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  • 1. How Traffic Moves over the Internet s1160152,s1160153,s1160154,s1160155
  • 2. How Traffic Moves over the Internet 1 ⇨ For most of us, the Internet starts at our modems. ⇨ When your modem dials into your Inte rnet service provider, it connects t o a special router called an access concentrator.
  • 3. How Traffic Moves over the Internet 2 ⇨ High-speed leased lines connect the POPs to the ISP's main data center. ⇨ Most ISPs provide free email service for their clients, using email serve rs located at the ISP's data center.
  • 4. How Traffic Moves over the Internet 3 ⇨ Each ISP must have a high-speed conn ection to one of the major Internet backbones. ⇨ All the major backbones are intercon nected,so that if one fails,the othe rs automatically pick up the traffi c.
  • 5. How Traffic Moves over the Internet 4 ⇨A growing number of home users get t heir Internet access from their loca l cable TV company using cable modem service. ⇨ Many private businesses are connecte d to the Internet, often using busin ess-class services from an ISP.
  • 6. How Traffic Moves over the Internet 5 ⇨ Some of us just can't live a plugged -in life anymore. ⇨ Several wireless Internet access usi ng wireless PDA devices such as the Palm Vll.
  • 7. How Traffic Moves over the Internet 6 ⇨ The Internet wouldn't be very inters ting without content, and most of th at content comes from Web servers. ⇨ There providers use heavy-duty serve r Pcs connected to very high-speed d ata connections to provide a very hi gh level o service and reliability.
  • 8. 実現へ ⇨ 実現に向けての説明を行ってください ⇨ 参加者の状況にも考慮を加えてください
  • 9. 意義 ⇨ 自分の見解を示してください ⇨ 参加者の見解を求めてください ⇨ 重要な点を挙げてください
  • 10. まとめ ⇨ 結果をまとめてください ⇨ 要求事項を指示してください ⇨ 質問に答えてください ⇨ 終わりの挨拶をしてください