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Federation English Edited


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A presentation of the federal solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

A presentation of the federal solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Published in: News & Politics

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  • 1. The idea of the Israeli-Palestinian federal solution
    • Two connected yet autonomous states.
    • The federation will be formed by a shared parliament, government, court and army.
    • The Jewish settlers will be able to stay in their homes.
    • There will be a symmetry between the right of return of both Jewish and Palestinians.
  • 2. Where is the need for a political solution in the middle east ?
    • Israel becomes more fragile as its opponents obtain more power to target Israeli citizens.
    • Israel technological edge gradually thins out as many qualified Israelis can move easily to western countries.
    • The above factors destabilizes Israel and makes the whole region flammable.
  • 3. A vicious circle is formed More relative power to opponents of Israel More qualified Israeli can and choose to move out
  • 4. Known suggested solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
    • Two separate states for the two peoples with fair exchange of land or with full Israeli withdrawal to the 67 line.
    • One country for the two nations.
    • Continuing with current affairs without striving for a permanent settlement.
    • The Lieberman solution.
  • 5. What is the problem with fair exchange of land
    • A fair solution – 100 percent land compensation for Palestinian settlement.
    • If Israel will aid the new Palestinian state there may be a chance but…
    • Drawbacks – the two states will not be truly connected, Palestinian state will be without territorial continuousness, the right of return issue is not resolved.
  • 6. Two connected yet autonomous states
    • Territorial continuousness from the Mediterranean sea to the Jordan river.
    • Israel will be connected to the Arab world yet will not assimilate into it.
    • Israel will preserve its Jewish nature. There will be a real possibility to reduce the demographic struggle.
  • 7. Two connected yet autonomous states -continue
    • Israel will be able to function as a positive point of contact between the Arab and the Western worlds.
    • The problem of population growth could be managed federally by limiting the number of children each family could have ( stop encouraging large families via financial incentives and issuing sanctions against families that will ignore this policy).
  • 8. Shared Parliament, Government, Court and Army.
    • Citizen rights for the Palestinian.
    • The federation will control the territory from the Mediterranean sea to the Jordan river.
    • Citizens will be secured from internal threats ( Palestinian terror and Israeli military brutality).
  • 9. Shared Parliament, Government, Court and Army-continue
    • Decreased threats on Israel from external powers like Iran – it will be harder to claim that Israel is a racist state and that it is an implanted European entity in the Middle-East.
    • Palestinian will also lose from instability ( Sharing power, better economic condition) so they are less likely to cooperate with external hostile powers.
  • 10. Non evacuation of settlers
    • Better security for everyone ( Israel is more safe from short range missiles thus every one is safer…).
    • Past wrong doings will not be corrected with new ones ( Arabs fled or were forced out from their homes during the 48 war).
    • A genuine chance for integration of Israel in the Middle-East.
  • 11. Non evacuation of settlers- continue
    • The cost of evacuating all the settlers will be staggering. There are 330 thousands Jews living in the Palestinian territories.
    • It is totally unclear whether western countries will choose to finance such expensive evacuation ( tens or even hundreds billions dollars) given the Gaza precedent .
  • 12. Symmetry between the right of return of Jews and Palestinians
    • A real long term solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
    • Solving ( partially ) the problem of population explosion by closing to a certain extent the gates for new immigrants.
    • Addressing morally to historical injustices caused to both sides.
  • 13. Drawbacks of the federal solution
    • Hard to implement. Takes time, patience and effort.
    • Needs an approval of the majority of both Israelis and Palestinians.
    • Needs acceptance and encouragement from the international community.
  • 14. Conclusions
    • The federal solution is irrelevant for immediate implementation.
    • However it is possible to start interest all the parties that will eventually be involved with it :
    • The Israeli public.
    • The international community.
    • The Palestinian public.