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Csi 09i

  1. 1. 2 0 CSI WORLD HEADQUARTERS 0 9 ANNUAL INVESTIGATION, FRAUD, SYSTEMIC RISK MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE 2009 GOING BEYOND FINANCIAL RISK MANAGEMENT 2 6 - 2 7 MAY 2009 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Main Marketing Agent : CSI World Headquaters Training Professionals Globally CFE International Consultancy Group Pte Ltd
  2. 2. 2 0 Once again, auditors, compliance officers, anti- 0 9 fraud professionals from the private and public sectors will exchange ideas on evolving fraud issues. Join them as they explore the techniques and strategies being employed to combat these new twists to financial risk. The 2009 Annual CSI Systemic Risk Conference will be in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on 26th May 2009. Dear Friends, As the Program Chair for the 3rd CSI World Headquarters Regional Confer- ence in Kuala Lumpur, I'd like to welcome you to this conference that brings together a variety of professional finance teams from government, commercial, and academic organizations worldwide to foster coopera- tion and coordination in financial risk prevention, to prompt rapid reaction to financial crisis and incidents, and to promote information sharing among members and the financial community at large. As always, we also extend a warm welcome to all our colleagues in other industry who share our interest in improving financial information protection. If you or your organization are interested in creating a sound financial management team or are responsible for the coordination of financial risk management whether as a system administrator, network administrator, management, law enforcement, or vendor, you should attend this confer- ence. I also have some excellent news to share with you. In this conference, we will introduce the CSI- BLACK BELT in Credit Risk Management, Financial Analysis Masterclass which is a mandatory requirement for all new CSIs. This conference program is an exciting combination of technology as well as management sessions. Our key note speakers include Mr. Tony Reyes, the HTCIA Chairperson from New York and Mr. Phill Russo, the Australian, CIA solution provider on Digital Forensics. Both of them have indicated that they will be conducting their respective Masterclass immediately after the Confer- ence. You are encouraged to sign up for any of the Masterclass and enjoy all the benefits as a Confer- ence delegate. I hope to see you in Malaysia! Sincerely, Tommy Seah, Chairperson. CSI World Headquarters
  3. 3. CSI World Headquarters 2009 Conference Objectives MAKE PLANS TODAY TO ATTEND THIS “CAN’T MISS” CONFERENCE. THE CSI WORLD HEADQUARTERS ANNUAL INVESTIGATION, FRAUD, SYSTEMIC RISK MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE WAS SPE- CIALLY DEVELOPED FOR THE CSI BY RECOGNIZED CERTIFIED FRAUD EXAMINERS, INTERNAL AUDIT AND IT PROFESSIONALS. With “ everyone a CSI” approach, this conference will provide you with tools and techniques to assist you in understanding your organization’s systemic risk challenges whether you are delving into audit, IT or Fraud examination for the first time or are already savvy in Fraud Examination and system appraisal. The CSI World Headquarters Annual Investigation, Fraud, Systemic Risk Management Conference will feature four unique tracks that cater to all experience levels so you get the most out of your learning experience. Stay ahead of the technology curve and register today! THIS TWO-DAY CONFERENCE WILL FEATURE A COMBINATION OF HIGH-LEVEL PLENARY SESSIONS AND EXTENDED CASE-STUDY SESSIONS LED BY SENIOR-LEVEL FRAUD PRACTITIONERS & RISK MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST The Number 1 Fraud Buster in Asia Pacific Only Regent Emeritus from this part of the world latest secrets, tactics and developments on Risk Assessment, Fraud Prevention, leading international and domestic practitioners Take advantage of a programme that has researched and developed with the
  4. 4. 2 0 BE A CSI and STOP the ROT 0 9 The Financial Crisis towards the end of 2008 is a plain and simple case poor regulatory supervisison, failure in compliance and internal audit and mis- management of the banks. In order for Financial Institutions to hide as much in liabilities as they wanted, all these firms had to do was to create various types of special purpose entities (SPEs) in which they did not have a controlling interest. In other words, if Bradley-Bingly and Lehman Brothers create a company in which they each take a 50% interest, neither company, technically, has a controlling interest. Since the mortgage-backed securities that these companies created or bought were sold to investors, in many instances these SPEs were extremely lax in their underwriting standards. Subprime, Alt-A, interest- only and adjustable mortgages with very low teaser rates were given to unqualified home buyers, then packaged and sold to unwary investors. Let the buyer beware. Meanwhile, these SPEs were sending profits up to their joint owners, and executives at these companies were making big bonuses based on spectacular reported earnings. But as the orgy of lending got so out of hand that buyers of securitized mortgages began to balk, the plans went awry. The execs in big banks couldn't stand to let the orgy end; so, they started guaranteeing the securities in order to get them sold. These guarantees eliminated their protection from the blowback of securities gone bad. Now the liabilities could end up on their balance sheets. Not surprisingly, many did. That's how we got here. That's why investors will take hits in the hundreds of billions of dollars, and why taxpayers will pay in higher taxes or higher inflation or both. A few top executives will get fired, but they’re not giving back their bonus money, even though all the profits the bonuses were based on have evaporated along with billions of dollars of market capitalization. YOU can stop this from happening again. Be a CSI.
  5. 5. > Why Become a CSI ? > What is CSI (Certified System Investigator)? In most cases, a CSI is someone who has completed a programme of study and practical trainings in the CSI, passed the Uniform CSI Examinations and obtained high standard of professional work experience in the field. Due to the high standard of this certifying programme, it is becoming a much sought after benchmark in the financial market. This is an industrial recognition that CPAs, CFEs, CFAs, etc. seek to be certified. three critical body ok knowledge. Namely, Black Belt in Financial Analysis Black Belt in SEATA Black Belt in Data Analytics and Digital Forensics Enthusiastic internal and external auditors - and IT auditors - are using the knowledge from this certification programme to bring value-added services to their clients and corporations.Financial and IT institutions operate within global markets, where change and competitive pressures are constant. One key corporate strategy is to build up internal business competencies. Having people with the right competencies (the right knowledge, skills and attitude to perform specific job functions) who understand the markets and the operations, and can navigate through the intricacies of the market place is fundamental for financial institutions to ensure their long-term growth and success. Our objective is to increase the existing pool of competent industrial practitioners who can perform to international standards through a series of structured software training programmes.
  6. 6. HOW TO REGISTER : Please contact the Event Organizer CFE International Consultancy Group Pte Ltd Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, 05-13, The Central, Singapore 059817 Contact: +65 6222 9862/863 (look for Cheryl or Joanne) fax: +65 6222 9865 Email: registration@cfe-icg.com Account number is 147-619399-001 Account name: CFE International Consultancy Group Pte Ltd For TTs, the swift instruction is as follow: Bank Name: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited Bank Address: 21 Collyer Quay, HSBC Building, #01-01, Singapore 049320 Bank Code: 7232 HSBC Swift Code: HSBCSGSG CSI World Headquarters Training Professionals Globally