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Final presentation angela napolitano
Final presentation angela napolitano
Final presentation angela napolitano
Final presentation angela napolitano
Final presentation angela napolitano
Final presentation angela napolitano
Final presentation angela napolitano
Final presentation angela napolitano
Final presentation angela napolitano
Final presentation angela napolitano
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Final presentation angela napolitano


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  • 1. Strategic Proposal CVS Pharmacy Angela Napolitano ADV 492: New Media Driver’s License
  • 2. Client’s Business
    • CVS Pharmacy operates over 7,000 locations nationwide.
    • Retail stores sells prescriptions, health and beauty products, as well as grocery and photography.
    • Have 560 in-store MinuteClinics locations, which “treat a limited number of common ailments and offer routine vaccinations.”
  • 3. Challenges
    • Current Challenge is informing customers of the MinuteClinic CVS offers in stores.
    • Many people unaware of this service
    • Want to create awareness and growth of this sector.
  • 4. Goal
    • CVS mission is to “improve the quality of human life.”
    • By informing the public of all the locations that feature a MinuteClinic they will improve the health of their customers and increase customer loyalty.
    • Customers who do not have insurance and those who can’t afford to pay a high co-pay for a non life threatening illness.
  • 5. Theme of Campaign
    • Slogan for this campaign
    • “ We Care For You” (Emphasizing their desire to improve their customers quality of life).
    • Appearing with the slogan will be the Web site MinuteClinic, locations
  • 6. Components of Proposal
    • Create Twitter account specifically for MinuteClinic
    • Having employees operate this account connecting directly with customer and informing them of locations and events.
    • Creating a blog for MinuteClinic, allowing customers, to engage with one another share success stories and having employee monitor this site answering any questions/concerns.
  • 7. Components Cont.
    • Creating a billboard centered around MinuteClinic slogan
    • “ We Care For You”
    • Listing locations in the area of billboard as well as the Web site to find other locations
    • Also Google Adwords Campaign, used when customers are searching CVS, Ad will appear to inform them of the MinuteClinic.
    Sample Google Ad MinuteClinic CVS/Pharmacy Treat Your Ailments at a CVS MinuteClinic find one here near you.
  • 8. Metrics For Success
    • Twitter Account: able to see followers, and visually see if your account is creating conversation and Tweets.
    • AdWords Account: Using the Placement Performance Report able to track the success of Ads.
    • Blog Account: similar to Twitter the more conversation that is generated, the more viewers you have of our blog will be able to inform us of our success.
    • Finally, tracking success from the beginning of our campaign and seeing the inflow of traffic into the MinuteClinic as a result.
  • 9. Budget Timeline
    • Twitter/Blog social media accounts free to use.
    • Adwords pay per click.
    • High Traffic Billboards roughly $1,000-2,000/month.
    • Start project execution in 3 months.
    • Billboards ad displayed during the Fall (Flu season).
    • Start Twitter account and Blog now to create Buzz and interest.
  • 10. Conclusion
    • Results of campaign will increase traffic into CVS retail stores.
    • Great PR for CVS allowing more people to know about their services, their dedication to their customers.
    • Increase customer loyalty
    • Increase traffic into MinuteClinics locations nationwide, CVS wants to grow their business this will certainly help.
    • All images courtesy of Google Images.