Intranet And StratéGic Human Resource


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By Paulo Henrique de Brito
Intranet Portal and its importance in the HR strategy

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Intranet And StratéGic Human Resource

  1. 1. VOUCH Systems Brazil IMPROVEMENTS IN PORTAL INTRANET. VERSION 1.0 By Paulo Henrique de Brito
  2. 2. VOUCH SYSTEMS BRAZIL | Innovative Solutions São Paulo, 22 February 2010. Fell free to contact us. We take this opportunity to inform you that we are at your disposal for further information in order to provide the best assessment of Intranet Portal and its relationship with Strategic Human Resource, Marketing, Sales, Information Technology and business needs. Best Regards, Vouch Systems Brazil Paulo Henrique de Brito Solution Manager 2
  3. 3. VOUCH SYSTEMS BRAZIL | Innovative Solutions I. THE INTRANET - BUSINESS OVERVIEW FROM HUMAN RESOURCE PERSPECTIVE Below are some basic points about the areas of business and the related necessary competences for each one, this is general for any kind and size of company. This way, I believe we can better understand what are the competencies that my company need to compete in the market, what are the competencies and skills that employees must have and what are the training needs. This is related to strategic HR. I would like to say you that the HR is divided into 5 main aspects that are: Recruiting & Selection Integration & Performance Appraisal and Positions Analyses; Training & Organizational Development; Benefits & Legislation HR Information Technology. Core competences: Aggregate skills focused around a critical competence. Are the main competencies of the company. Strategic Core Critical Competences: Those with the Functional greatest impact on competitiveness advantage Essentials Basic Competences: Inventory of all activities, skills Operational and disciplines. Basics Exhibit -01 3
  4. 4. VOUCH SYSTEMS BRAZIL | Innovative Solutions The general view of the process in people management. Exhibit -02 Human Resources Information Technology Environment is composed of integrated computer systems designed to provide data and information used in HR planning and decision making. You can enhance its functionality by making the integration of these systems with the intranet portal. Thus, employees can access applications from the intranet portal, and with the e-HR on Intranet is possible from a single point to communicate with all employees regardless of location, either internally or externally in a subsidiary in another country. The intranet can become an important strategic tool where all information about the company, employees, benefits, all requests for HR or any other important task can be accessed from anywhere. Regardless of the HR administrative model adopted, as a model centralized or distributed model, in both models, the main corporate HR issues will always be available in one single place, easy and accessible for everybody regardless of time and distance. You can use the e-Recruiting on the Intranet for:  Recruiting = activities or practices that define the desired characteristics of applicants for specific jobs ● Internal – promote-from-within policies used by many to fill high-level positions 4
  5. 5. VOUCH SYSTEMS BRAZIL | Innovative Solutions ● External - recruiting newcomers from outside has advantage of multiple sources ● e-Recruiting = use of Internet/intranet - fastest-growing approach to recruiting ● e-Form - device used for collecting information about an applicant’s education, previous job experience, and other background characteristics ● Traditional HR to e-HR significantly affected every area of human resource management. II. THE INTRANET - BUSINESS OVERVIEW FROM VALUE CHAIN ANALYSES MODEL Now I would like expose to you one idea based on Value Chain Analyses model. Please look carefully at this drawing. S A u c Firm Infrastructure p t P I Human Resource Management o v r i t t Technology Margin . i . e Procurement Inbound Outbound Marketing Services Logistic Operation Logistics & Sales s Primaries Activities Exhibit -03 1. Firm-Infrastructure: Activities related to the overall management and management of the network relationships of the organization (planning, quality management, administration, accounting, finance).The intranet portal can act as link between the company and its suppliers, value chain, customers and relationships network. When you open your intranet to strengthen and improve relationships with they, in addition to providing remote access to sales teams, others remote workers and customers, plus you providing this you have an extranet. You can take total control over logins and restrictions for accesses. Likewise, when you use the intranet to capture information from outside, macro and competitive company environment you are using the concepts of competitive intelligence. It’s important to obtain external strategic information from your competitors, partners, value chain, supply chain because you can react better to changes and external threats, and you can identify advantage and opportunities. Your sales and marketing team will appreciate 5
  6. 6. VOUCH SYSTEMS BRAZIL | Innovative Solutions this collected information that will be important in their strategies and can become in competitive advantage. In addition you are performing the relationship marketing. 2. Internally the intranet portal will provide tools and features to improve the production, collaboration, content management, communication, integration with applications, peoples and process and departmental areas inside the company. So think in the intranet portal as a integration tool (people, applications and process). 3. Human Resource Management: Activities related to human resource management (recruitment, training, remuneration, determining the qualifications and motivation of staff); Here the intranet portal has an important role, as communication channel, the voice of the company because its great audience. But intranet is not only a communication channel. It can be a motivation medium, you can use the intranet to improve the motivation of staff, modeling the culture of the company to one wished culture. You can apply internal marketing techniques and brainstorms campaigns to improve the relationship between the company, employee and customer, using the intranet as a strategic tool (Marketing & HR common Strategic). Profitable Company PERFECT Clients served and employees committed very satisfied to the company Exhibit - 04 The figure above represents the best world. Any company exists to be profitable, this is the mission of any kind of commercial company. The rely true is that employees need be commitment with the company goals and its strategic. Motivated employees produce best result than employees that are just involved with the company. The Intranet portal can be used in internal marketing campaigns to change the behavior of the employees, modeling the company culture where their employees will go from an involved behavior to a commitment behavior. The Relationship Marketing become a philosophy when the whole organization, and not just the marketing department, is oriented to 6
  7. 7. VOUCH SYSTEMS BRAZIL | Innovative Solutions the customer and for profitability, recognizing that must find new ways to communicate in order to establish a relationship with all its public as way to achieve the sustainable competitive advantage For a brief and superficial approach about the Intranet and its role in address issues related to HR on knowledge Management (not information management) is important to talk about capital intellectual. The components of intellectual capital in order to understand the part that people play in the overall picture, we need a means of looking at the various components. 3.1 - STRUCTURAL CAPITAL Structural capital falls into two parts: a. Customer (external structural) capital. This includes assets that enable and/or stimulate people outside our organization to work with us, and—in a commercial organization—to buy from us. It includes customer contracts, relationships, loyalty, satisfaction, market share, image, reputation, brands, distribution networks and channels. In the public sector we would talk, for example, about service levels, accessibility, reputation, or the popularity of revenue-generating activities. b. Organizational (internal structural) capital. This includes all that relates to our internal operations and efficiency. It embraces strategies, systems, methodologies, and operational processes. All the recorded knowledge we have is here: patents, know-how, databases, and technology. We would also place here the culture of the organization. Human capital a) This is the people themselves, loaning their personal “human capital” to the organization, their individual capability and commitment, their personal knowledge and experience. But it is more than the individuals alone: It includes the way in which they work together, and the relationships they have both inside and outside the organization. When we spook about the product that the mind of people and their interactivity with the technology systems and collaborative work produce, we need understand some concepts about ECM (Enterprise Content Manage). The information generated by systems like ERP, CRM and SCM systems that are stored in databases are known as structured information. But most the information produced inside the company is not structured information (almost 80%). This information is spread in different 7
  8. 8. VOUCH SYSTEMS BRAZIL | Innovative Solutions storages, computers and file servers. They are information in excel, word files, fax, CAD/CAN files, PDFs, e-mails etc. This kind of information is difficult to location, search, reuse and safe custody. To organize the information we can use the concept of CMS, but is important to known that CMS is a wide, deep and complex concept that can meet compliances of the simplest to the most complex, such as ISO, SOX, FDA and others. 3.2 – CMS Concept: Enterprise Content Management is the set of technologies used to capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. The tools and strategies for ECM enable the management of unstructured information of the company, wherever such information is. ECM consists of six technologies. But for Intranet portal, (like IntelliEnterprise) we will talk just about DM and Workflow. Document Imaging (DI) Document Management (DM) Workflow COLD/ERM Forms Processing RIM - Records and Information Management DM - Digital Document Management. All documents created electronically need to be managed, especially those with lots of revision. The DM controls the physical access to documents, allowing for greater security and attributing localising software, such as indexing. The focus is the control of versions of documents, dates of changes made by their users and the life history of the document. Major applications are in the area of technical standards, manuals and engineering drawings. And in recent years, with the office automation, the DM is perfectly feasible for all company documents. Workflow - This technology that lets you manage in a proactively way any business process of companies. Ensures the constant monitoring of all activities and increased productivity with objectivity and security. Workflow also acts as an integrator of diverse systems and technologies: ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, SCM, Supply Chain Management, CRM, Customer Relationship Management, eBusiness and others. (let us know if you need more information about ECM concepts and solutions) Compare the products produced by the Intellectual Capital and the features in the Adenin Intranet portal like DM, Collaboration tools, workflows, blogs as a way to better manage your information, knowledge emergence and management, and to make appropriated use of the wisdom of crowds. Through a generic approach without its complexities, “generally speaking”, the company is formed by people and by what they create (structural capital) loaning your knowledge. Therefore, one important issue is what can I do to help they do their job in the best way as possible and what kind of tools I can give to they do this. So is necessary to address some questions about Intranet as strategic tool: 8
  9. 9. VOUCH SYSTEMS BRAZIL | Innovative Solutions Possible questions can be: a. How the Intranet influence the internal culture of my company? b. How I can use the Intranet to create a conducive environment to emergence of knowledge? c. What is the role that my Intranet can play in the Knowledge Management? d. What is the relationship between Intranet, collaboration and knowledge? e. How to manage and distinguish between explicit and tacit knowledge? f. How Intranet can lead strategic discussions with the various areas of the company? g. How Intranet can help to promote the "Strategic Knowledge Sharing" in partnership with Marketing and Commercial? h. How I can manage the intellectual asset and control its access? i. How the intranet can help my company improve my relationship with value chain and supply chain? 4. Technology Development: Investment applied in technology that contributes to the improvement of products/services or processes; The main point here is related to how to integrate the intranet portal with the legacy systems of the company by improving productivity and performance. Promoting a better way to collect or create, management, store, retrieve, distribution and preservation of information. We can say and understand the Intranet portal as a set of parts that are integrated together, but at the same time are independent and form a unitary whole for some purpose and to perform a certain function. 5. Procurement / Acquisition: Activities related to the purchase of raw materials and other inputs. You can set up a customized process for procurement integrating stock information with the purchasing process. For example, you can publish on the extranet what are your purchase needs and the suppliers can provide it. To integrate the other elements present in the Model Analysis Value Chain, we can use e- commerce solutions such as B2B, B2C and e-procurement integrating it with the process and internal applications through the intranet portal Important questions about intranet are: 1. What can an intranet do in terms of making our organization more successful? 2. What skills and competencies do we need to have to make an intranet successful? 3. How does an intranet relate to the other information technology plans we have? 4. Who owns the intranet? 5. How will we know if we are doing the right things? 9
  10. 10. VOUCH SYSTEMS BRAZIL | Innovative Solutions 6. What is an Intranet Portal. Intranets are key enablers of exchange, sharing and creating information and knowledge by people inside the corporate environment. Intranet represent part of a complex ecosystem made up of information technology platforms and productivity tools (word processors, presentation software applications, conference etc), internet sites, extranets, IT applications and various other forms of organizational information. Enable a variety of activities including, but not limited to, interactive communication and presence management, collaboration, e-learning, project management, intelligent marketing and much more. Intranet, in terms of meeting the requirements of business and in the context of alignment with business processes is a strategic tool. There must be a clear understanding of these needs in order to obtain success in the implementation of an intranet that really makes sense, clearly aligned to the objectives of the business and meets the requirements of users. Intranets embrace both static and dynamic information. Intranets, as enablers of a connected enterprise, bring together individual, team, unit, and organization- wide virtual spaces, they reflect the multidisciplinary, cross-cultural, and cross-boundary nature of work. The global nature of all sectors in today’s working environment complicates matters further by requiring an understanding of culture and the ability to support local needs. Culture, though, is not unique to geography, language, or ethnic origin. Culture can vary from one subsection of an organization to another, and language varies between disciplines, sometimes yielding situations where the same word can have very different meanings. This creates the need to understand how work gets done from the user’s perspective. Remember, IT to be effective has to be first strategy and then technological solution. This document aims to provide an overview of how the intranet can help shape the company's business. Comparison between technologies: INTERNET INTRANET EXTRANET Restrict access Simultaneous communication External communication Print Share Data Share Local network (LAN) 10