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Wow Wowgreen Presentation

  1. 1. Powerful Performance Exceptional Value  and we’re Green!
  2. 2. The System • The Power of 3 Demonstrate 3 products and simplify selling approach to highlight that everyone can utilize the abilities of wowgreen™ products! 1. Bring white t-shirt, dribble some coffee and remove with wowgreen™ Stain Pen. 2. Have a Berber remnant and do the same thing with coffee and this time use wowgreen™ Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner. 3. Take a small mirror, put fingerprints on it and spray wowgreen™ Glass & Stainless Steel
  3. 3. Performance Test White t-shirt + coffee + wowgreen™ Stain Pen • Have you ever spilled your favorite coffee drink and then tried to remove the stain? • Coffee is usually very hard to remove! • wowgreen™ does the work for you and now your clothes are white again!
  4. 4. See for yourself • The power of wowgreen™ at work for you! Dried Coffee Stain Half of Stain Removed on Cotton within Seconds
  5. 5. Carpet Stains… …are no match for wowgreen™ The Stain almost The stain on carpet. disappears within seconds of spraying wowgreen™
  6. 6. Keeps on working… …results in seconds Use wowgreen™ The Steps On a 2 Foot wide carpet stain! 1) spray carpet 2) wait 2 minutes 3) wipe with damp rag The results after 2 Only the TOP HALF minutes of stain sprayed
  7. 7. Clean, Fresh, Safe • Small Mirror + fingerprints + wowgreen™ Glass & Stainless Steel We want to ask them: Have you ever seen this before?
  8. 8. Clean, Fresh, Safe • Small Mirror + wowgreen™ Glass & Stainless Steel Smell the chemical aroma left over from the competition and instead… Try using wowgreen™ Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner AND…
  9. 9. Clean, Fresh, Safe • Small Mirror + wowgreen™ Glass & Stainless Steel No Chemical Smell; Just a Safe, Green Clean We want them to ask: Where can they get this product? And let them know... We have an entire line of products that work exactly like the ones you’ve seen demonstrated. All wowgreen™ products are competitively priced!
  10. 10. Wowgreen™ products • The wowgreen™ line of cleaning products are all consistent in their level of performance, value and being a safe, green cleaning choice. – From the Laundry Detergent to the Stain Pen, our commitment remains strong:
  11. 11. How to turn this into an OPPORTUNITY? • After demonstrating the Power of 3, ask the question, can you do the same 3 demonstrations? • When they answer yes, they have learned how to turn this into a business. Now you are ready to share,