Radio sets over the years


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This presentation is part of a Year 1 Media Technology Radio project at DMU, Leicester by Andrew Robson

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Radio sets over the years

  1. 1. Radio Sets over the years A Pictorial History
  2. 2. Generations listen to radio The radio has been part of home entertainment for over 80 years and listeners of all generations have enjoyed their favourite music or programmes, or sat as a family and listened to historical moments unfold through the loudspeakers.
  3. 3. Design of sets The design of radio sets has changed dramatically due to technology, costs, culture & current trends, and practicality
  4. 4. 1900’s 1905 Radio Installation in Puerto Rico A 1906 view of Brant Rock Station, Massachusetts where radio broadcasting was born. Aubrey Fessenden was experimenting with voice transmission over radio waves, and in 1906 a successful signal was transmitted from Brant Rock to a boat in the Caribbean. This Marconi 10 inch spark transmitter was built and used at the turn of the century and is identical to the transmitter used on the Titanic to send the first SOS
  5. 5. 1910’s M H Dodd’s Wireless Station 1910 1914 Texas Radio Operator Charles Stokley TRANSFORMER RADIO VALVE, 1915-20
  6. 6. 1920’s 1920's Sorber radio with Atwater Kent Speaker A 1920’s radio speaker. The cross shaped device is an antenna for an early radio or crystal set. Ducretet crystal radio (1923) Steinite Crystal Radio
  7. 7. 1930’s Crosley 1932 Old Time Cathedral Radio 1938 Stromberg Carlson Skyscraper console custom cabinet radio from the 1930's. battery radio. Manufactured by Climax Radio Co French radio from 1930’s in Art Deco Style
  8. 8. 1940’s Bush Bakelite radio 1940's Crosley Model 66TC Ecko plastic radio Article from ‘womans day’ magazine 1947
  9. 9. 1950’s Zenith am/fm radio - model G730w Cub Scout Crystal Radio Kit Crosley Portable Clock Radio Ad 1950's Motorola transistor radio
  10. 10. 1960’s "Efir" radiogramophone of 1963 1960's Braun industrial design has been credited with inspiring many of Apple's current hardware design Motorola AM Table Radio Channel Master Model 6515 ‘Super Fringe’ Realtone Comets - TR-1088 - manufactured in Japan
  11. 11. 1970’s Wynford Hall 1970 5 band radio and 8 track tape player Panasonic Panapet 70 radio model R-70 1970 Dodge Challenger AM/FM Radio 1970 Lafayette Radio catalog
  12. 12. 1980’s Adverts from 1980 Phillips ‘Roller Radio’ was designed to capture the hearts and minds of young people worldwide Sony CFM-11 Desktop AM/FM cassette player Sony ICF-SW1 with keypad tuning 1984 FM watch From Sinclair Research
  13. 13. 1990’s Maplin TDA7000 MkII [1992] kit portable radio FM Walkman Personal Stereo PEPSI DISPENSING MACHINE AM-FM RADIO JVC ‘Boombox’ or ‘Ghetto Blaster Including Radio Sony ‘Digital shortwave FM radio
  14. 14. 2000’s ROBERTS ROBI POD1, DAB & FM RDS radio adaptor for Apple Ipod Pure 1xt Marshall DAB Digital Radio - designed to resemble the classic Marshall guitar amps Vita Audio’s DAB/FM radio Solar powered DAB by Robert Radio Crosley Attic Radio Speaker
  15. 15. Internet radio Sagem’s WI-Fi Internet radio & clock Information leading to adding Internet Radio to a portable games console Apple’s Itunes internet radio page where hundreds of different radio stations are available like they are on other radio internet providers
  16. 16. Internet Radio Data by Bridge Ratings Some of the providers of internet radio Spb radio software that is an application that can be added to a Window’s phone and gives access to high quality, live streaming radio stations from around the world
  17. 17. The future of Radio Over recent years radio audiences have been presented with a wider choice of stations and programmes than ever before, and are using other devices to access these. No longer do you need the ‘radio box’ sitting on the sideboard. According to, terrestrial radio is in trouble financially and many of the largest national braodcasters are on the verge of bankruptcy. Internet radio stations can take advantage of this ZenithOptimedia reports that in 2009, advertisers will spend $260 million on Internet radio and another $28 million on podcasting.
  18. 18. The future of Radio Pure Digital Sensia Helio DAB Solar-powered Radio Concept
  19. 19. The Future? In 100 years time, how will people be listening to the radio?
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  24. 24. This presentation is part of a Yr 1 Media Technology Project by Andrew Robson at DMU, Leicester Jan 2010