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Movie Guide
                       May ‫و‬

Sunday ‫األحد‬
Starring Ben Stille...
April 25 - May 1                                                                                                          ...
May 2-8                                                                                                                   ...
May 9-15                                                                                                                  ...
May 16-22                                                                                                                 ...
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Transcript of "mbc2-movies-guide"

  1. 1. Movie Guide May ‫و‬ ‫ماي‬ Sunday ‫األحد‬ 9 PM KSA Starring Ben Stiller MONDAY ‫االثنين‬ 11 PM KSA STARRING PAUL WALKER
  2. 2. April 25 - May 1 ‫أبريل 52 - 1 مايو‬ 4/25 ‫السبت‬ 4/26 ‫األحد‬ 4/27 ‫االثنين‬ 4/28 ‫الثالثاء‬ 4/29 ‫األربعاء‬ 4/30 ‫الخميس‬ 5/1 ‫الجمعة‬ KSA Saturday 25/04 Sunday 26/04 Monday 27/04 Tuesday 28/04 Wednesday 29/04 Thursday 30/04 Friday 01/05 A Kid Called The Emperor’s Jubilee Based on an Chu Chu and Danger New Clothes Pocahontas Untrue Story the Philly Flash Brother Bear 2 3:00 Drama Comedy Animated Comedy Comedy Comedy Animated ‫دراما‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫أنيمايشن‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫أنيمايشن‬ 3: The Dale Spy Kids 3-D: Leaving Normal Airheads Shattered Glass Cobb Freejack Dr. Seuss’ The Windfall 3pm The Legend of Our Man 3pm 10 Items or Less Sleeping 3pm Death Earnhardt Story Game Over Cat in the Hat Bagger Vance Flint With The Enemy Becomes Her 5:00 Biography Adventure Drama Comedy Drama Biography Action Comedy Action Drama Adventure Comedy Drama Comedy ‫سيرة حياة‬ ‫مغامرة‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫سيرة حياة‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫مغامرة‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫كوميديا‬ Creature Second Best Shattered I Heart Windtalkers Big Fat Liar The Citizen The Best Man Jawbreaker The TV Set Blind Horizon Home for the Phase IV Confessions Unknown Dreams Huckabees Holidays of a Young Bride 7:00 Horror Drama Action Comedy Action Comedy Drama Comedy Comedy Drama Drama Drama Action Comedy ‫رعب‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫كوميديا‬ The Wind Spider-Man 2 The Reckoning Ice Princess Blind Confessions Against the Law School of Life Charlie’s Angels: My Big Fat Assassination Dude, Where’s Reindeer Games Jersey Girl That Shakes Judgement of a Teenage Full Throttle Greek Wedding Tango My Car? the Barley Drama Queen Drama Action Drama Comedy Thriller Comedy Action Comedy Action Comedy Drama Comedy Action Comedy ‫دراما‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫تشويق‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫كوميديا‬ Brothers in 1920s Toby Maguire returns A priest joins a Starring Michelle Starring Lesley Lindsay Lohan A fame-obsessed A new teacher Starring Cameron Nia Vardalos plays a Robert Duvall plays Ashton Kutcher and Ben Affleck is a Starring Ben Affleck Ireland abandon civilian life and as Spiderman in the sequel and battles traveling band of actors, who try to Trachtenberg as a girl who must choose Ann Warren, in a thriller about a is a teenage girl convinced her home outlaw goes on a cop-killing spree but squares up against his crusty competitor Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu. The young Greek woman who falls in love with a seasoned hit man sent on a job Seann William Scott wake up after a night reformed car thief who unwittingly finds and Jennifer Lopez. A widowed father ‫أفالم هذا األسبوع‬ 9:00 take-up arms against Doctor Octopus. solve a murder. between Harvard defense lawyer who city revolves around meets his match for a teacher of the angels investigate a a non-Greek and to Argentina, but of partying and can’t himself at the centre tries to get a grip on Britain. and her dream of represents a woman her. But reality soon when he confronts year award. series of murders. struggles to get her becomes spellbound remember where they of a casino robbery. life and support his becoming a skater. charged with murder. hits. the top cop. family to accept him. by a beautiful dancer. parked. daughter. Swordfish Hope Springs Black Hawk Road Trip The Omen 666 Fogbound The Descent Don Juan Timecop Bella Panic Room And Now... The Last Castle The Illusionist Down DeMarco Ladies and Gentlemen... Action Drama Action Comedy Horror Drama Thriller Drama Action Drama Drama Drama Action Mystery ‫أكشن‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫رعب‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫تشويق‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫لغز‬ Starring John Travolta Colin Firth plays an Josh Harnett stars. A hilarious story of Julie Stiles stars Luke Perry plays one Directed by Neil Johnny Depp believes Jean-Claude Van A love story about Jodie Foster becomes Jeremy Irons is a Jailed army general Lowly Edward Norton and Halle Berry in a artist holed up in 123 elite US soldiers four friends who as the mother who of three friends who Marshall. A caving he’s the world’s Damme is a timecop how one day in New imprisoned in a British jewel thief who Robert Redford is a magician who plot to steal billions in a rundown hotel in find themselves in a take a road trip to realizes her son is evil get stuck in fog on expedition goes greatest lover, but who fights in the past York changed three secure room, which falls for a burned out has a disobedient must use his abilities 11:00 dirty money. small-town Vermont desperate battle with retrieve an illicit tape and the spawn of the the way to a holiday horribly wrong when there are those who and goes back in time people forever. has a fortune beneath jazz singer, and so streak and leads his to secure the love of after being dumped militia in Somalia. mistakenly sent to a Devil. and hidden secrets the explorers are think he needs to be to save his dead wife. it, and thieves trying begins a story of two cellmates into all-out a woman out of his by his fiancée. girlfriend. emerge. pursued by predators. cured. to get in. lost souls. war. league. Thumbsucker Stay Alive Goodfellas Undercurrent Alien No Escape Geniune Risk 01:00 Comedy Horror Crime Thriller Sci-Fi Action Crime ‫كوميديا‬ ‫رعب‬ ‫جريمة‬ ‫تشويق‬ ‫خيال علمي‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫جريمة‬ Premiere | ‫عرض أول‬ First time on TV | ‫ألول مرة على التلفزيون‬ Premiere | ‫عرض أول‬ First time on TV | ‫ألول مرة على التلفزيون‬
  3. 3. May 2-8 8-2 ‫مايو‬ 5/2 ‫السبت‬ 5/3 ‫األحد‬ 5/4 ‫االثنين‬ 5/5 ‫الثالثاء‬ 5/6 ‫األربعاء‬ 5/7 ‫الخميس‬ 5/8 ‫الجمعة‬ KSA Saturday 02/05 Sunday 03/05 Monday 04/05 Tuesday 05/05 Wednesday 06/05 Thursday 07/05 Friday 08/05 Sunset Park Love is a Four No Small Affair Stuart Little 2 Black Sheep Nervous Ticks Letter Word Finding Nemo 3:00 Comedy Drama Comedy Comedy Comedy Comedy Animated ‫كوميديا‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫أنيمايشن‬ Cadillac Ranch Amazing Grace Demolition High Chasing Papi The Indian Uncle Buck Swarmed Madison The Cold Antwone Fisher High 3pm Three Days Shanghai 3pm Shooting Fish Runner Light of Day Anxiety to Vegas Knights 5:00 Adventure Drama Action Comedy Drama Comedy Sci-Fi Drama Drama Biography Comedy Comedy Martial Arts Comedy ‫مغامرة‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫خيال علمي‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫سيرة حياة‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫فنون القتال‬ ‫كوميديا‬ The Lost Too Young Irresistible The Wedding Captain Corelli’s Just Another Power of EDTV My Neighbor’s The Best Man Patient 14 Housesitter Coach Carter Perfect Battalion to Marry Singer Mandolin Story Attorney Keeper Strangers 7:00 Action Comedy Drama Comedy Drama Comedy Action Comedy Crime Comedy Thriller Drama Drama Comedy ‫أكشن‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫جريمة‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫تشويق‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫كوميديا‬ Best Laid Plans Dreaming of Method Two Brothers The Ringer The Love Letter Tristan + Isolde Raising Helen The Ladykillers Crazy in Chasing Ghosts The Good Night Hart’s War Men in Black Joseph Lees Alabama Crime Drama Thriller Adventure Comedy Comedy Adventure Comedy Comedy Drama Crime Comedy Drama Action ‫جريمة‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫تشويق‬ ‫مغامرة‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫مغامرة‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫جريمة‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫أكشن‬ Reese Witherspoon’s Samantha Morton Liz Hurley plays a Two tiger cubs are Johnny Knoxville Starring Ellen A Romeo and Juliet After Kate Hudson’s Tom Hanks stars. Directed by Antonio Starring Michael Stars Penelope Cruz Colin Farrell and Will Smith and Tommy new boyfriend will do anything to be with plays Eva, a woman whose love for celebrity actress who seems to take her separated from and each other. A wants to get rid of his bad debt by posing as DeGeneres and Kate Capshaw. The affair spells doom for Tristan and Isolde sister and brother- in-law die, she must A professor and his crew pose as a music Banderas and starring Melanie Griffith in Madsen. The plot thickens as cops hunt and Danny DeVito. A former pop star is at Bruce Willis star in this heroic World Lee Jones are sworn to protect the earth ‫أفالم هذا األسبوع‬ 9:00 her – theft, kidnap, another man leads new movie role a story about their a contestant… in the powerful words of a who must choose take on the role of band in order to rob a a gritty film about an elusive serial killer. a cross-roads in his War II tale about a from the alien scum murder… to a destructive love little too far… when unforgettable journey special Olympics. secret letter unlock between their loyalty guardian for their casino. racially-motivated life… till he meets Lieutenant whose of the universe. triangle. people start to die. home. the heart of a woman. and their love. three children. murder. Anna. honor and courage are pushed to the limits in a detention camp. The Lost City All In The Missing My Life Flightplan The Sasquatch The Zodiac The Boynton Dead Fish Apartment 12 Buffalo Soldiers The Big White Casino The Last Kiss Without me Dumpling Gang Beach Bereavement Club Drama Comedy Thriller Drama Action Comedy Thriller Comedy Action Comedy Comedy Comedy Crime Comedy ‫دراما‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫تشويق‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫تشويق‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫جريمة‬ ‫كوميديا‬ Andy Garcia stars. For six medical Tommy Lee Jones A young mother A thriller at 30,000ft An epic tale of a Starring Justin Proving age doesn’t Robert Carlyle and Starring Mark Ruffalo Joaquin Phoenix is a Robin Williams Robert De Niro stars Zach Braff and The son of a wealthy students, it’s not is desperate to discovers she has a – Jodie Foster’s bunch of nerds Chambers in a matter. A group of Gary Oldman star in as a down-on- U.S. soldier sworn to is bankrupt and in a behind the scene Jacinda Barrett play family in Cuba is about the cards reconcile with his terminal disease and daughter vanishes who discover giant desperate attempt oldies find themselves this London based his-luck artist who serve and protect… desperate. Could a story of the building a couple on the verge 11:00 caught up in a violent they’re dealt, it’s how daughter, once he decides now is the onboard a flight home footprints of a to stop a serial killer falling in love all over gangster-comedy begins a romance until he gets bored frozen corpse be the of Las Vegas and the of settling down, but regime and must flee to play them in the can free her from her time to live her life with only a few clues mythical beast in the who is terrorizing San again. about traitors, killers with his neighbor. and deals in stolen financial break he criminals involved. is it goodbye to their to New York. World Series of Poker. kidnappers. with passion. to help. woods and hatch a Francisco Bay. and lovers. When he dumps her, arms instead. needs? youth? plan to make some the residents of his money. apartment building turn on him. Candy Boogeyman 2 The Foreigner In Hell A Guide to The Killing Floor Diamond Recognizing Cut Diamond 01:00 Your Saints Drama Horror Action Action Drama Thriller Action ‫دراما‬ ‫رعب‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫تشويق‬ ‫أكشن‬ Premiere | ‫عرض أول‬ First time on TV | ‫ألول مرة على التلفزيون‬ Premiere | ‫عرض أول‬ First time on TV | ‫ألول مرة على التلفزيون‬
  4. 4. May 9-15 15-9 ‫مايو‬ 5/9 ‫السبت‬ 5/10 ‫األحد‬ 5/11 ‫االثنين‬ 5/12 ‫الثالثاء‬ 5/13 ‫األربعاء‬ 5/14 ‫الخميس‬ 5/15 ‫الجمعة‬ KSA Saturday 09/05 Sunday 10/05 Monday 11/05 Tuesday 12/05 Wednesday 13/05 Thursday 14/05 Friday 15/05 A Room These Foolish American A Man, The Dust Summer Rental With a View Things Graffitti a Woman Factory Kronk’s New 3:00 and a Bank Groove Comedy Drama Drama Comedy Drama Comedy Animated ‫كوميديا‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫أنيمايشن‬ Fifty/Fifty A Very Mask Doctor Dolittle Lonesome Jim The Color Aurora Borealis Clockwatchers Coronado The Competition The 3pm Next Stop Deep 3pm Piccadilly Jim Brady Sequel of Friendship Stepford Wives Wonderland Impact 5:00 Action Comedy Drama Comedy Comedy Drama Drama Comedy Action Comedy Horror Drama Drama Comedy ‫أكشن‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫رعب‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫كوميديا‬ City Hall Uptown Girls Throttle You Got Served Mind Games Hollywood The Haunting The Intern Avenging Angel Mission to Mars The Hoax Anna and Black Widow Underclassman Ending the King 7:00 Crime Comedy Action Comedy Drama Comedy Horror Comedy Drama Sci-Fi Drama Drama Crime Action ‫جريمة‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫رعب‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫خيال علمي‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫جريمة‬ ‫أكشن‬ Demolition Man Undiscovered Solo Night at The Mothman Win a Date with Crash Landing Man of The Last Legion Home Fries Wicker Park Zoolander I Spy Men in Black II the Museum Prophecies Tad Hamilton! the House Adventure Comedy Action Comedy Thriller Comedy Action Action Action Comedy Drama Comedy Comedy Sci-Fi ‫مغامرة‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫تشويق‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫خيال علمي‬ Violence and terror Pell James is an Mario Van Peebles Ben Stiller is a Richard Gere plays Kate Bosworth is a A billionaire’s Tommy Lee Jones As the Roman Empire Drew Barrymore plays Josh Hartnett is an Directed by and Fun and attitude Will Smith stars in rule the streets in the future and only Sly undiscovered entertainer, trying to is Solo – an android killing machine, security guard who discovers an ancient a reporter who investigates a series small time girl who wins a date with daughter is taken hostage onboard a must protect a group of cheerleaders who crumbles, Colin Firth helps a young boy pregnant Sally who falls for the stepson advertising exec who becomes obsessed starring Ben Stiller as a clueless fashion meet espionage for Eddie Murphy and the sequel as Earth’s protector from the ‫أفالم هذا األسبوع‬ 9:00 Stallone can stop the find her place in the designed by the curse that brings the of strange events, a celebrity, only to private plane and witness a murder, embark on a perilous of her deceased lover with a woman he model brainwashed to Owen Wilson. universe’s alien scum. city’s worst criminal, city of Los Angeles. military to destroy museum to life. including psychic find herself in a love only two men can but living with them voyage to Britain. and has to deal with believes to be his kill a Prime Minister. Wesley Snipes. rebels. visions and odd triangle. stop the terrorist. isn’t easy. a homicidal family. long-lost love. sightings. Saw IV In the Mix Arlington Road Vanity Fair Derailed Pumpkin Gothika The Lord of Cold Mountain The Calcium Kid The Last Love for Rent Empire Blue Crush the Rings: Samurai The Two Towers Horror Comedy Thriller Drama Drama Comedy Thriller Fantasy Drama Comedy Adventure Comedy Crime Drama ‫رعب‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫تشويق‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫تشويق‬ ‫فنتازيا‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫مغامرة‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫جريمة‬ ‫دراما‬ Jigsaw might be Usher plays a Jeff Bridges is a Reese Witherspoon Clive Owen and Christina Ricci is Halle Berry is a Frodo and Sam Nicole Kidman, Renee Orlando Bloom is Army Captain Tom Angie Cepeda plays A Bronx drug dealer, Kate Bosworth is dead, but he’s still successful DJ who college professor defies her poverty Jennifer Aniston find a sorority girl who psychiatrist who continue on to Mordor Zellweger and Jude a young milkman Cruise is hired to the role of Sofia, a John Leguizamo, a hard-core surfer playing deadly gets mixed up with a living in fear of stricken background themselves being helps coach mentally wakes up as a patient in their mission to Law in an Oscar who, by a bizarre destroy the Samurai student who accepts turns his back on his girl facing up to the 11:00 games, as two mobster after saving his neighbor Tim and ascends the blackmailed by a challenged athletes with no memory of destroy the One winning movie about twist of events, ends culture but soon finds money to rent out her roots and invests his competition of her seasoned FBI agents his life one night. Robbins, who he social ladder with her criminal after their and soon finds herself the murder she’s Ring, while their friends, love, and up fighting a world himself admiring the body and soul and money with a Wall life, and a new love. soon discover. suspects is a terrorist. best friend. affair is uncovered. an outcast. accused of. companions face the hope in War. champion. Samurai. become a surrogate Street broker. dangerous Isengard. mother. Satanic Jeepers Breakdown Half Light The Hunted Employee of Deadly Creepers II the Month Matrimony 01:00 Horror Horror Action Thriller Action Action Thriller ‫رعب‬ ‫رعب‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫تشويق‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫تشويق‬ Premiere | ‫عرض أول‬ First time on TV | ‫ألول مرة على التلفزيون‬ Premiere | ‫عرض أول‬ First time on TV | ‫ألول مرة على التلفزيون‬
  5. 5. May 16-22 22-16 ‫مايو‬ 5/16 ‫السبت‬ 5/17 ‫األحد‬ 5/18 ‫االثنين‬ 5/19 ‫الثالثاء‬ 5/20 ‫األربعاء‬ 5/21 ‫الخميس‬ 5/22 ‫الجمعة‬ KSA Saturday 16/05 Sunday 17/05 Monday 18/05 Tuesday 19/05 Wednesday 20/05 Thursday 21/05 Friday 22/05 Modern The Big Chill Gotcha! Love’s Labour’s Tom Sawyer Far and Away Romance Lost Treasure Planet 3:00 Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama Animated Adventure Animated ‫كوميديا‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫أنيمايشن‬ ‫مغامرة‬ ‫أنيمايشن‬ When Danger Bigger Than Delusion Born Romantic Enough The Karate Kid The Florentine White Air Hell’s Rain 30 Days Until The 3pm Nadine The 3pm The Winter Follows You the Sky I’m Famous Untouchables Gingerbread Guest 5:00 Home Man Thriller Comedy Drama Comedy Drama Drama Comedy Action Sci-Fi Drama Crime Comedy Thriller Drama ‫تشويق‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫خيال علمي‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫جريمة‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫تشويق‬ ‫دراما‬ The Blues Big Kingpin The Biker Boyz Kangaroo Jack High School The Even By Appointment Along Came The Game Just Married The Battle of Serving Sara Brothers Honeymooners High Stevens Movie Only Polly Shaker Heights 7:00 Comedy Comedy Comedy Comedy Action Comedy Comedy Comedy Horror Comedy Action Comedy Drama Comedy ‫كوميديا‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫رعب‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫كوميديا‬ Piggy Banks Just Like Double Ice Age 2: Anchorman: Sweet Home Matchstick Men Robots One Hour Photo Pirates of the Along Came All the Pretty Mullholand Drive Evolution Heaven Whammy The Meltdown The Legend of Alabama Caribbean: a Spider Horses Ron Burgundy The Curse of the Crime Comedy Comedy Animated Comedy Comedy Drama Animated Drama Black Pearl Thriller Drama Mystery Action ‫جريمة‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫أنيمايشن‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫أنيمايشن‬ ‫دراما‬ Action ‫تشويق‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫لغز‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫أكشن‬ Directed by Morgan Reese Witherspoon Denis Leary is a Diego, Manny and Will Ferrell is the Reese Witherspoon Nicholas Cage is a With Halle Berry. A Robin Williams plays Johnny Depp is Morgan Freeman Matt Damon is a Naomi Watts stars in Stars David Duchovny Freeman, Piggy Banks tells the story refuses to accept her afterlife as a ghost, detective who must battle his demons Sid are back, but this time the Ice Age city’s top rated anchorman… until ditches her white- trash background to small-time conman on the verge of a heartwarming robot tale about an inventor a freaky photo-lab employee who captain Jack Sparrow saving the governor’s is called upon by a congressman to help Texan drifter who seeks a better life this thriller about a young actress who and Julianne Moore in this comedy. A ‫أفالم هذا األسبوع‬ 9:00 of two brothers who while a widowed after failing to stop a team are starting to an anchorwoman become a socialite, lucrative swindle… who encounters love becomes dangerously daughter from his find his kidnapped in Mexico, but finds becomes ensnared in group of misfits work finance their lifestyle architect refuses to fast-food restaurant melt and destroy their tries to steal his but must return home until his daughter, or and a group of misfit obsessed with a former pirate allies, daughter. chaos and hardship a dark conspiracy. against a weird alien. as robbers. accept her presence. massacre. valley. show. to face her husband. so he thinks, arrives ‘bots’. young family. who are now undead. instead. on the scene. Basic The Last Shot The Mexican Love Actually 2 Fast 2 Furious Duane Hopwood The Skulls III Finding New Police Blood and Man on Fire Entropy Michael Clayton Five Aces Forrester Story Concrete Drama Comedy Action Comedy Action Drama Thriller Drama Martial Arts Comedy Crime Drama Action Comedy ‫دراما‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫تشويق‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫فنون القتال‬ ‫كوميديا‬ ‫جريمة‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫كوميديا‬ John Travolta is called Matthew Broderick Brad Pitt and Julia A bitter-sweet Paul Walker stars in A down-on-his- How far will this Reclusive mentor Starring Jackie Chan Starring Billy Zane. Denzel Washington Stephen Dorff’s George Clooney stars. Charlie Sheen’s up to investigate stars. A movie Roberts tangle with romance with Bill the sequel where he luck divorced dad female college Sean Connery helps as an Inspector An offbeat and plays a CIA agent character narrates A law firm brings character is ready to the disappearance director’s latest love and bad luck Nighy and Keira has to bring down struggles to get his student go to join an afro-American seeking revenge quirky story about an seeking vengeance this tale about the in its “fixer” after take the plunge and 11:00 of a legendary army project is jeopardized as they try to get a Knightley. Eight a drug dealer in family back together a secret, all-male teen-writing prodigy after his entire team interrupted suicide after the little girl demands of directing discovering their client get married, after sergeant and his by an FBI agent cursed antique pistol couples deal with order to avoid prison before it’s too late. society that can be a from the Bronx realize is killed by a violent and comic-book style he’s protecting is his first film and the is guilty of a multi- enjoying his last few cadets. working on a mob across the border. their love lives at himself. ticket to power? his potential. gang. crimes. kidnapped. pressures of his new billion dollar lawsuit. bachelor days. sting. Christmas. romance. Van Wilder: Pitch Black Puerto Vallarta Hard Target Reeker Donnie Darko Perfume: Party Liaison Squeeze The Story of 01:00 a Murderer Comedy Horror Action Drama Horror Drama Crime ‫كوميديا‬ ‫رعب‬ ‫أكشن‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫رعب‬ ‫دراما‬ ‫جريمة‬ Premiere | ‫عرض أول‬ First time on TV | ‫ألول مرة على التلفزيون‬ Premiere | ‫عرض أول‬ First time on TV | ‫ألول مرة على التلفزيون‬