is characterized by up-to- of the mass media started to sprout as the filing of libel suits by date ideas, techniques, design, and equipment --which means that we government officials against journalists has increased. Crooked have this innovative way of advancing and maneuvering things. That and anomalous acts of few journalists furthermore marred the im- though we’re new in this field, we can craft a gradual change in the age of the Fourth Estate. The AC/ DC (Attack-Collect/Defend- country’s mass media. Our first step may appear so little to take the Collect) tactic, for one, has worsen such condition of the Philippine limelight. But what’s significant is that our first step has the worth in to- news media. tally moving into the Fourth Estate and that we, the BAMKWAN, have As first timers, the question is to where shall we take our more the worth in entering and perhaps staying in the Fourth Estate’s first step or simply what shall be our first step? “The first step is estate always. always the hardest”-- these are the words of an unknown proverb writer. Yes, there’s no doubt in saying that first attempts are really NOT JUST ANOTHER SENSELESS BLABBER by Julie Anne Canonigo not because they have some secret grudge against us. We might have “We are all just talk...” to re-assess ourselves if we are putting on the credibility that is required We may try to deny it but this is what most people think of of a MassComm student and be conscious of every word that we are us at the moment they realize the course that we are taking up. It about to say or write. We should not take for granted that we are ac- may be nothing but an ill-conceived generalization to some of us countable for everything that we put to public. Some of us may not con- who know better and are through proving otherwise. But to first sider ourselves journalists just yet. But then when are we supposed to year students like me who have still so much to prove, it poses as start building up our credibility? It might already be too late to repair a challenge that we have to face and surpass. when we become professionals. As some of us may have already come to realize in our 1- It had never occurred to me that taking up Mass Communication year stay here in U.P., there are banner traits for the students of would mean not only living up to the duties expected to be fulfilled by a every program (I don’t intend to enumerate them so as to avoid journalist but to also face the prejudices that the people have built errors). Most of them are just characteristics that do not necessar- around us. Of course, prejudices and expectations are inevitable but in ily apply to every student in a certain program like the loquacious the end, it is for us to decide whether to rise above these preconceptions quality attributed to MassComm students. Although there are really or sink with them. students in our program who are quite noisy, which is both a good thing and a bad thing depending in the situation, it is rather unfair After reading this article, some might think that they don't really to conclude that we are all just talk. For one thing, we could also care of what other people think as long as they are sure of themselves. For example, I am not all talk but then the public of which I serve will write but then that's beyond the point never come to realize that if I will continue showing them otherwise. My point is that maybe we have been the ones making them conclude that we are all just talk through our actions and it's 5
  6. 6. EVEN THE ALMIGHTY MEDIA IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW by: Maria Flora S. Abril Representative Edcel C. Lagman might cle. The privilege of power has since over- accountable to the people. Hence as contribu- have been indignant to clear the air on the is- shadowed responsibility. While there has tors to democracy, they owe it to their consum- sue about the overpriced fertilizer scam in the been much protest on the slaying of jour- ers to give information with proper content and Bicol Region upon uttering these words, yet nalists in the line of duty, it cannot be de- in the best manner possible. Lapses and er- they are not without basis. nied that there, too, are plenty of instances rors are unavoidable but should never occur when it is the writer who pulls the trigger. without conscious effort. For even Bernstein In his privilege speech delivered before the Biased commentaries, unfounded insinua- himself was able to crack the Watergate scan- Congress on November 21, 2005, he high- tions, faulty reports, intentional distortion of dal through thorough research and concise lighted the “repeated malicious newscasts” of facts – journalism “kills” by committing reporting. ABS-CBN and ANC aired on November 17 these acts. All lead to repercussions many and 18 of the same year. He condemned the Again to quote Lagman: “While we must consider far worse than death; destroyed hasty and inaccurate reporting done by the acknowledge and appreciate the overriding reputations and tarnished dignities. networks, which falsely implicated his office in role of the media in a democratic setting, we the aforementioned controversy. Carl Bernstein comments on the fallibil- must not, by any means, suffer the indignities ity of the media in this manner: “The great- and importunities which media commit against Since the time English philosopher and est felony in the news business today is to their publics.” statesman Edmund Burke dubbed the media be behind or to miss a big story. So speed as the Fourth Estate, the power of the pen and May this statement pose as a challenge to and quantity substitute for thoroughness, sharp tongue has grown exceedingly through- all of us who foresee a future within the media quality, accuracy, and context.” While out the centuries. The media’s duty as the industry, to immerse ourselves as much as those involved in the business continually “watchdog” on the three main branches of gov- possible and yet never lose sight of the jour- struggle to strike a balance between ser- ernment has, in the process, caused it to be nalistic values inculcated in us as UP students. vice and profit, the fact that the importance elevated to their ranks; surpassing them in and Firmness. Consistency. For indeed we can be of the former far outweighs the latter is influence. Unfortunately, some practitioners subject to sanction if we do not keep our role something that should never be over- have forgotten to take a cue from Spidey’s un- as the Fourth Estate in mind. looked. The press, first and foremost, is Don’t you have Journ101? by: Joy Eva A. Bohol aches of the teachers, I said to myself, situation of our society. The issues “Sympathy is never enough.” “Hey, I can do something about this! I can’t wait for too long. That’s some- I remembered when I was asking mean, that even if I am still a student and thing we can do to stop being sympa- permission to the principal of Zapatera as one who is into Mass Communication, thetic and instead act on those things Elementary School to conduct our re- I have a huge door of opportunity in front that need to be seen and realized by search, which was for Special Education of me to help them address their needs!” the public. (SPED) students. She asked us if the school can benefit from the said re- “Asa ka padulong?” (Where are Knowing all those ethics and search or it was just a study for mere you going?) was the theme during our journalistic laws, Journ101 taught us compliance for our course. We told her MassComm days 2007. We asked our- that no matter who you are or where that it’s both. We saw a stern look in her selves where could I possibly end up or you’re from, you can write! To write ar- eye with her left eyebrow raised a bit. what would I possibly do after gradua- ticles that inform and persuade. We knew it for sure that she was not in- tion? Well, why do we have to wait after Though we’re not yet totally to be favor with it. But later on, she decided to graduation before we do something in called “journalists”, we can start now. accept our request with a harsh tone in fact, when we can do it now? Would I stay feeling bad for her voice. In the seminar, “Balik Talent,” the those SPED respondents and then Sympathy comes when we try to guest speakers discussed about the jobs that’s it? Our research can speak to feel the same for a person. It is merely that await every MassComm graduate in their needs and through this, perhaps it an emotion--an emotion that won’t last U.P. and how we can cope up with the will touch people’s hearts to do some- long and won’t help at all. Sometimes we trend. I believed that most of them were thing and give what they can. think that being sympathetic is enough to not practicing their profession as made Still wondering where you’re go- mend a broken puzzle. Reality is that it is mentioned by our professor in Journ101, ing? Well, you can start doing your part our only way to escape the responsibility Sir Ian Manticajon. Then, where now is as a Mass Communication student of our sense of compassion in responding that comes with it. the University of the Philippines. Don’t the cries of the people we opt to serve? During our observation and inter- wait for graduation; be compassionate, view with some teachers, I found that the Writing for Journ101 gave me the act, write, and do your part as the facilities for SPED students were not effi- idea to write on the things that truly affect fourth estate. I know you see the need cient and it seemed that the funds for each one of us. If we’d seen the need, as all of us do. So what are you going their education did not reach where it we can address it. How? By writing arti- to do? was supposed to be utilized. Seeing all cles that would surely persuade the those things and hearing all the heart- readers to get involved with the current 6
  7. 7. THE BAMKWAN INSIDER by: Darlene Ganub This semester is about to end. Seniors leave as new faces arrive. And because of the vacant periods in between subjects. It became convenient for students to the next semester is going to start soon as the cycle goes on. We barely notice have their “extra-curricular activities” in Ayala 101 and consequently miss their classes. these things happen for, perhaps, every student is preoccupied with so many Unplanned and unnecessary spending destroyed the first years’ budget for allowance. other priorities in mind like beating deadlines, conquering exams, complying with Social linkages with fellow Mass Comm students didn’t develop that easily since every requirements, all to get at least a passing grade. member of the batch is of varied and contrasting interests. Island friendship developed creating social gaps between groups. All of these things hindered the first year Mass In the Mass Communication program, BAMKWANS are on the same Comm students from being a totally united making it more difficult for them to do good mission: to avoid Professor 5.0, to forget Madame 3.0, to get rid of Sir 2.75, to academically in this school year. stop getting Miss 2.5, to get not just a mere 2.25, to go beyond the past’s 2.0, to aim more than my ex- 1.5’s and hopefully to get a hold of that 1.0. The challenge of passing and hopefully do better if not for the best still lies in every student's attitude towards balancing studies and adjusting. Perhaps by now, the For every Mass Comm freshie, the challenge is tough for we have to Mass Comm freshies are learning to efficiently adapt with the new culture and environ- adapt in a totally new environment. Entering this new world includes discovering ment. The second semester will finally end soon and I hope we have just learned from new things along with the struggle to make new friends and fit in the diversity the first semester’s lessons and expectantly live up to the challenge of becoming aca- among students. demically competent Mass Communicators. It has been hard for the Mass Comm freshies to adjust with the schedule BAMKWAN The Other Side of the Wall by: Roviel Villa EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Mr. Ian Vincent Manticajon The life of a transferee has its own ups the new people. I was just contented with my own little world, and remembering faces was and downs. ASSOCIATE EDITOR what mattered most. Establishing links with Sarah Jane Nengasca Perhaps the best thing about being one them (block mates) never entered my mind, is that you have the “advantage” when it comes NEWS EDITOR since I don’t have to worry because of the to experience in the college level. Since most of Nesreen AbdulRauf links I have with my fellow transferees. your classmates are fresh from high school and are just starting to move and think as college It’s funny how I always complained to FEATURE EDITOR students, you have a slight edge at the start of myself then that I’ll never get to understand Frances Claire Peñalosa the semester. Of course that “advantage” fades how these freshmen behave. I really desired LAYOUT EDITOR to know the people that make up most of the as the school year ends. first years more, but I think the way I Mikki Roque Another thing will have to be the branded their actions as immature and too “maturity” level. Since most transferees are PHOTOGRAPHY young are the ones that pushed me to close more “matured” compared to the new students, Carmina Racaza the doors on such possibility. I think it was they tend to become the ates and the kuyas in also pride that made me come out to them their own respective blocks. Most of the transfer- as someone who is snub and unapproach- ees either end up being the ones responsible in able, and too much convincing on my part MEMBERS: leading their block mates, or they are the ones that being close to any one of them is impos- Abril, Ma. Flora appointed by the professors as honorary assis- sible, especially when out of the forty stu- tants. Alimurung, Albe dents that make up the first years, only three Or, they can be uncooperative and un- are males. I also had a hard time accepting Bohol, Joy Eva friendly to the younger ones. the fact that most of the people here prefer Canonigo, Julie Anne Barbie dolls and kikay kits over racing cars, Other transferees have the tendency to computers and virtual fist fights. be anti-social and to easily give in to the belief Corvera, Banawe that they will never fit in with the younger ones. Allow me in this column to humble Desamparado, Ana myself and apologize to you young ones for Those line surely struck me like lightning. Ganub, Darlene the way I acted last semester. I acted so in- My first time here in UP was a hard one. different and anti-social, it prevented me and Guiang, Grace It’s like trying to walk through a burning asphalt you guys to know each other better. Well road barefooted after walking through grassy Jabuen, Lorna right now, I’m just glad that my system is lands and cool, paved highways. For the first slowly adjusting to you guys and starting to Jacildo, Jecca time in my life I was in the middle of a “culture be more cooperative, patient and flexible. My shock”. The way everything goes in my previous Leron, January ego certainly took the better of me, and school was just so different that I had a hard hopefully when next year starts, I get to con- Lim, Erika time catching up. Good thing I wasn’t alone in trol myself more. that struggle however, because I had friends Mongaya, Candeze Just one piece of advice, the way an from high school who were undergoing the elder brother tells his younger siblings. Odias, Angelica same thing. All those problems were swiftly Please don’t get stuck with your own set of taken away in a breeze thanks to their company. Salera, Dulce Brenda friends or cliques. It will certainly help us achieve more if we break away from such Sarmiento, Rachel Mae But even though their presence was groupings. Tagudin, Krystal Shane helpful during my adjustment period, it also And that is another up for the life of a brought along problems, which I wasn’t able to Villa, Roviel transferee. foresee. Since I have my own set of friends, Zamora, Kris Jean there certainly was no need for me to befriend 7
  8. 8. It’s all worth it!!! by: Angelica Odias Ever think about “fate” getting his hands on you? Are showed off her awesome acting skills which really fascinated her you familiar with the deodorant commercial on TV about a fellow communicators on the second day of the show at the SM Cin- gal who was destined to meet her prince charming despite ema on the 3rd of March this year. The whole cast of “Sulog sa the fact that she was embarrassed with her body odor? Gugma” were members of UPSTAGE and UP-Bathalad Well, Ma. Shiela Armie Garde ain't got no body odor but be- (Bathalanong Halad sa Dagang) including Ms. Garde.According to cause of her wits and destiny's mysterious ways, she her, she was happy seeing the Masscomm. freshies, and their pres- bagged the female lead role “Cecilia” in the play “ Sulog sa ence inspired her and the rest of the cast to offer a very outstanding Gugma” which is UP-Cebu's entry for “Tulo-tulo sa Marso”. presentation. All her hard work was fairly paid after seeing the audi- ence getting amazed because of their extraordinary play. Garde “Tulo-tulo sa Marso is a production put up by UP-Bathalad said she was Aledo’s first choice as Cecilia but she denied the re- in cooperation with the Central Visayas Studies Center quest because she was hesitant at first especially with her unfamili- (CVSC) held last March 2-3, 2007 at the Sm Cinema 1. ari ty wi t h the Cebuano di alect and di cti ons. Other entries included “Tuba ra’y Makatimbang” by the Uni- Later on, the role was given to Ms. Jessa Chrisna Marie Agua, a versity of San Carlos (USC)” and “Ang Sista” by Saint graduating masscommunication student, but because of her work Theresa’s College (STC). The three entries were chosen and her class schedule, she has to give up the role. after the intense screening procedure at the Cebuano Writ- Eventually, Garde got back the role and was trained by Ms. Lilia Tio, ing Workshop late last year. a faculty member of the humanities division for the play. Destiny must have chosen Ms. Garde all along, because not only The play “Sulog sa Gugma” was written and directed by Er- did she enjoy the rough nights of practice including the play, she mine Aledo, a political science student of the same school also amazed her fellow UPians for her good acting skills. That alone while Ms. Garde is a 2nd yr. Masscommunication student is an experience worth every effort and sweat! and both are active members of UP-Bathalad. Ms. Garde LOSING THE ELECTION BY JUST TWO VOTES by: Ana Coritha J. Desamparado “Many are called tions. there, there’s a manifestation that but few are chosen”. my batch mates didn’t want me to be Grand Rally was the most crucial part Perhaps, this is the their representative. But it was just 2 of the campaign for me. Here, I had a dire adage that’s syn- votes. I lost my chance just for two need to elaborate all those Specific Programs onymous with the votes. I would just like to make it of Action compared to room-to-room cam- words leadership and clear that during my disappointment paigns. Forums and questions, like that of service. Leadership is and detachment period, I hold no an- an interrogation, surged me never. Above defined in the dic- ger or grudge against anyone. all, I had delivered my humble speech in tionary as the act of front of the opposite party and of the entire One of the best things I’ve learned leading. On the other public. upon reading “Tuesdays with Morrie” hand, service is the is that you must detach yourself of The Grand Rally has then ended. And I act of serving. Combining both, a sub- feelings you know that will not be of was glad that it was over. What made me stantial keyword has emerged-- servant good help to your growth and develop- happier was when they told me I did well. leader. There are lots of servants and ment as a person. And disappoint- “Maboang jud ko girl kung dili ka kadaog. plenty of leaders but few only got the title ment is one. I won’t let disappoint- You’ve done so well”, as the newly elected of being a servant leader. ment be my ghost for a long time. Student Chair, Ralph Sanchez had told me. Privileged enough, I was one of those Everything happens for a reason and After all the exhausting days of campaign few who were given that rare opportunity whatever that reason may be, the they rewarded me with compliments of do- to live with the term servant leader. I was most difficult part is really hard to ing a good job. Remembering the cheers and to run as one of the candidates for 2nd accept. I might have lost the elections applause I’ve gained made me realize the year representative under the flag of Nag- by just a matter of two votes but the very reason of why I’m here -- to serve. I am kahiusang Kusog sa Estudyante (NKE). heart for service will continue flam- so much willing to spend my time serving I felt so blessed hearing them saying, “It’s ing within me as my life goes on. others even if it would mean restriction to hard to look for winnable candidates”. Be- my social life; all for those who believe in “Service is not measured by cause of the warmth of their company, me. the number of votes gained”, as their strong principles and the promised quoted by one of my co-candidate. Just two. Yes, just two votes. Two votes support my friends and classmates, with- And I know deep within me and those were just the difference. Two votes are all I out a doubt, I said a bold YES. people who still believe in me, I’ve won, need to fulfill my dream of having that full For almost a week, we had room-to- beyond compare, beyond hesitation, -service duty to my co-students. Disap- room campaigns, repeating speeches over beyond the number of votes….beyond pointed? Yes I am. Whoever who could have and over again with every repetition aim- that two votes. been in my position would feel the same, I ing for improvement; and all the other shall say. It really won’t hurt that much if preparations needed for the upcoming elec- it was as large as 20-30 votes because in 8
  9. 9. UP CEBU ISKA IN PBB by: Frances Claire Peñalosa UP Cebu's pride steps up to Big Brother's house, March 9, as she brings prestige to her co-isko's and iska's to a different angle of excellence; celebrity scenes. Dionne Dennia B. Monsanto, 2nd year Mass Communication student of UP Cebu, is now officially one of the housemates of Big Brother's house. Her first appearance on March 9 brought excitement to the UP students especially her Mass Comm family. Being part of the PBB, is according to Dionne, her big- gest breakthrough in fulfilling her dream of being a famous celebrity. Dionne has done a number of projects in show business. She was part of the local ABS-CBN teleseryes quot;Bondingquot; and quot;For Lifequot; and played the lead in both dramas. Before she flew to Manila for the PBB opening night, February 25, she was cur- rently a VJ/host of RCTV and she used to do sideline modeling projects. Behind all these achievements, however, is nothing but her one and only goal of helping out her mom with their finan- cial matters. Dulce Siroy brought Dionne up by herself after Dionne's father left them when Dionne was still a baby. All throughout Dionne's career, Mrs. Siroy never failed to giver her full support to her daughter. Even Dionne's boyfriend, Arman Mantilla, never left her side in supporting her with what she loves to do. According to Maria Nerissa Quiño, Dionne's classmate in UP and also a close friend, whatever is the outcome of PBB, Dionne would still pursue her studies in UP Cebu as a Mass Communication student. quot;Dream jud ni niya na makaswkelag UP.quot; (It has always been her dream to study in UP). Reality TV show PBB continues. And iska Dionne carries through to win the contention of gaining the people's affec- tion. Day by day, she strives to prove to the whole country what UP students can be capable of; versatility and excellence take control. JUST A LITTLE UNDERSTANDING AND A LITTLE CONCERN by: Lim, Hye-in When I got up from my bed, I was in a new world. Then the problem started from here. Having a difference Everything was so different from what I used to. Yes, I was not really bad, then what? Difference just caused prob- became an alien (HEY, NOT FROM ANOTHER lems in a way that we easily misunderstood or generalized PLANET), and resided in a different place. I was trying something. This is what I, or we, should not do. to maintain my Korean culture and adapt Filipino cul- You know what? I found some words that were mostly ture at the same time. I felt like a ‘hyphen’ between the said by Filipinos. Words that Filipinos love to say. First one two words. Sometimes, I got sick of those annoying mis- is “Tomorrow, tomorrow!” but I knew that it won’t be to- understandings and wrong perceptions I got from other morrow any more. Second one is “Maybe. I’m not sure”. If people who surrounded me. I’d been having a hard time I’d ask whether we have any tests on that day, my class- trying to understand and accept many differences but mates would most likely say, “Maybe”. If I’d ask whether then at times, I did fail. These failures, however, made our teacher is around or not, again, they would say, me stronger. Finally, I already knew what I should do as “Maybe”. How funny! In contrast, if you would ask me well as what I should not. ‘what word do I love to say’, I would answer, “Faster!” It is Too hot, I habitually spit out. I felt like my body was just for the sake of humor but I think this simply represents dried up and was already very irritated by the intensive both Korean’s and Filipino’s different characteristics. I be- heat. It almost caused me to collapse. Perhaps, because lieve that most of the conflicts between Koreans and Filipi- of this hot weather, Filipinos tend to delay or break nos are from the distinctive characteristics affected by differ- promises. I had observed that they were very easygoing ent environments. compared to hot-tempered Koreans who always wanted So all we got to do is to understand each other despite the to settle things clearly and hastily. The most frustrating differences. When both Koreans and Filipinos really want to fact was that Filipinos just accepted others’ excuses and help and encourage each other, there shall be no problems understand their situations swiftly. If we, Koreans, were and we will be happy with being together. Just a little under- into that case, we would easily get mad about it because standing and a little concern will make us all pleasant. KA- we valued more public matters than private ones. We SABOT KA? are somehow uptight, and demanding. Maybe Filipino people would hate us because of this characteristic. We would feel the same way with the Filipinos. 9
  10. 10. Evert: The Person behind the Personality by: Jecca B. Jacildo You’ll notice her; that grace and confi- I want to find that purpose. I don’t let dence in her stance and her outgoing personality people dictate me, but I believe that we On being a youth leader. is hard to miss. should always get in touch with our ‘inner “I don’t see it as an award, although it’s self’---the one that knows what’s right or You’ll admire her; being hailed as the 2007 an added plus in my resume. For me, it’s just wrong. Outstanding Cebuano Youth Leader while gain- another challenge.” This was how she de- ing the position of university and college scholar scribed the feeling of having the title of Out- is no easy feat. standing Youth Leader of Cebu for 2007. For What are the things you want to be able But you are going to love this twenty year her, the award was also a way of redeeming her to tell your grandchildren when you’re old old mass communication student of UP Cebu past failures, and of inspiring youth leaders and gray?That I traveled around the more when you get to know the person that she world, and worked in an international en- who come after her. is. vironmental NGO, specifically the PEM- With her academic and extra-curricular SEA (Partnership for the Environmental activities both on uphill, you wouldn’t think she Management of the Seas of East Asia). has any problems managing the two. But she Profile I’d also encourage them to join organiza- says that it is a “continued struggle, but I put tions like Tsinelas (which she’s part of). It Name: Cris Evert Lato things first. I prioritize being a student, be- doesn’t have many resources, but they cause when you look at the words ‘student Age: 20 years old manage to give children what they de- leader’, the word ‘student’ comes first.” Achievement: 2007 Outstanding Cebuano Youth serve. Most of all, I would tell them that Leader, Philippines’ representative to China dur- I once dreamed to be a beauty queen. ing the East Asian seas youth forum,etc. Her Inspiration. Her message. Self-description: “I can say that I’m a well- Her parents married very young, be- She had experienced how it was rounded person, and can adjust well to any type cause her mother was only 18 years old when to be degraded because of her course of personality” she became pregnant. This aspect of her par- choice. There were teachers who immedi- ents’ former situation, aside from their encour- Motto: “Everyday, in every way, I’m getting better ately presumed all Mass Communication agement, drives her to go beyond her limits. and better” students were not good in math; relatives ultimately questioned the suitability of her career choice. But this is what she The Real Cris Evert. The things she has to say: has to say: “We’re not underdogs. In fact, When asked what people wrongly per- we do not only use our intellectual capac- ceive about her, she answers that people com- ity, but also the physical. We just don’t On Mass Communication. monly see her as strict, perhaps because of her write; we go to the field and write. The Surprisingly, she never wanted to be a aura or the way she brings herself. But she in- course is not all about glitz and glamour, Mass Communication student. She wanted to fused that “I am strict, but only when I am in for it entails a lot of sweat, blood and take up Biology, and her father wanted her to the appropriate position to be one. That does- sleepless nights. Not all of us may be good take up Accountancy. When the UPCAT results n’t make me a bad person.” She also adds that in math, but that does not mean we’re came with her name on the list of passers, her people often see her as one who’s very serious not great at all in the other important father advised her to enroll in UP. Following her about her studies but fact is, “I do go out a aspects of Mass Communication.” She father’s wishes, she decided to enroll in the lot.” also believes that actions should be taken school but did not know what course to take. to upgrade the program, because “there She reveals that she loves to travel, Biology was an option, but she felt it was not are so many great talents and potentials which is the reason why she despises having a practical. She then thought that when March that need to be developed” corporate job. “I don’t want to sit around all came and she did not have any course in mind, day. If I get an 8-5 corporate job, I don’t know she would take up Mass Communication. And what would become of me.” that was how she came to be a blessing in the Now, you won’t just only notice, program (Thank God for ‘last resorts’). admire and love Ate Evert ; you SHOULD notice, admire and love her Her Answers to questions on life and living it. For her, the coolest thing about being a more than much. Mass Communication student is having your If you had a time machine in your hands, at name printed in newspapers. That was how she what point in your life would you like to go felt the very first time her name appeared in Su- back to and change? Why? per Balita at 2004, in August (which was also her High school. Specifically third year. Those were birthday). The week after that, Sun Star pub- disastrous days, because stereotyping was lished an article of hers. And then her various prevalent. An instance was, back then I wanted assignments to write different articles started. It to become a member in the dance troupe be- was also the time she realized that the work was cause I loved to dance. But they did not ac- “not all glory, for it entails a lot of responsibili- cept me because I was highly regarded in the ties”. She further added that another great ex- academics. There were categories; in my case, perience of hers as a Masscomm student was the if you were an honor student, you belong only ‘sudden surge of ideas over snacks with friends’. to the academics. I chose to be silent on mat- She relates this to the time when they were ters that needed to be addressed. I’d like to tasked to do an advertisement in class. They change that. were all exhausted, but the relief of the rush of ideas at the time when they really needed it was overwhelming. How do you generally live and view life? How “The great thing about being a Mass- does this help or hinder you? comm student in UP is though we don’t have all I live life in the knowledge that I have a pur- Cris Evert B. Lato the sophisticated facilities other schools have, pose. That is why I join different organizations; we produce students of excellent ‘quality’” 10