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Notes   Constitution   Article Two.2

Notes Constitution Article Two.2






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    Notes   Constitution   Article Two.2 Notes Constitution Article Two.2 Presentation Transcript

    • Article Two: The Powers of the Executive Branch
      • The President and Vice President make up the most powerful parts of this branch. It is their duty to see that the laws of our nation are carried out.
      • The President is the highest representative of the people of our nation. He or she must focus on the welfare of the entire nation.
      • Why does the President “represent all people?”
      • The President’s cabinet and various agencies past Presidents have created are also a part of the Executive.
      • Section 1 of Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution states that a President must:
      • Be a natural born citizen of the U.S.A.
      • Be at least 35 years old .
      • Have lived in the U.S. for at least 14 years .
      • Command the Military.
      • Negotiate treaties and agreements with nations.
      • Design our Budget (with Congress’ approval).
      • Can motivate or inspire Congress to write/pass laws. (Or just “tell” them to)
      • Sign Bills into Law.
      • Reject proposed bills (Veto!).
      • “ take care that the laws be faithfully executed…” this has become the executive order.
      • Grant Pardons and Reprieves.
        • Very controversial – lets people out of prison!
        • Give him power to “check” Judicial Branch
      • Appoint judges and other federal officials.
      • Represent our country in discussions with other nations as the “face” of our country.
      • The members of the cabinet are his closest advisors… experts in a particular area that can help the President make decisions that affect our country. While not in the Constitution, it’s impossible for the President to carry out his duties without their aid.
      The President chooses these to help him/her make the best decisions possible. Think of them as the assistant coaches or supporting cast.
      • Department of State (leader is called the Secretary of State)
      • Department of Treasury
      • Department of Defense
      • Department of Justice ( Attorney General)
      • Department of Interior
      • Department of Agriculture
      • Department of Commerce
      • Department of Labor
      • Department of Health and Human Services
      • Department of Housing and Urban Development
      • Department of Transportation
      • Department of Energy
      • Department of Education
      • Department of Veterans Affairs
      • Department of Homeland Security *Created in 2002!
        • 1. The President is immediately replaced by the Vice President.
        • 2. In the even that both President/VP are “eliminated,” the Speaker of the House would assume the Presidency.
        • 3. In the event all 3 are gone, the “President Pro Tempore” of the Senate assumes the Presidency.
        • 4. If all four are eliminated, replacement is done by the President’s Cabinet (in order of inception) .
      This is the order of replacements for the President, should an emergency call for such actions.
      • In any case, the new President names his/her VP, and fills any vacancies in the Cabinet.
        • Who is the only President to NEVER have been elected, because of events related to this process?
      • There is always a “Designated Survivor” at the State of the Union and such large public gatherings of government.
      William Henry Harrison, Zachary Taylor, Abraham Lincoln (A), James Garfield (A), William McKinley (A), Warren G. Harding, Franklin Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy (A) are the 8 Presidents who have died in office.
      • Chief of Staff (“The Gatekeeper”)
      • Environmental Protection Agency
      • Office of Management and Budget
      • National Drug Control Policy
      • Central Intelligence Agency
      • Federal Trade Commission
      • National Security Advisor
      • Director of National Intelligence
      • Air Force One, Navy One, Marine One, Coast Guard One, Army One, and… Cadillac One!
      • Secret Service protection (from serious candidacy until death)
      • $400,000 yearly salary
      • Bowling alley
      • Personal Gourmet Chef, 24/7
      • Lifetime of benefits (pension, health care, home). Bill Clinton gets $1.2 million worth of benefits per year!