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  • 1.  
  • 2. Introduction
    • City of Heroes
    • Player Experience
  • 3. City of Heroes
    • A mmorpg-type of game where you can live out your hero fantasies.
    • The game world is mainly set in an urban environment called Paragon City .
    • Divided into different zones which are separated by giant energy walls known as “war-walls”.
  • 4. City of Heroes
    • Levelling is based on an experience point system.
    • Level cap for any player created character is level 50.
    • You can choose from different archetypes and powersets.
    • Different villain groups to defeat in game.
  • 5. City of Heroes
    • In order to boost the different powers there are different types of enhancements.
      • Training enhancements (all lvls)
      • Double origin (lvl 12  )
      • Single origin (lvl 22  )
      • Invention origin (all lvls)
        • Common (affects one aspect of a power)
        • Set (bonus effect)
  • 6. City of Heroes
    • Character creation tool
    • Tailors / icon employees
    • Able to create a unique look for characters
    • New costume parts by unlockable content
  • 7. Player Experience
    • “ professionals in the game industry tend to think of gamers as falling into one of two categories -- the hardcore and the casual”
    • (Ip&Adams)
    • My conclusion is that I most definitely am a hardcore gamer .
    • I tend to rush away being everywhere in order to experience as much as possible in the least amount of time, but still I am fully capable of loosing myself into certain aspects of the game and have no awareness of my surroundings.
  • 8. Player Experience
    • ” people play differently” (Mäyrä)
    • Within CoH you find players from any gender, any age and any culture.
    • Archetype(s) affect the style of play, since there are different purposes in a team for the different archetypal powers.
  • 9. Player Experience
    • “ a well-designed game transports its players to their personal Flow Zones, delivering genuine feelings of pleasure and happiness” (Chen)
    • Personally I can relate to this when thinking of several gaming sessions within City of Heroes .
    • It does not have to be any of the special events that put me “in the zone”, it can be just about anything from fiddling with enhancements to dealing with the details of a new costume.
  • 10. I will leave you with these simple words:
    • Play the game and find your own flow-zone.
    • Enjoy!