Waste and Landfills in Georgia

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Covers municipal solid waste, construction and demolitions, and trash disposal in Georgia. Given to the Walker School as a presentation on January 29th, 2008.

Covers municipal solid waste, construction and demolitions, and trash disposal in Georgia. Given to the Walker School as a presentation on January 29th, 2008.

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  • 1. Disposal of Georgia MSW Interview with Waste Industries Date: January 29th, 2008
  • 2. MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE What is Municipal Solid Waste? • any solid waste derived from households, including garbage, trash, and sanitary waste in septic tanks and means solid waste from single family and multifamily residences, hotels and motels, bunkhouses, campgrounds, picnic grounds and day use recreation areas. The term includes yard trimmings and commercial solid waste but does not include solid waste from mining, agricultural, or silvicultural operations or industrial processes or operations. What is Garbage? • discarded animal and vegetable matter as from a kitchen - refuse. What is Trash? • anything worthless, useless, or discarded – rubbish.
  • 3. COMPOSITION OF MSW Glass 1.9% Textiles 2.6% Wood Products 3.9% Metal Items 4.6% Yard Waste 13.6% Paper Products 43.9% Food Waste 14.2% Plastic Containers 15.3%
  • 4. TYPES OF SOLID WASTE Residential Institutional Industrial Commercial Construction & Demolition
  • 5. WASTE STREAM FLOW Residential Waste & Recycling SUBTITLE – D MSW LANDFILL MSW and C&D Pit Commercial & Industrial TRANSFER STATION RECYCLING FACILITY Construction & Demolition Recycling Pit
  • 6. TRANSFER STATION What is a transfer station? • Facility used to transfer waste from a small truck to a large trailer. • Transfer stations accept C & D waste and or Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
  • 7. C & D Verses MSW Construction & Demolition Municipal Solid Waste Transfer Station Operations Transfer Station Operations • Inspected Regularly by EPD. • Inspected Regularly by EPD. • Requires transfer within 30 days • Requires same day transfer • No leachate requirements • Leachate containment system • Less vector responsibility • All vectors must be controlled • Dust & Mud • Smell • Noise • Litter
  • 8. FACILITY IMPROVEMENTS Important Guidelines -7 • Erosion Control 2 ft. Clay – 1x10 Permeability HDPE Liner 60mil • Vector Control • Flag Control • Storm Water Management • Leachate Collection • Ground Water Monitoring • Gas Containment
  • 9. UNACCEPTABLE WASTE Bio-Medical Waste Hazardous Waste
  • 10. REGIONAL LANDFILLS 2007 The Atlanta market area has a surplus of disposal capacity. Listed below are Subtitle D compliant facilities that are currently in operation as well as their anticipated remaining capacity. County Facility Type Dominion Tons/Day Life in Years Bartow MSWLF Public 323 6.0 Butts MSWLF Commercial 3164 31.0 Cherokee MSWLF Commercial 4371 29.0 Clayton MSWLF Public 313 16.0 DeKalb MSWLF Public 1514 78.0 Floyd MSWLF Public 274 32.0 Forsyth MSWLF Commercial 1958 24.0 Fulton MSWLF Commercial 70 3.0 Gordon MSWLF Public 142 178.0 Gwinnett MSWLF Commercial 2956 13.0 Hall MSWLF Public 257 36.0 Murray MSWLF Public 421 5.0 Newton MSWLF Public 171 11.0 Polk MSWLF Public 1200 55.0 Whitfield MSWLF Public 566 29.0
  • 11. NATIONAL DISPOSAL FEES This map illustrates the deflated tipping fees in Georgia and shows the comparison of other markets with 1 Million + populations. Even with high volumes of waste entering their landfills these markets yield a much higher gate rate than the Atlanta MSA. $60 $65 $125 $110 $90 $72 $40 $34 $38 $74
  • 12. REGIONAL LANDFILLS 2032 If all expansion were to cease in 25 years the market will look significantly different then it does today. Of course, we are all expecting the pioneers of technology to create alternatives to landfilling i.e., Composting, Fuel Alternatives, Bio-Technologies, etc. County Facility Type Dominion Tons/Day Life in Years Cherokee MSWLF Commercial 4371 4 Whitfield MSWLF Public 566 4 Butts MSWLF Commercial 3164 6 Floyd MSWLF Public 274 32 Hall MSWLF Public 257 11 Polk MSWLF Public 1200 12 DeKalb MSWLF Public 1514 53 Gordon MSWLF Public 142 153