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  • 1. What is social justice?
    Social Justice
  • 2. Social?
    Human society, as both...
    Individual people
    Or wider groups characterised by, race, religion, ethnicity, culture, gender, age or interest.
  • 3. Justice?
    Being just, or fair.
  • 4. So What is Social Justice?
  • 5.
  • 6. "Social justice is what faces you in the morning. It is awakening in a house with adequate water supply, cooking facilities and sanitation. It is the ability to nourish your children and send them to school where their education not only equips them for employment but reinforces their knowledge and understanding of their cultural inheritance. It is the prospect of genuine employment and good health: a life of choices and opportunity, free from discrimination.“
    Mick Dodson, Annual Report of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner, 1993.
  • 7. Social Justice and Human Rights
    Social justice movements fight for equality and basic human rights.
    Social justice movements are often born out of an individual or small group standing up for the rights of an oppressed group.
    These people are advocates for social change.
  • 8. The Wave Hill Walk Off
    Became more than just an employer/employee issue.
    The stand that Vincent Lingiari took in 1966 brought national attention to the issue of Indigenous Land Rights.
    This action eventually led to the handing back of the Wave Hill Station by PM Gough Whitlam to the Gurindji people in 1975.
  • 9. Current Social Justice Movements
    Close the Gap
    Campaigns for better healthcare for Indigenous Australians.
    Equal Pay and Positions for Women
    Advocates for equal pay between men and women and tries to increase the number of women in management positions.
    Animal Rights Movement
    Promotes free range eggs over battery hen produced eggs, campaigns against live animal exports, RSPCA campaigning against cruelty to animals.