Miros Design Build Approach 3.20.02


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Design/ Build Approach Advantage

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Miros Design Build Approach 3.20.02

  1. 1. Design/Build Approach Lunch /Learn for: March 20, 2002 By: Walter Miros, Senior Project Manager J.J. DeLuca Company, Inc.
  2. 2. Design/Build Approach Agenda w Team Structure Proposal Phase n Part 1 Design/Build Phase n Part 2 Design/Build Phase n w AIA 191 Part 1 & Part 2 Services w Design Build Process w GMP Process w Practical Approaches and Procedures w Design/Build – Time vs. Money w Summary
  3. 3. Design/Build Approach Team Structure – Proposal Phase w The Planner is the Proposal Lead Should have a strong construction background n Should have strong Program Management experience n Has good client interaction n Planner Must have good writing skills n Must be part politician n Must be a scheduler and estimator Business n Development Must be a good business person n Must have strategic planning skills n Architect Must be part presenter n Schedule l Budget l Scope l
  4. 4. Design/Build Approach Team Structure – Part 1 Design/Build Phase Planner Business Program Manager Development A/E PM A&N PM Architect Electrical Mechanical Consultants A&N Design Team
  5. 5. Design/Build Approach Team Structure – Part 2 Design/Build Phase Program Manager Business Planner Development Construction PM A/E PM A&N PM Construction Architect Electrical Mechanical Consultants A&N Team Implementation Team
  6. 6. Design/Build Approach AIA 191 Part 1 & 2 Services Design Build Contract GMP Part 1 – Preliminary Design & Pre-construction Planning Programming Schematic Design Design Development Preliminary Design Documents • Project Goals Refinement of Schematic Design • Site-Plan Information Gathering • • Complete Final Design • Elevations Interviews • Scheme • Floor Plans • Projected Space Needs • Refine Floor Plan • Equipment Layouts Adjacencies • • Complete MEP Scope • Mechanical Scope • Infrastructure Criteria • Refine Building • Drawings • Security Criteria Sections and Elevations • Electrical Scope • Voice/Data Criteria Drawings A&N Requirements • • A&N Drawings • Deliver Project Program Prioritize Early Documents • Civil • Foundation • Structural Owner Approval • MEP Equipment
  7. 7. Design/Build Approach Part 2 – Final Design & Implementation Final Design Construction Pre-construction Planning Construction and A&N Documents • Manage Design Consultation • Pre-qualify Preferred Construction Documents Contractors • Obtain Permits Drawings & Specifications • Pre-qualify Trades and Vendors • Complete Competitive • Architecture Bidding • Value Engineering & • Electrical Estimating • Select Contractors and Engineering Vendors • Prepare Bid Packages for Early • Mechanical Construction • Mobilize Site Engineering • Prepare Agencies for Phased • General Construction • Structural Permits Engineering • Migration Planning & • Pre-order Long Lead Implementation • Civil Engineering Materials/Equip. • Integrated Testing • Start Site Work • Applications& Network Services
  8. 8. Design/Build Approach The Design-Build Process Programming & Part I: Strategic Planning Detailed Design GMP Project Completion Part II Implementation Integrated Testing Documents & Start Up Construction & Permitting & Systems Procurement Integration
  9. 9. Design/Build Approach Program Definition w Programming & Program goals Strategic Planning w Team Organization w Program Schedule & Budget w Site Selection Criteria w Overview Single Line Drawings w Conceptual Block Diagrams w Major Equipment List w Architectural Space Program w Work Flow Chart & Program Matrix w Reliability & Operation
  10. 10. Design/Build Approach Team Tasks Part I: w Resolve Code and Zoning Issues Detailed Design w Complete Final Design Schemes w Refine Floor Plan for Specific Site w Refine Building Sections and Elevations w Complete Technology Scope w Complete MEP Scope w Pre-Implementation Planning w Order Long Lead Items
  11. 11. Design/Build Approach Team Tasks w Subcontractor Selection Process GMP w Prepare Detail Project Schedule w Present GMP Proposal w Owner Review/Approval w Pre-purchases w Mobilize Construction
  12. 12. Design/Build Approach Team Tasks Part II: w Schedule Documents Implementation Documents w Coordination Documents w Construction Documents w Technology Documents w Complete Interior Finish Package w Digital Updates Via WAN w Lead Team Meetings w Maintain Adherence to Budget
  13. 13. Design/Build Approach Team Tasks Permitting & w Obtain Permits Procurement w Complete Procurement w Procurement Coordination w Value Engineering
  14. 14. Design/Build Approach Team Tasks Construction & w On-Site Supervision Systems Integration w Early Access for Technology Installation w Generate RFI’s w Write Trade Contracts w Implement Fast-Track w Manage Entire Construction Process & Change Process w Maintain Costs and Schedule Reports w Manage Quality Control and Safety
  15. 15. Design/Build Approach Team Tasks w Integrated technology Systems Testing Integrated Testing & Start Up w Integrated Building Systems Testing w Seal and Secure Spaces w Manage Equipment Subcontractors w Security Plan w Delivery and Storage of Equipment
  16. 16. Design/Build Approach Team Tasks Project w Construction Close-out Complete w Punch List w Final Inspection
  17. 17. Design/Build Approach GMP Process Timeline Internal & With Client: Kickoff Meetings • Schedule • Roles & Responsibilities Basisof GMP • Deliverables • Make Sure Internal Financial Controls are in Place Constructability Programming Review #1 Schematic Arch. Designs Prepare GMP Schematic Eng. Designs GMP Presentation DDs - 30% CDs Correction & Approval MidCourse ROM #1 ROM #2 ROM #3 ROM #4
  18. 18. Design/Build Approach GMP Process Timeline, continued Correction Basisof GMP Submitfor Permit- Don’tPull MidCourse Prepare GMP GMP Presentation & Approval DDs - 30% CDs Identify & Order Long Lead Items • Base Building Permitting Grading & Foundations • TI Structural • FF&E • Catch-up Bulletins Constructability • Once a Month ROM #4 Review #2
  19. 19. Design/Build Approach GMP Development Phase: During Part 1 Services w Define Scope for Part 2 w Written Code Analysis Services (completed during Phase 1) w Design Performance Criteria Project Scope n w Project Narrative Site Specific Programming n This is a contractual document Services Scope n n that shall be combined with Prepare a ROM n drawings and specs to be the w Partially Completed basis of the overall agreement Drawings w Scope Shorthand w Partially Completed Specs An internal coordination tool to n help build the GMP w Pre-purchase Specs
  20. 20. Design/Build Approach GMP Package Shall Include: w Drawings w Specifications w Project Narrative w Organizational Chart w Schedule w GMP ($) Exclusions n Allowances n w Executive Summary w May include a Cover Letter w AIA 191 Part 2 Services Contract
  21. 21. Design/Build Approach GMP Preparation Checklist: w Have the planner and the design and A&N teams had a design review meeting to go over missing design elements that need to be incorporated into the GMP? w Have the additional scope items been incorporated into the subcontractor/vendor scope letters and quote analysis checklist? w Has a master project schedule been developed, from which general conditions are applied? w Do General Conditions include MIS changes at 3% of Labor? w Are GAC’s included @ .25% of Cost of Work? w Is Warranty included @ .25% of Cost of Work? w Is General Liability Insurance included @ 1.5% of Cost of Work? w Is the design fee broken down into “Design Services” and “Design Reimbursables?” w Discuss the logistical issues surrounding the proposed project and how those issues are accounted for in the GMP. w Did we receive subcontractor and equipment quotes from vendors to support the GMP? Did those quotes include sales tax, shipping, handling and an allowance for off-loading at the n site?
  22. 22. Design/Build Approach Practical Approaches & Procedures: w Day-to-day interaction of operations, design and A&N teams Weekly design review meetings n Pre-bid meetings to define project approach and methodology n When going out to bid to subcontractors and other vendors n Include the design teams (A&E and A&N) in pre-bid meetings l Include the design teams in the scope writing phase l Include the design teams in the bid analysis l w Design will provide the field with estimated plan check and permit dates w The Planner and Program Manager shall attend code review sessions with the A/E team. w Catch up bulletins To be reviewed by the construction PM and A/E PM prior to issuance, to review scope. n Shall include a narrative prepared by the A/E PM n w Architect/Engineer field visits The architect and engineers are required to give a verbal briefing to the filed upon leaving the site n The architect and engineers shall prepare a formal Field Observation Report n w Integrated Testing is an “Add Service” to basic implementation services w Electronic as-built drawings are an “Add Service” to basic design services w At the end of a project the Construction PM is to prepare a Project Information Form (PIF)
  23. 23. Design/Build Approach Project Delivery Schedule 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 months $ GMP Single Source Time/CostAdvantage Implementation Concept Design Construction Design Development Documents Cost Critical Delivery Purchase and Construction Savings Cost Savings Firm Price Traditional Approach opportunities decrease as time passes through the design process Concept Design Bid Construction Critical Delivery Purchases and Construction Design Development Documents
  24. 24. Design/Build Approach Summary w Team Structure Proposal Phase n Part 1 Design/Build Phase n Part 2 Design/Build Phase n w AIA 191 Part 1 & Part 2 Services w Design Build Process w GMP Process w Practical Approaches and Procedures w Design/Build – Time vs. Money
  25. 25. Design/Build Approach Questions & Discussion
  26. 26. Design/Build Approach Thank You!