Fall LIFEGroup Guide


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Our guide to finding a LIFEGroup at Calvary

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Fall LIFEGroup Guide

  1. 1. Fall Guide
  2. 2. LIFEGroup: A group of individuals who share their lives through formative, caring, and missional relationships to the glory of God. FORMATIVE Every member of the group is being formed into the image of Christ CARING The members of the group sacrifice as necessary to meet the needs of one another MISSIONAL The group finds it’s purpose as it adopts the mission of Christ in the world Calvary consists of many communities of people, some who meet formally and some who meet informally. We choose to call these groups “LIFEGroups”. Our groups are based on the idea that we desire to cre- ate as little structure as needed to provide for as much growth as possible. Because we have so many differ- ent types of LIFEGroups, we created this guide to help you find a LIFEGroup to connect with. 2
  3. 3. Table of Contents Overview of Groups page 4 Stage of Life Groups page 7 Directory page 8 Using This Guide: All the groups listed in this group are listed with the name of the group’s contact person. Each contact per- son is listed in the Directory at the end of the guide. Should you desire more information about any of these groups, you can receive that information from the group’s contact person. Two lists are included in this guide. The first list is sorted by the day and time of the group’s regular meet- ings. This listing also includes the location of meetings and the life stage of the typical group member. If the most important factors in finding a group are location or time, this list will be of the most benefit to you. The second list is sorted by the life stage of the typical group member. While many of our groups are open to all people, this list generalizes to help you get a feel for the stage of life of the majority of people in the group. Finally, we have several groups which are targeted at specific groups of people (men, women, singles, etc.). These groups are also included in both lists. Got Questions? Contact Pastor David david.rudd@calvarymuskegon.com 3
  4. 4. Overview of Groups Sunday 8:30am Pastor’s Prayer Partners • Location: Calvary Church Prayer Room Life Stage: Men 9am Rick Maine • Location: Calvary Church Room E101 Life Stage: Open 9am Tom Kapanka • Location: Calvary Church Room C104 Life Stage: Couples 10:30am Pastor’s Prayer Partners II • Location: Calvary Church Prayer Room Life Stage: Men 10:30am Tom Watkins • Location: Calvary Church Room E102 Life Stage: Open 10:30am Terry Fulk • Location: Calvary Church Cafeteria Life Stage: 55+ 10:30am Dick Carlson • Location: Calvary Church Room E103 Life Stage: Mostly “Empty-Nesters” 10:30am Tim Swan • Location: Calvary Church Room C105 Life Stage: Mostly “Middle Adult” 10:30am Gloria Rudd • Location: Calvary Church Room B109 Life Stage: Women 10:30am Sharon Morris • Location: Calvary Church Room C105 Life Stage: Women 10:30am Mim Shirley • Location: Calvary Church Rotunda Conference Room Life Stage: Women 10:40am Tim Tabor • Location: Calvary Church Room E101 Life Stage: Open 4:30pm Dave and Peggy VanAndel • Location: Calvary Church Room C105 Life Stage: Couples 4
  5. 5. Overview of Groups Sunday, continued 6pm Shirley Lenz • Location: Norton Shores Life Stage: Women 6pm Kirk Powell • Location: Calvary Church Cove Life Stage: Young Families 6pm Steve Rodenburg • Location: Calvary Church C104 Life Stage: Newly and Not Yet Married 6pm Scott and Sue Carpenter • Location: North Muskegon Life Stage: Young Families 6pm Frank and Lisa Sprague • Location: Calvary Church C101 Life Stage: Open 6pm Mike Wilkerson • Location: Calvary Church Prayer Room Monday 6:30pm Rose Huston (every other week) • Location: Calvary Church Chapel Life Stage: Single Moms Tuesday 6am Tom Watkins (Men’s Prayer Group) • Location: Roosevelt Park Life Stage: Men 9:30am Stephanie Lubbers • Location: Calvary Church Room E102 Life Stage: Mothers of Young Children 6:30pm Gayl and Julie Beals (every other week) • Location: Wolf Lake Life Stage: Open 7pm Bob Lenz • Location: Maranatha Bible Conference Life Stage: 55+ 7pm Ken Huston • Location: Lakeside Life Stage: Open 5
  6. 6. Overview of Groups Wednesday 6:30pm James Russell • Location: Near Lakes Mall Life Stage: Singles 6:30pm Kathy Tabor • Location: Calvary Church Room C101 Life Stage: Women 6:30pm Chuck Richards • Location: Calvary Church Room C104 Life Stage: Men 6:30pm Jeff and Joyce Balog • Location: Calvary Church Room C103 Life Stage: Open 6:30pm Ken Mietzner • Location: Rotating Homes Life Stage: 55+ 6:30pm Jonathan DeCou • Location: Fruitport Life Stage: Open 6:30pm David Rudd • Location: Calvary Church Back-Stage Life Stage: Open 6:30pm Bill Rudd • Location: Rotating Homes Life Stage:Open Thursday 9am Marlene Manzer • Location: Rotating Homes Life Stage: Women 6:30pm Alyce DeGraves • Location: Calvary Church Chapel Life Stage: Grief Share 7pm Dave Sawyer • Location: Calvary Church Room C105 Life Stage: Open 7pm Larry Manzer • Location: Spring Lake/Grand Haven Life Stage: Open Rotating Evenings Kevin and Lynn Patrick • Location: North Muskegon Life Stage: Open 6
  7. 7. Stage of Life Groups Many of the groups listed below are actually “open groups”, meaning they have people from several different stages of life who participate in their group. These categories have been created simply to identify the life stage of the majority of people in each group. Contact the group leader to get more accurate information about the group. Singles Women Only James Russell Gloria Rudd • • Rose Huston Sharon Morris • • Mim Shirley • Newly and Nearly Married Shirley Lenz • Rose Huston Steve Rodenburg • • Stephanie Lubbers • Kathy Tabor Young Families • Marlene Manzer Kirk Powell • • Scott and Sue Carpenter • Men Only Frank and Lisa Sprague • Chuck Richards Mike Wilkerson • • Pastor’s Prayer Partners I & II David Rudd • • Tom Watkins (Men’s Prayer • Group) Middle Adults Rick Maine • Particular Needs Tom Kapanka • Rose Huston (Single Mothers) Tom Watkins • • Alyce DeGraves (GriefShare) Tim Swan • • Dick Carlson • Tim Tabor • Dave and Peggy VanAndel • Gayl and Julie Beals • Jeff and Joyce Balog • Jonathan DeCou • Dave Sawyer • Kevin and Lynn Patrick • 55+ Terry Fulk • Bob Lenz • Ken Mietzner • Larry Manzer • 7
  8. 8. Directory of LIFEGroup Contacts AB Jeff and Joyce Balog Phone: [h] 616-847-0202 [w] 231-799-2524 Email: baydog@hotmail.com Gayl and Julie Beals Phone: 231-788-3646 Email: gjdmt@yahoo.com C Dick Carlson Phone: 231-798-3255 Email: CarlsonLC@aol.com Scott and Sue Carpenter Phone: 744-5296 Email: soozanner@comcast.net D Jonathan DeCou Phone: [w] 231-865-1259 [h] 231-780-5320 Email: jonathan.decou@calvarymuskegon.com Alyce DeGraves Phone: 231-670-7705 Email: alycedgr58@comcast.net EF Terry Fulk Phone: [w] 231-865-1259 Email: terryfulk@calvarymuskegon.com GH Ken Huston Phone: 231-557-8995 Email: kthuston@verizon.net Rose Huston Phone: [h]231-366-1893 [c]231-903-5771 Email: livinghisgrace@hotmail.com 8
  9. 9. IJK Tom Kapanka Phone: [w] 231-865-2141 Email: tom.kapanka@calvarymuskegon.com L Bob Lenz Phone: 231-799-2178 Email: Boblenz2@cs.com Shirley Lenz Phone: 231-799-2178 Email: Stephanie Lubbers Phone: 231-773-0795 Email: lubbers3@verizon.net M Rick Maine Phone: 231-865-6316 Email: Larry Manzer Phone: 616-846-0428 Email: larrymanzer@sbcglobal.net Marlene Manzer Phone: 616-846-0428 Email: Ken Mietzner Phone: 231-719-0120 Email: knmietz33@verizon.net Sharon Morris Phone: 231-788-3846 Email: quiltsunlimited@comcast.net NOP Pastor’s Prayer Partners NO CONTACT INFORMATION, JUST SHOW UP AT THE CHURCH PRAYER ROOM ANY SUNDAY. Kevin and Lynn Patrick Phone: 231-744-9181 Email: patrickl@reeths-puffer.org 9
  10. 10. P (cont.) Ross Pope Email: info@redstn.com Kirk Powell Phone: 231-739-3238 QR Chuck Richards Phone: 231-865-3659 Email: charles7richards@aol.com Steve Rodenburg Phone: 231-759-8125 Email: steve.rodenburg@calvarymuskegon.com Bill Rudd Phone: [w] 231-865-1259 [h] 231-798-3134 Email: drbrudd@msn.com David Rudd Phone: [w] 231-865-1259 [h] 231-755-8638 Email: david.rudd@calvarymuskegon.com Gloria Rudd Phone: 231-798-3134 Email: redrudd1@msn.com James Russell Phone: 231-799-0605 Email: jam.russell@verizon.net S Dave Sawyer Phone: [w]616-748-2602 ext.6 Email: jilbur@chartermi.net Mim Shirley Phone: 231-744-1371 Email: bobmimshir@aol.com Frank and Lisa Sprague Phone: 231-366-4412 Email: lisa.sprague@calvarymuskegon.com Tim Swan Phone: 231-865-7984 Email: tsswan@juno.com 10
  11. 11. T Kathy Tabor Phone: 616-638-2336 Email: katmitrobat@yahoo.com Tim Tabor Phone: 616-638-2335 Email: UV Dave and Peggy VanAndel Phone: 231-780-3751 Email: W Tom Watkins Phone: [w]231-755-6038 Email: tlwat@aol.com Mike Wilkerson Phone: [w] 231-865-1259 [h] 231-798-3965 Email: mike.wilkerson@calvarymuskegon.com XYZ 11
  12. 12. Calvary Church 5873 Kendra Rd Fruitport, MI 49415 www.calvarymuskegon.com 231.865.1259 12