World Children\'s Fund Relief Myanmar
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World Children\'s Fund Relief Myanmar



World Children\'s Fund Relief efforts in Myanmar.

World Children\'s Fund Relief efforts in Myanmar.



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World Children\'s Fund Relief Myanmar World Children\'s Fund Relief Myanmar Presentation Transcript

  • WCF Relief Works Myanmar 2008
    • Winds of about 190km/h (120mph) battered the Irrawaddy, Rangoon, Bago, Karen and Mon regions in MYANMAR.
    Tropical Cyclone Nargis Path May 2-3,2008 MYANMAR
    • Population in Cyclone striken area
    It is reported that in Myanmar more than 120,000 may have died in the cyclone and that 95% of buildings in the affected area are demolished, and as many as 1 million people may have been left homeless.
    • Harrowing: Bodies lie bloated in the water still covering areas of the Irrawaddy delta
    • Laid waste:
    • Missing roofs and buckled trees how the devastation in a delta town
    People and their damaged homes
    • Only the roofs stand about the water in flooded villages around Rangoon
    Fallen trees on the street
  • Desperate: Cyclone survivors are waiting for Relief Goods in a village in the Irrawaddy delta
    • A fallen tree dwarfs a Rangoon resident sitting beneath on May 6, 2008
    Fallen cable poles on street
  • Need: A survivor carrying water Children are thirsty for clean drinking water
    • Children queue up to receive food aid at a monastery in Thinganyon.
    • A girl leans against the wall of her damaged home in Rangoon, six days after Cyclone Nargis slammed into Burma ’ s western coast.
    • Although the UN Secratary General Ban Ki Moon ’ s visit, the Myanmar military junta restricts the access of foreigners into the Delta area, at which the condition is very serious. Policeman and soldier on patrol forbid any foreigners to take photos inside storm stricken area. It is hardly seen the western people walking on the street.
    Relief Works Situation
    • WCF donated GIKs including bedsheets, slippers, soaps, and candles etc. to Myanmar cyclone stricken area for helping local people in May 2008.
    WCF Relief Works
    • Due to the heavy damages of Rangoon seaport, we have to deliver those GIKs by road from Ruili Boarder, Yunnan province of China to Yangoon.
    WCF Relief Works
    • We go to the Ruili Boarder to check goods and facilitate the customs, in order to deliver our GIKs to Myanmar as quick as possible.
    WCF Relief Works
    • It is ususally rainy season in Myanmar from May to October, the weather is hot and wet. This will incur a lot of difficulties for transportation of Relief Goods.
    WCF Relief Works
    • Left: The gate of Ministry of Myanmar Social Welfare.
    • Right: Governmental Warehouse. Both domestic and foreign relief goods should be collected here and then distributed to the cyclone stricken areas.
    WCF Relief Works
    • WCF delivered our relief goods successfully and punctually to an warehouse designated by the Ministry of Myanmar Social Welfare. This warehouse is the only official place for collection and distribution of relief goods.
    WCF Relief Works
  • WCF Relief Works
    • The Myanmar governmental officials in charge of relief works and social welfare hold a reception ceremony for WCF Donation, and shake hands with WCF staffs to compliment.
    • “ Min Ga Lar Par(Good morning) ” ,Kyauk Dan Village. WCF relief team had struggled to enter into the storm stricken area and were sending out the GIKs to storm victims in Kyauk Dan Village in respectful way.
    WCF Donation in Kyauk Dan Village
    • “ Kyay Zu Tin Par Tal ” said a boy in T-shirt, that is Thank you in English. We come to visit Kyauk Dan village, which is about 60km southwest of Rangoon, has a population of more than 200 peasants. Cyclone destroyed both their homes and plants. They are very thankful to the WCF Donation.
    WCF Donation in Kyauk Dan Village
    • WCF relief team go to two kindergartens after storm, one is SHWE PYI THAR, the other is DAGON SEIKKAN, both of them are in Rangoon, Myanmar. They were all hit by Nargis, the roofs were blow off, some class windows were broken. Thanks to the teachers, Children are safe here, but some kids are terrified by big wind.
    WCF Donation to Kindergartens
    • WCF make donation to these lovely kids who are influenced by the Cyclone psychologically. When we hands them candy and chocolate, all souls smile.
    WCF Donation to Kindergartens
  • Story 1: A little Boy Kyaw Kyaw
    • We met Kyaw Kyaw, 3 years old boy, in the SHWE PYI THAR Kindergarten, Rangoon. He is so cute and everyone is touched by looking at his face. But nobody knows he is orphan now. We are sorry to hear that ……
    • We are told that he had a big and happy family before. He had 2 elder sisters and 1 little brother. Hit by the Nargis, both his parents and his siblings died. Now, he is adopted by the Kindergarten. Although he survives, but he is affected psychologically. There is a training course for those Children like Kyaw Kyaw in this Kindergarten. We believe he will grow up and will have a better life tomorrow.
    • Su Su, a lovely Myanmar girl, 5 years old, is now expectiing us to visit her home village again. We know her when we are sending out the GIKs to the storm victims in Kyauk Dan village. She is a little bit shy, and is supposed to start her new school life in June this year. But now, her hope vanished. Due to the cyclone, the school, which is the only one school in her village, collapsed and floated far away. Her elder sister Yu Yu stand beside her, and console her, say: ” Don ’ t worry, I will teach you some courses, the same as you can learn in school. ” But her elder sister is only Grade 3 in that school, and they don ’ t have any textbooks avaiable. Even worse, there is no power in her village yet. It will be a very long dark evening.
    • We give them candles, it is helpful. And Su Su say she won ’ t fear the dark night any more, because of our Donation, our care.
    Story 2: A little Girl in Kyauk Dan Village
    • Maung Maung, aged 7, is a little newspaper vendor. We learnt his story on the street nearby our hotel in Rangoon on the International Children ’ s Day. Maung Maung is a clever boy, he ‘ s been following us to sell the local newspaper. Then our interview began.
    • He said he was a student, Grade 2, in SEIK KAN elementary school in Rangoon before the Cyclone Nargis came. The big storm changed his life, and rob him of schooling. He, the eldest child in his famliy, has to support his sisters and brothers, because his family was deprived of all savings. He and his family now are living in their relative ’ s house. Due to lack of money, he has to be a vender on the street everyday. We were sorry to learn his story especially on the Children ’ s Day. There are many Children like Maung Maung in Myanmar.
    Story 3: A little Boy Vendor