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A teaser of some of my print work.

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Design portfolio

  1. 1. L JL Jessica L. Latimer graphic design portfolio l InDesign CS3 l Illustrator CS3 l Photoshop CS3 [ ENTER ]
  2. 2. L JL point of view As a designer my approach is to create a clean and modern aesthetic while implementing L visual interest. I always try and adhere to the integrity of the client and their vision. JL Please note that every time my logo appears this is a hyperlink to the full piece on my website:; anything with a icon indicates that you can move your mouse over it to see more; lastly, at anytime you may go the previous or next slide by Writer. Designer. Enthusiast. clicking on the directional arrows or you may also opt to go to the home page by clicking on the home button. [ HOME ]
  3. 3. L JL restaurant menu InDesign CS3 l Illustrator CS3 Haruki: 4-color, double-sided food and dessert & drink menus using illustrator for the logo. [ HOME ]
  4. 4. L JL logos and icons Illustrator CS3 Logos and Icons: Various 4-color logos and icons designed for identity purposes and signage. DernierCri. DC. [ HOME ]
  5. 5. L JL promotional materials InDesign CS3 l Illustrator CS3 DernierCri.: 4-color, letterhead and envelope using illustrator for the logo. DC. Tuesday, June 11, 2008 Tracy B. Freedman DernierCri. POSTAGE 45 Mullen Street IS NOT Cumberland, RI 02864 REQUIRED Mel Courtemanche IN U.S. Director of Marketing, Avco, Inc. 51 Smith Avenue Greenville, RI 02917 Dear Ms. Courtmeanche: Mel Courtemanche I read about Avco's retail management training program in College Graduate 51 Smith Avenue Magazine and I would like to inquire about the possibility of openings. I am Greenville, RI 02917 interested in a career in retail management and am planning to relocate to the New York City area in the near future. I would be interested in learning more about the company and about available opportunities. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Management and Business, as well as retail experience as a Sales Associate and Key Holder. In addition, I completed two internships focusing on retail management. My resume, which is enclosed, contains additional information on my experience and skills. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the training program with you and to provide further information on my candidacy. I can be reached via my 45 Mullen Street l Cumberland, RI 02864 l 401.954.1011 l cell phone, 401.413.1904. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this exciting opportunity. Sincerely, DernierCri. Tracy B. Freedman Tracy B. Freedman [ HOME ]
  6. 6. L JL educational brochure InDesign CS3 A Checking Account Sponsored by l Illustrator CS3 Watertown Savings Bank: 4-color, 22-page brochure created for high a checking account school students with diagrams created in illustrator. $ - + Most banks offer access to your account via the Internet, the power which usually includes an option to pay bills online offering a terrific tool for managing your expenses. Simply enter the address and account numbers for all the companies that of online = send you bills to pay and the system will lead you through setting up the accounts. This keeps records of your payments so that you can banking. easily check back to see how much you’ve been paying over a certain time period. You can also schedule payments in advance. Many of the advantages of online banking allow you to: • Check your account at any time of day and as often as you need to • See all transactions with your account • Review as much as two months of activity • Transfer funds from one account to another • Save you the cost of postage and the bother of getting 19 to a mailbox my notes: YOUR NAME 7 213 ADDRESS 8 79-123/759 CITY, STATE ZIP 1 DATE Jan. 13, 2099 2 PAY TO THE Dr. Strauss 3 $ 50.00 ORDER OF 4 fifty follars and 00/100 DOLLARS BANK NAME ADDRESS CITY, STATE ZIP 5 6 doctor’s appointment Your Signature MEMO 012345678 000123456789 213 9 bank routing number bank account number check number [ HOME ]
  7. 7. L JL wedding invitation InDesign CS3 l Illustrator CS3 Nicole Leveille and Mike Nexon Wedding Invitation: 4-color invitation suite with engraved typography and an embossed pattern trim created using illustrator. Directions From Providence: Take 95 North to 146 North. From 146 North take the Slatersville/Forestdale exit. Bear Mr. & Mrs. Richard Leveille right at the top, proceed to the stop lights and Request the Honour of Your Presence take a left onto 146A North. 146A North leads at the Marriage of Their Daughter straight into route 102 South. Follow straight through lights keeping the Cumberland Farms on your right. The course is 10 miles from the set of lights on the right. Cocktails, Dinner and Dancing Immediately Following the Ceremony Crystal Lake Golf Club Nicole Leveille From Worcester: Take 146 South to the second 146A exit. Take and a left at the off ramp. Drive one and one- quarter miles to the set of lights. Take a right at the intersection with Cumberland Farms. Drive 7 miles and the course will be Mike Nexon on the right. 100 Bronco Highway Harrisville, Rhode Island From Warwick: y is requested on or Take 295 North to Exit 7B for Route 44 West of your repl The favor rst of July toward Greenville. Follow for about 10 miles before th e Thirty-Fi and bear right on Route 102 North after the Rhode Island State Police Barracks. After to attend Citizens Bank bear right again staying on Route will be able le to attend ab 102 North. The course is approximately 1 mile will not be on Sunday, the Twenty-Fourth of August on the left. Two Thousand and Eight at Three O’Clock in the Afternoon M Crystal Lake Golf Club Harrisville, Rhode Island n Filet Migno en Breast ck Stuffed Chi Casserole Vegetarian [ HOME ]
  8. 8. L JL trifold brochure InDesign CS3 l Docordova Museum and Sculpture Illustrator CS3 Park: 4-color, double-sided trifold brochure designed as a self mailer EC using illustrator for the logo. Hours & Tours H ours & Tours Monday – Thursday 9:30 am–7:30 pm Monday Friday – Saturday 9:30 am–5:30 pm – Thursda Friday – y 9:30 am–7 Sunday 10:30 am–5:30 pm Saturday :3 Sunday 9:30 am–5 0 pm O • Tours of the main galleries take place • 10:30 am :30 pm –5:30 pm GE Tours of ED the IS NOT every Thursday at 1 pm and Sunday every Thu main galleries ta IN U.S. POSTA REQUIR rsday at 1 ke at 2 pm. at 2 pm pm and Su place • Tours of the Sculpture Park are given • Tou . nday rs of the on Saturday and Sunday at 1 pm. on Saturd Sculpture Park ar • Tou ay and Su e given • Tours are free with admission. rs are free nday at with adm 1 pm. O ission. O DeCord DeCordova History ova H is tory The DeC or The DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park was dova Museum an form d Sc Park was formerly the personal estate of Julian DeC erly the person ulpture or al estate Julian DeCordova (1851-1945), whose passion fo dova (1851-1945 of O r art and ), whose passion for art and its cultural significance motivated its cultura him to es l significa tablish th nc motivated him to establish the museum. In the ye e museum e ar 1950 th . residenc e majestic In the year 1950 the majestic, castle-like e, along , castle-li parkland with ke residence, along with 35 acres of rolling s overlook 35 acres of rolli Lincoln, in ng parklands overlooking Flint’s Pond in was transf g Flint’s Pond in contempo ormed in ra to a Lincoln, was transformed into a renown studio ar ry American art m renown t school. useum an contemporary American art museum and d manche studio art school. 02917 ue l Courte h Aven ille, RI Ms. Me 51 Smit Greenv Sculpture Park (DMASP) DeCordova Museum and ORD Sculpture Parkuseum and Pond Roa SP) (DMA 51 Sandy Pond Road Lincoln, MA 01773 d 73 t: 781.259.8355 , MA 017 va M DeCordo 355 D E C DeCordo 9.8 51 Sandy coln t: 781.25 OVA Lin ORD OVA DEC [ HOME ]
  9. 9. L JL takeaway postcard InDesign CS3 Natural Heritage & Endangered l Illustrator CS3 Species Program: 4-color, double- sided takeaway postcard using illustator to update the typography in their logo. “Be aware of turtles on the main roads “If possible May through October.” do not mow fields from June through September.” NATURAL HERITAGE & ENDANGERED SPECIES PROGRAM Massachuestts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife They travel in the spring to get to feeding and breeding areas, females move to nesting areas during June and they return back to their overwintering locations in September and October. For more information about our native turtles visit the Natural Heritage & Endangered Species program turtle webpage at (go to rare species information and look for the Turtle Information link). [ HOME ]
  10. 10. L JL magazine article InDesign CS3 Signing On: 4-color, 6-page magazine l Photoshop CS3 artlce with basic color correction on the photos. ........... ............ .. ... .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... .. ... ... ... ....... ..... . . . .Wr i t t e n ........... imer ..... Lat L. by ... .. ca Li .. .. .. d .. si n a s .. ... K. Je ... ........ Pi by . . .D e s i g n e d SIGNING lgr im ... the three most important rules of sound design are: (1) support the story ON (2) support the story (3) support the story How do Like an ideal marriage, sound design connects and you will see some of the most sophisticated The Marriage of Audio and Visual an audio component to a visual component to technology of that time. In fact, each is a milestone produce a harmonious, yet beautiful dually-pleasing in both art and technology. The real trick is not to composition. Elements of visual design determine let the technology get in the way of making art,” you marry sound to that of sound and vice versa. A sound designer will Lagent says. Design Make a Remarkable often take a visual element of a project, working with it smoothly, but not without drama and emotion, and Largent will tell you that the three most important in the end, produce continuity and a great story. rules of sound design are (1) support the story, Relationship in Boston (2) support the story, and (3) support the story. In Through technological advances and access to fact, he’s made it his mantra. And in “Braveheart,” affordable equipment, the ability to edit and he did just that. “I was responsible for “crowd” produce sound and effects for music, video, film— sounds in particular, among a team of sound visuals that have already any medium—has become democratized. So, what effects editors who were each responsible for makes a professional sound designer stand out different sounds. I added ambient sounds to every above all the noise? Six letters: D-E-S-I-G-N. scene in the movie that contained three or more people. In the battle scenes, I added hoards of [LEFT CLOCKWISE]: Man Exemplifying the Catching of a Screen Frame, Photography: Christian Knight; Screenshot of The work of a sound designer is often so good screaming, yelling men. In village scenes, I added Nova by Jeff Largent; Julia (2001) by Dennis Miller. as to not be noticed. More so, the audience the murmurs of the people in the background.” of a sound designer’s work often becomes so been created? absorbed by the experience that they suspend any “Meanwhile, there were other professionals disbelief that they don’t even notice the work of the in sound simultaneously editing the horse designer because it just makes sense. Here, some effects, weapons, or footsteps, and so forth. Any professionals working in Boton, who make a living sophisticated sound project, regardless of where from matching audio sounds to visuals in multiple it’s produced, contains the same elements as a forms of media, get a little of the attention they feature film—dialog, sound effects, and music—all De Ritis. Particularly, because the barrier between splices of time that are spliced together and need to deserve and a chance to speak about their craft. mixed together. In many other types of projects definitions of sound design and composition be made linear),” explains De Ritis. “Sound design (e.g., TV commercials, documentary films, even is breaking down, he says. Beautiful things are enables the given narrative, whether film, TV Jeff Largent is most notably a film sound designer, music recording), there may only be one “sound” happening on the cusp of that barrier. For example, commercials, radio, animations, websites—gives having won an Oscar for his work on the movie person. Often that one person ends up doing all the a door slam can turn into a backbeat for a sound them the opportunity to create a more holistic “Braveheart.” Kemal Amarasingham specializes same work as a feature film team,” he added. track; vice versa, as in a nightclub scene in, “The whole.” Design involves a creative plan and often in games. Anthony De Ritis has a Ph.D. in music Matrix.” As the scene begins to change, ambient requires invention. “Before ‘Star Wars,’ no one composition, but he has also worked on interactive In addition to his film credits, Largent also worked sounds get morphed, allowing the evolution of time knew what a light saber sounded like because we websites. Dennis Miller is more of a lone ranger on shows for PBS like “Nova” or “Frontline.” He across scenes in a continuous way. The backbeat never had that sound before,” he added. who is particularly adept at creating abstract says that these are equally engaging in terms of of the nightclub music becomes the sound of an compositions of audio plus visual elements. creativity, but it has been TV programs that really alarm clock in the next scene. Sound is used to inform the viewer how to interpret grabbed him for the strong narrative elements. what they are seeing. The most famous example is “Humans making sound has always been about “Sound design enables a linear storyline to come in the movie “Jaws.” A combination of tones played technology. Look at any musical instrument from Good sound design or music composition must to life in cinema, which is inherently a non-linear slow at first and then at a higher volume and faster any era—the saxophone, piano, synthesizer— be a collaborative process, according to Anthony medium (e.g., a shot here, a shot there, different conveys the danger involved what would otherwise 94 95 93 [ HOME ]
  11. 11. L JL product look book InDesign CS3 l Photoshop CS3 Celine, Spring/Summer 2009: 4-color, 28-page product look book with multiple gatefolds and a die cut on the inside back cover for a press CD with basic color correction on the photos. CELINE 646186, black calfskin nappa pumps; 852130, ame red patent leather pumps. 09 mm er 20 Sp rin g/ Su “I travel a lot, observe and look around me. I closely follow general change in things, changes in rhythm of life. One has to stick to reality to make fashion which truly meets a woman’s needs, meaning one which changes with her.” — Madame Céline Vipiana, 1979, L’Officiel [ HOME ]
  12. 12. L JL product look book InDesign CS3 l Photoshop CS3 Celine, Spring/Summer 2009: 4-color, 28-page product look book with multiple gatefolds and a die cut on the inside back cover for a press CD with basic color correction on the photos. 908430, seashell goatskin double tote lady bag; 646186, black calfskin nappa pumps. [ HOME ]
  13. 13. L JL rendered illustration Illustrator CS3 DeLonghi Espresso Machine: 4-color, hand-rendered illustration designed to replicate an actual photo and then manipulated to create a sense of placement. DēLonghi [ HOME ]
  14. 14. writer. designer. enthusiast. l mobile 401.954.1011 [ HOME ]