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  • Sorry, for this comment, i have commented on topic for recession, but then i went universal, pardon me .... !
    i am not doing too much, i am doing what i think it has to be done ....
    my solution for recession is universalisation, means evaluate all resourcess and assets of universe and then apply necessary sum of new currency (Zik=100$) to pay all debts and to buy off all taxes from national governments ....
    of course for this we need adequate entity, i see on horizon only myself as the secular and universal, legal and official The God, recognised by UN and with contracts with all national states governments,
    of course i invite you all to create a fresh new account at google, free, but with my data: universal identities names and universal residence, like this: Zababau Ganetros Cirimbo Ostangu zaqaqef@gmail.com ogiriny64256142, ( you can create this one but then inform me), access to account i have to have because this is divinising universalisation, but you can open it for all, i simply have to arrange it to adapt to paradigm, isn't it ......
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  • 1.
  • 2. 1929
    Martin Luther King , is born in Atlanta to teacher Alberta King and Baptist minister Michael Luther King.
  • 3. 1944
    Martin Luther King Graduates high school at age 15, enters Morehouse College shortly there after.
  • 4. 1948
    Martin Luther King Receives BA in sociology from Morehouse College at age 19.
  • 5. 1951
    Receives degree from Crozer Theological Seminary (Chester, Pa.), enrolls in Boston University PhD program.
  • 6. 1953
    Martin Luther king Marries New England Conservatory music student Coretta Scott; they eventually have four children
  • 7. 1954
    Martin becomes minister of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, Montgomery, Alabama.
  • 8. 1955
    He receives PhD in systematic theology from Boston University
  • 9. 1956
    King's house is bombed
  • 10. 1957
    U.S. Supreme Court ruling prompts Montgomery to desegregate buses.
  • 11. 1958
    He Writes Stride Toward Freedom, about the bus boycott
  • 12. 1959
    Visits India to study nonviolence and civil disobedience.
  • 13. 1960
    Joins his father as co-pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta
  • 14. 1961
    In November, the Interstate Commerce Commission bans segregation in interstate travel due to work of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Freedom Riders.
  • 15. 1962
    During the unsuccessful Albany, Georgia movement, King is arrested on July 27 and jailed.
  • 16. 1963
    The March on Washington held August 28 is the largest civil rights demonstration in history with nearly 250,000 people in attendance. At the march, King makes his famous I Have a Dream speech.
  • 17. 1964
    On January 3, King appears on the cover of Time magazine as its Man of the Year. King attends the signing ceremony of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 at the White House on July 2.
  • 18. 1965
    On February 2, King is arrested in Selma, Alabama during a voting rights demonstration. After President Johnson signs the Voting Rights Act into law, Martin Luther King, Jr. turns to economic problems.
  • 19. 1966
    On January 22, King moves into a Chicago slum tenement to attract attention to the living conditions of the poor.
  • 20. 1967
    The Supreme Court upholds a conviction of MLK by a Birmingham court for demonstrating without a permit. King spends four days in Birmingham jail.
  • 21. 1968
    King announces that the Poor People's Campaign will culminate in a March on Washington demanding a $12 billion Economic Bill of Rights guaranteeing employment to the able-bodied, incomes to those unable to work, and an end to housing discrimination.
  • 22. 1986
    Within a week of the assassination, the Open Housing Act is passed by Congress. 1986 On November 2, a national holiday is proclaimed in King's honor.