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Published in: Education

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  • 1. U.S. Government
    Mrs. Long
  • 2. Demographics of Congress
    In the House, there are currently 357 men and 78 women.
    Category Number of Members
    20-29 1
    30-39 19
    40-49 76
    50-59 186
    60-69 175
    >70 78
    • In the Senate, there are 18 women and 82 men.
    Age group combined.
  • 3. Demographics of Congress(Cont.)
    Marital Status
    Category Number of Members
    African American 42
    American Indian 1
    Caucasian 458
    Hispanic 25
    Pacific Islander 1
    Vietnamese 1
    Asian 8
    Both combined ethnicity & marital status.
  • 4. Demographics of Congress(Cont.)
    • 269 Members (227 Representatives, 2 Delegates, and 40 Senators) served in state or territorial legislatures.
    • 12. 214 Members (182 Representatives and 33 Senators) lists their occupation as public services/policies.
    • 13. 204(152 Representatives and 51 Senators) list law.
    • 14. 201 (175 Representatives and 27 Senators)list business.
    • 15. 94 (78 Representatives and 16 Senators) list education.
  • Demographics of Congress(Cont.)
    Congressional Sessions:
    A term of Congress is divided into two “sessions," one for each year; Congress has occasionally also been called into an extra, (or special) session (the Constitution requires Congress to meet at least once each year). A new session commences on January 3 (or another date, if Congress so chooses) each year. Before the 20 Amendment, Congress met from the first Monday in December to April or May in the first session of their term (the "long session"); and from December to March 4 in the second "short session". (The new Congress would then meet for some days, for the inauguration, swearing in new members, and organization.)
    Total number of Congress:
    There are 535 members of Congress: 100 Senators and 435 Representatives.
  • 16. Congress from Texas
    Elected in 2002 served 1 term up for re-election 2015
    Owns several firearms hunts as often if he can
    Is from Austin TX
    He is married
    Wife Sandy Cornyn
    Children Haley and Danley
    He is a district judge
    TX supreme court
    TX attorney general Texas
    John Cornyn
  • 17. Congress from Texas
    Kay Hutchison won election to the U.S Senate on June 5,1993
    Was elected full term in the U.S. Senate on Nov. 8, 1994 she was re-elected in 2006
    Grew up in La Marque Texas
    Her great-great-grandfather, Charles S. Taylor signed the Texas Declaration of Independence
  • 18. Congress from Texas
    Representative JOE BARTON
    Elected in 1984 no pervious political work
    From Waco Texas
    Avid Baseball player
    12 terms
    Served 25yrs re-elected in 2006
    District 6
  • 19. Senate Leaders
    President of the senate JOSHEPH R. BIDEN JR. was the Senator of Delaware for 36 years
    He was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania
    He was the youngest people elected to the United States Senate at the age of 29
    He is the 47th Vice President
    He lost his wife and 1 year old daughter but his to sons were critically injured but that didn’t stop him
  • 20. Senate leaders
    Pres. Pro Tempore ROBERT C. BYRD, Democrat from West Virginia became the longest serving Member of Congress in Nov. 18,2009
    His colleagues elected him to more leadership positions than any other Senator
    Everyone in West Virginia only new one man they could depend on and it was Robert
    He is true to his faith and his family
  • 21. Senate leaders
    Majority Leader HARRY REID
  • 22. Senate leaders
    Minority Leader MITCH McCONNELL
  • 23. Senate leaders
    Asst. Majority leader RICHARD DURBIN
    Democrat from Illinois
  • 24. Senate leaders
    Asst. Minority leader JON KYL
    Republican from Arizona
  • 25. Senate leaders
  • 26. Senate leaders